Is It Possible To Save My Relationship With A Love Spell?

Very roughly speaking, about half the spells I cast are for people who are in love with someone they have not previously been in a relationship with. Spells for unrequited love, in other words.

The other half are for people who have at some time been in a relationship with the person they love. In many of those cases the relationship has already ended and I’m being tasked with getting back an ex. But in plenty of others the relationship has not yet completely broken down. It may be on the rocks, the writing is on the wall, but there is still something there.

In those cases I am asked, can you save my relationship with a love spell?

The Quick Answer

The quick answer is probably. There’s a bit more to it than that though.

Not every relationship is salvageable. Some people aren’t meant to be together. If the relationship is broken then at least one half of the couple is unhappy and does not see a future together, otherwise the situation would not have arisen.

Using a love spell to bring back the love between an existing couple can go one of three ways:

  1. The renewed love in the unhappy partner fixes the relationship and both parties are happy and contented. Obviously this is the best outcome and the one that is desired.
  2. The renewed love is resented by the unhappy partner. They know that the relationship is still doomed, that love itself is not enough. They understand that their rekindled love is only going to bring further unhappiness. They know that by continuing to stay together they are kicking the can down the road, that they are simply storing up further unhappiness for later. This is undesirable.
  3. The feelings of love created by the love spell are outright resisted and rejected by the person the spell is cast on.

Most Cases

The good news is that most cases which come my way fit into category one. By creating or re-creating love, the relationship is rekindled and blossoms. Often it is stronger than it was before the breakdown. Everyone comes out of the experience happier. There is net gain in happiness in the world, so the outcome is in harmony with the universe.

But there will always be some situations where happiness does not prevail. Category three is not too much of a concern because if someone rejects the spell then they’re not going to be unduly upset by it. That said, it’s still better not to cast the spell in these cases because it will bring false hope to the person asking for it, and it will take time and energy that would be better spent on category one cases.

The real issue is category two — those who fall in-between.

When Not To Cast a Spell

Love spells should not be cast in category two cases. If a spell is cast then it will bring additional hurt and misery into the world. The person the spell is cast on will be hurt because they will experience the contradiction of feeling love whilst knowing they cannot save the relationship long term. The spell will prolong their pain while twisting the knife.

The person requesting the spell will also be hurt because they will be given false hope that their situation is to be resolved, that the person they love will return, that their relationship will be restored and strengthened. They will ultimately be bitterly disappointed.

The outcome of casting on a category two case would be to create a net reduction of happiness in the world, and instead a net gain in misery. This is not in harmony with the universe.

Avoiding Suffering

Given that it’s cleary better not to bring more pain and suffering into the world, it is my duty to avoid casting spells that fall into the second category. This raises an obvious question: how do we know beforehand which category a given case falls into? How do we know if a relationship can be saved by a love spell?

The answer, counterintuitively, is to cast a spell. Sort of.

When someone comes to me to ask for my help, I examine all aspects of their case. The first thing is to check whether they meet the four criteria I set out for acceptance. Assuming the criteria are met, I will then perform what I call an exploratory casting.

The Pre-Spell

The exact point at which this exploratory ‘pre-spell’ casting is done depends on my workload. If I have the time, I do it before I get back to the person asking for the spell with my decision. If my caseload is high, then I will usually tentatively accept the case and then schedule the exploratory casting later.

An exploratory casting can be thought of as being like a ‘mini’ love spell. When I am casting a spell I am using universal energies to connect myself both to the person who asked for the spell and the person they want it cast on. While connected, I can ‘feel’ (though not in any traditional sense of the word) the energy between them and the way it resonates with the universe. That allows me to experimentally try to bring them together to see how the universe reacts.

The technique is a bit like poking an animal to see if it’s friendly. Will it turn round and let me stroke it, or will it charge off into the distance kicking and making a noise? The pre-spell process is far more delicate than poking an animal, and must be done with precision and care, but this hopefully gives you an idea of the fundamental aim.

The Outcome

The outcome of the exploratory casting will tell me definitively one way or another whether it is safe to proceed with a full casting. It won’t always tell me if a full spell will be rejected wholesale (i.e. become a category three case), but it will let me know if casting the full spell would be to swim against the tide of the aims of the universe.

If the full spell is out of the question, at that point I will tell the person who requested it that I cannot help them. Otherwise I will either go ahead and immediately cast the full spell, or schedule it for casting at a later date, depending on my workload.

Relationships Can Be Saved

As I said above, by far the largest majority of cases that come my way fall into the first category. There are no universal barriers to using a spell to rekindle the love and repair the relationship. Most couples can be saved, and indeed in most cases doing so is relatively trivial.

That’s because where there has already been love it is much easier to make new love grow. It’s like planting a seed in a fertile patch of ground compared to planting one in a wilderness. The seed in the unprepared patch will need to be watered and fed and nurtured. That planted in the fertile ground where other plants have already thrived will find a ready supply of nutrients and will flourish quickly and with much less effort.

The Only Way To Know

Are you in a relationship that is breaking down? Is your lover threatening to leave? Has it already gone beyond that? If you’re considering the possibility of a love spell and are wondering if your relationship can be saved, there’s only one way to find out: ask.

I study every case that comes my way. There’s no obligation to go ahead with a spell if I accept your request, and you can cancel ahead of time any time. But please, do consider the four criteria for acceptance first, as I receive more demands for spells than I physically have time to cast, so I do have to be strict about those measures.