Understanding Morphic Fields in Love Spells

Morphic fields are a powerful force. They’re the force behind my love spells. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what morphic fields are and how they work, then read on.

“Use the force Luke”. It’s a line everyone knows from the classic Star Wars films. But did you know that the ‘Force’ from Star Wars is actually based on scientific reality? The reality behind the Jedi’s favorite source of power is a kind of energy called morphic energy.

Morphic energy is still relatively poorly understood by scientists, but we know and can prove it exists because of the effects it produces. It’s a bit like microwaves — we can’t see them but we know they exist by the effects they have, i.e. cooking our dinner. Electricity is the same — we can’t see it but we use it every day so we know it’s there.

Dark Energy

Morphic energy is a subset of what scientists call dark energy. We live in a scientific age and it seems like everything has already been explained by the men in white coats, but actually nothing could be further from the truth. With every discovery made about the universe, we find out there’s even more we don’t understand. It’s as if we keep finding boxes and opening them, only to discover ten more boxes inside each one. Science is a never-ending journey and over the last century in particular, has raised more questions than it has answered.

Back to dark energy. According to Nasa, dark energy is estimated to account for about 68% of all the energy in the known universe. Yet nobody knows exactly what it is or how it works. It gets weirder. Dark matter accounts for another 27% of the universe, and nobody knows what that is either.

If you add them together, dark energy and dark matter account for 95% of the universe. The other 5% is all the stuff we can see and measure. It’s the stuff that makes up you and me. It includes the screen you’re reading this on, the keyboard I typed it on, the wires that transmitted it to your screen, even the electrons that carried the signal and the photons that shone the light of the screen into your eyes. It includes all the planets, the moons, the stars, and the vast gas clouds the size of galaxies. And yet all of that stuff, everything we can see and touch and feel, is just 5% of what’s out there. The other 95% remains hidden from us.

Hidden perhaps. But that doesn’t mean we can’t access it and use it.

Morphic energy is part of that 95% of the unexplained. And actually we do know a little bit about it, it’s not a complete mystery.

Morphic energy works at the subatomic level, what scientists call the quantum level, quite possibly because they thought it sounds cool. We know that it connects together every particle in the 5% of existence we can see. These connections form an energy field we call a morphic field.

Morphic Fields and Love Spells

So what’s all this got to do with love spells? Well, if morphic fields connect together every part of existence that we can see and hear and feel and touch — including people — that means all people are connected by morphic fields. And if the people are connected, that connection can be used to send messages. In fact it can be used to send a lot more than just information, it can be used to communicate emotions.

This is how my love spells work — by communicating love over any distance through the medium of the morphic fields.

Unfortunately sending messages (or emotions) with the fields isn’t quite as simple as just picking up the telephone and dialling the other person. Learning to interact with them and to manipulate them takes years of practice. I’ve dedicated the largest part of my life to working with these fields — so long in fact, that when I began they hadn’t even been named by science!

Not Just Love Spells

I’m far from alone in tapping into the morphic fields and using them. People have been doing this since the dawn of human history, whether they knew it or not. We are a resourceful species, and over thousands of years we’ve found all sorts of ingenious ways of harnessing the power of morphic fields. In fact I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of quite a few of them.

Don’t believe me? Okay, what about tarot cards? The tarot goes back to about the mid-15th century. The cards were thought to be magical, and in the right hands they could answer almost any question. Now we know that these supposedly magic cards carry no power at all. The power lies in the reader, and the reader is tapping into the morphic fields to access information, emotions, and answers. They probably have no idea that’s what they are doing, it’s happening at a level below conscious thought, but we now know that’s what’s going on.

Other ways we’ve found of using the fields include numerology, synchronicity, precognition, clairvoyance, and prayer.

That last one might have caught you out. But actually there is every reason to believe that prayer is another means of communicating with morphic fields. This is not to suggest that there is or is not a god; the existence of mophic fields doesn’t preclude either option. There is ample evidence that the process of prayer initiates communication via morphic fields. Perhaps there’s a god, perhaps there isn’t, but either way it appears some prayers have been ‘answered’ because they got the message out through the morphic fields.

Is This Magic?

If morphic fields are part of hard scientific fact, even if they are part of a little-understood branch of science, what have they got to do with magic?

The word magic has always been used to describe things that we don’t fully understand. Some tribal people, for example, believe thunderstorms are magical because they don’t understand the physics that makes them happen. Tarot, clairvoyance, and the other morphic field-tapping methods we’ve already looked at are often thought of as magical because until relatively recently, nobody knew how they worked. When something does something and we have no rational explanation for how it’s happening, we tend to call it magic.

Because most people don’t understand morphic fields (and even the scientists are still learning), we think of their effects as magical. So personally I would say morphic fields are both science and magic.