The Definitive Guide to Psychic Readings (and How To Get Them For Free)

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A lot of people who come to me for a love spell are interested in getting a psychic reading too. I’m a spell caster, not a psychic. While there are certain cross-overs in the two gifts, they are not the same thing. I can and do undertake a certain amount of ‘reading’ of a subject when I cast a spell on them, but my experience, skills, and efforts are all atuned to the casting of love spells.

Lots of people who use my spells want the reassurance of a psychic reading. It’s perfectly understandable. When we are going through the pain of a breakup or find ourselves in a situation of unrequited love, we want to do everything possible to fix that situation. A spell is one avenue, and getting the insights of a clairvoyant or psychic can be another.

Whilst I don’t offer readings myself, there are no shortage of highly gifted and very experienced readers out there who can help.

So many, in fact, that choosing one can sometimes feel overwhelming.

That’s why I have put together this guide. Though I don’t do readings myself, I can at least help you find someone who does. As I said, there is a certain crossover in the gifts of spell casting and psychic reading, so I am perhaps better equipped than most to help sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding a good reader.

Readers, Clairvoyants, and More

When I talk about psychic readers here, I am referring to all kinds of advisors. That includes clairvoyants, spiritualists, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists, seers, mediums, chakra healers, astrologists, dream analysts, angel readers, and any other kind of advisor.

The different sites I will cover tend to use their own terminology. For the purposes of this guide I will use the terms psychic reader, reader, and advisor interchangeably. The advice and information here applies equally to all of them.

Not Recommendations…But…

In this guide I will be discussing a number of psychic reading services. I want to make it clear that any services I name here are not recommendations. I have not used any of them personally for obvious reasons.

However, every service I have listed here has been used by people I have cast spells for. I have only included services that I have had direct feedback on, and where that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. If a service isn’t named here that is not to say that it’s bad or that I’ve heard bad things, it may just be that nobody has given me any direct feedback.

My aim is to include more services over time. If you have used one not mentioned here, I’d love to hear from you and to share your experience here for others to benefit from.

While none of these named services are recommendations as such, they are places that I feel comfortable linking to because I’ve personally heard first-hand from people who have used them. People who I myself have helped with love spells. Because of the very personal (and metaphysical) connections I have with these people, I can be certain that the thoughts they have shared with me are genuine and heartfelt. And the best thing is that having asked them, many of them were happy for me to quote them in this guide. So when I go into more detail here about psychic reading services, you won’t be reading just my thoughts, but also the words of people I’ve cast for who have personal experience of those services.

Finding a Psychic

When I first started casting love spells professionally more than forty years ago, it used to be quite hard to find a psychic reader. At least it was hard to find a good psychic reader.

Back in those dark old days before the internet, if you wanted to get a reading — to find out if a loved one was cheating on you perhaps, or to find out if a romantic desire was reciprocated — there were only really two options.

The first was to get a personal recommendation from someone who had had a reading done themselves. Word of mouth had the advantage of turning up reliable recommendations, but let’s face it, psychic readers are not like dentists — not everyone has one. So finding a personal recommendation was difficult.

That left option two, which was to look in the small ads in the local newspaper. Older readers will remember that before Craigslist and Gumtree and all these other wonderful sites, it was the local newspapers we turned to when we wanted to find a plumber or a used car or a psychic reader.

The problem with the classifieds was that you never knew what you were going to get. Literally anyone could buy an advertisment in a newspaper and call themselves a clairvoyant. And literally anyone did. At a guess I’d say that for every ten ads, maybe one was a genuinely gifted reader. But there was virtually no way of finding out which one without trying them all. It was a minefield.

The Psychic Reading Marketplace

These days the situation is vastly improved. Now there are whole marketplaces dedicated to matching clairvoyants, psychics, tarot card readers, numerologists, spiritualists, and other such advisors, with the people who need them. Perhaps you’ve already heard of some of them. I’m going to talk about the most popular and well-regarded below (feel free to skip ahead).

These marketplaces, like all online marketplaces (such as eBay or Amazon for example), offer some serious advantages over the old ways of doing things.

  • They are not bound by geography. Back in the old days, most readings were done face to face. You had to find someone local. Some advisors offered a telephone service, but with long-distance call rates being what they were back then, it wasn’t a popular option. The internet breaks down geographic boundaries. You could be sitting in New York and talking to a spiritualist in India, all through the magic of the internet. This means we have a much wider choice of advisors than ever before.
  • They are regulated. The people who run the marketplaces have a certain reputation they want to maintain. Nobody wants to be known as the website where all the scammers and fakes hang out. So just by virtue of being on a central marketplace platform, we can have a degree of confidence in an advisor. That’s not to say there are no scammers, there will always be some. But they don’t get to stay around for long because the people who run the sites kick them off quickly.
  • They have reviews and ratings. Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that just like Amazon and eBay and other huge online marketplaces, those sites offering spiritual and psychic services have systems for leaving reviews and ratings for the advisors who are on them. Unlike plucking a random ad out of a newspaper and hoping for the best, these days we can check out the full review history of past clients for any reader we are thinking of contacting. This transparency takes away almost all the risk of getting a reading (I’ll talk more about risk in a moment).
  • There are more contact options. Gone are the days of having to meet a reader in person, or talk to them on the phone. The marketplaces all offer secure communication systems that mean it’s possible to ‘live chat’. So we can talk to an advisor through a keyboard, like texting or using Whats App. I know a lot of people prefer this method of communication because it can be less intimidating than a face to face meeting or even a phone call. And if you do prefer to see who you are dealing with, video chat is an option on some sites too.
  • They offer freebies. I’ll go into much more detail about this later. For now, the main thing to know is that all the main marketplaces for psychic readings offer a way of getting free time with a reader. How much time varies by site. But again, I’ll talk more about that later, after we’ve looked at the main markets. I’ll also give you some valuable tips on how to get the most out of a free reading, and how you can probably get all the answers you need without spending a dime.

Some Risks

Before we go any further, I must mention the risks involved in getting any kind of reading — be that a psychic reading, tarot reading, or anything else. These risks apply equally to any reader, website, classified ad or even personal recommendation.

The biggest risk inherent in getting a reading is that what you discover could alter how you see your situation, which in turn might impact the situation itself.

Here’s a real life example from someone I cast a love spell for. Claire’s case was straightforward enough, and after casting her spell I reported back to her that everything had gone well and she could expect to see some big changes in about 2-3 weeks. She decided to get a reading done because she wanted to know exactly how her boyfriend felt about her. In other words she wanted validation that the spell was working according to plan.

Unfortunately for Claire, she used a reader who was less than honest (to put it politely). Rather than go through a marketplace site with strict policies and customer reviews, she went to a local reader who had advertised on Craigslist. The reader, who I suspect thought she could sell Claire some extra ‘services’, told her that the spell had backfired and that it was driving her boyfriend further away from her.

Whilst what the reader said was not true at all, the fact that Claire thought it was true was a problem. It sent her into a spiral of deep depression, and that depression negatively impacted the spell. In other words the fake reading brought about a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fortunately for Claire, the spell was powerful and her depression only slowed it down by a matter of days. Her boyfriend was soon back. The damage was not too severe. But I have heard of cases where people have gone so far as to self-harm after getting a fake reading done. The reading itself isn’t the problem, it’s how someone reacts to it.

Further Risks

Another risk associated with psychic readings, and one that can affect even trusted marketplace sites, is the scourge of fake reviews. This problem afflicts all online marketplaces, including Fiverr, eBay, and even Amazon. Reviews for almost any product and service on almost any website can be bought for cash. I’ve written about this before in my article on Fiverr love spells, so I won’t repeat myself here. The main thing to know is that not every review we see online can be believed.

This is a fairly easy risk to mitigate when it comes to psychic reading markets. A great many genuine readers are very popular and have literally thousands of reviews. When that happens, we can be reasonably sure the reviews are real. It would simply be too expensive for a fake reader to buy that many reviews.

Also, and this is important, all the marketplaces have strict policies that prevent their advisors from buying reviews. If an advisor is caught gaming the system, they will be thrown off the site and banned. Obviously the system is not perfect, no crime prevention system in the world is, but it does mean the risk of this problem is low.

The takeaway here is that when choosing a psychic reader to work with, spend a couple of minutes checking through the reviews. Fake reviews are generally easy to spot — they are usually all posted on the same day, often in broken English (because the sellers of fake reviews tend not to be native English speakers), and they follow patterns saying the same thing using slightly different words.

Why And When To Get a Reading

There are as many reasons to get a psychic reading as there are people in the world. Everyone’s reason is different and personal to them. That said, most of the people who talk to me about readings they want or have had, have some things in common.

The usual reasons I see people getting readings are these:

1. To find out if someone is a potential soulmate / match.

Without wishing to ring my own bell, I am well practiced in the art of spell casting and I can usually make any two people fall in love, provided that doing so is in harmony with the universe. Some people want validation first though, before they commit to getting a love spell done.

Angela told me: “As you know I was desperately in love with this guy at work. I asked you to cast a spell on him and you agreed. But before you did the casting, I got to wondering if I was doing the right thing. What if we weren’t really meant to be together? I decided to get a reading done. I promised myself that if the reader said we weren’t a good match, that I would cancel the spell so you could use that time to cast for someone else who really needed it. Luckily for me the reader said we were a great match and that we would have a long and happy relationship together.” Angela’s reader was right. I checked in with her recently and they are still together — four years after I cast her spell.

2. To make sure there’s no bad karma.

I want to be quite clear here: I don’t believe in karma. In my experience that’s not how the universe works. However, I know a lot of people do believe in it, and I fully respect their desire to use a psychic reading to find out if using a spell is going to bring about bad karma or repercussions of some sort.

3. To check on the progress of a spell.

This is the most common reason I see for getting a reading. Again, personally I don’t think it’s necessary, but I completely respect people’s desire to know what’s going on in the head of the person they love after they have had a spell cast. I take no offense when someone tells me they had a reading done or that they want one.

Raffia got a reading for this reason, and he told me why: “I was confident your spell would work, but I am impatient and I found the waiting really difficult. I needed to know exactly what was happening. I read your advice about how only the person you cast a spell on knows how they’re feeling, but I needed to get inside Charlotte’s head. I needed to know for sure that something was happening, that she was at least thinking about me. I found a spiritualist on Kasamba and went into a private chat with her. She worked through the spirit of my grandmother who was able to tell me that Charlotte was changing. She had stopped going out with the other guy and was spending more time alone. That was a good sign, but I wanted more. I found a psychic reader (again, on Kasamba), and he said he could see a strong energy connection between Charlotte and me, and that Charlotte was radiating an energy that was clearly love. He said there was no doubt that the spell was working. He was right (and so were you!) Within a week Charlotte was mine”.

Site Review – Kasamba

At the time I am writing this, Kasamba is celebrating 20 years of continuous service. I believe that makes it one of the oldest pyschic reading sites out there.

Kasamba’s home page

You don’t get to be around for 20 years unless you are doing something right, so we can be sure that Kasamba is a high-quality service for getting psychic readings.

The site design is modern and clean and as soon as you arrive you can see some of their highly rated readers.

If you visit from a phone then you get an optimized mobile version of the site that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Kasamba also has an app available, though it’s not really necessary as the website works fine.

You can sign up for a free account using an email address, or you can log straight in using a Facebook account if you have one.

The Readers

Kasamba’s readers offer on-line chat, phone calls, and in some cases, both. Some readers also offer readings by email. You can choose to see only online chat advisors, or only phone advisors, but you cannot automatically search for advisors who offer email readings.

Kasamba’s mobile home page

Prices are very variable, and range from less than $5 to $30 or more. There are free readings available too, more on those in a moment.

Readers are listed according to their area of expertise. There are plenty of people on the platform who are offering love readings, so it’s a good place for anyone looking to gauge how a love spell is performing.

The main page shows readers who are online and ready to help. You can see a photo and a very short bio. Clicking on the reader takes you to their main page where you can read about the particular services they offer, find their qualifications and experience, and of course, check their reviews.

A nice touch is that you can also see what languages a reader speaks — not everyone is a native English speaker so it can be helpful to find someone who speaks your language. Unfortunately there is no way to filter advisors by language, you have to check profiles individually


A few readers have just a hundred or so reviews, but most on Kasamba have tens of thousands. I covered the risks of paid reviews above, but when we’re talking about thousands of reviews, it’s very unlikely they’re fake; it just wouldn’t be cost effective for the reader. Also, the platforms do police this sort of thing. As I said, Kasamba has been around for twenty years and it wouldn’t have achieved that if it was a hideout for scammers.

Free Readings

You can get three minutes free with every reader from Kasamba — see the section below for how to make the most of this free time.

Before you chat with a reader you will need to provide a payment method (credit card, debit card, or PayPal), but of course you won’t be charged if you use just the free minutes.

What Others Are Saying

Lots of people who I’ve cast spells for have used Kasamba. Some of them were kind enough to share their experience.

Sharon said: “When I got nervous after you cast a spell for me, I used a psychic reading to reassure me that it was working. I got everything I needed from a three minute reading. I chose the Love & Relationships category, then the Cheating & Affairs sub-category because my husband had been cheating on me. That meant I could choose someone who was an expert in that area. There were a lot to choose from, so I just picked the first on the list. I figured that as it was in order of ranking they’d be the best. It took about three minutes to sign up, and then I was chatting to the reader. I had my questions ready and the lady at the other end was very friendly and professional. She didn’t keep me hanging around. She told me that she could see the effect of your spell and that Harvey was being pulled away from the other woman and back to me. It reassured me, and actually I would have been happy to pay for that reading. Getting it for free was a bonus. It put my mind at rest. Harvey came back to me about a week later. He doesn’t know about the spell or the reading!”

Angela said: “I liked the fact I could get a reading by email. I didn’t want to chat to someone. Even online, I’m too shy. Doing it by email put me at ease. I had to pay, there’s no free minutes when you use email, but I didn’t mind. It only cost me as much as a large Starbucks coffee and was so worth it to put my mind at rest.”

Andy said: “Great service from a lovely lady who was so caring and understanding. I actually went back and got another reading even after I got Claire back, because I wanted to know what the future held for us. Recommended.”

— Visit Kasamba —

Site Review — Life Reader

Life Reader has been around for more than fifteen years, and it shows. It is a highly professional website that attracts some of the very best psychic readers working today. You will find psychic, tarot, and horoscope readings available, with readers specializing in various topics, as the site calls them.

Life Reader’s home page

Site design is clean and modern, with a nicely mobile-optimized version if you are using a phone.

When you first visit, you’re shown some of the premier readers — those whose review score has earned them a diamond badge of honor. Unfortunately there are no filtering options beyond picking a top level topic. For anyone reading this, that topic is likely to be Love and Relationships.

The Readers

As I said above, the professionalism of Life Reader means the site attracts some of the best readers working today. Indeed some of those working there count Hollywood actors and Fortune 500 CEOs among their regular clients.

Life Reader’s mobile home page

When you click on a reader’s name you’ll find a very comprehensive and detailed biography page. For every reader you can see how long they have been active on the site, how many readings they’ve done, how many reviews have been left for them, and a positive review percentage.

Some readers include an introductory video on their bio page as well as their written intro, giving you the opportunity to get to know them a bit more before contacting them.

Most of the readers have been around for many years, which not only gives confidence in them, it also gives confidence that Life Reader itself is a good marketplace. In my experience psychics are very discerning people and they won’t hang around on a second-rate website.

Readers have the option of giving their readings by text chat, phone, or email. Every reader offers 4 minutes free, which the most generous of all the sites I’ve covered here. There are packages available to get hefty discounts on extra minutes.

If there is a downside to Life Reader, it’s that there tend to be fewer readers online and available at any given time. However, this is I believe because their readers are of very high quality and are in constant demand.


All the marketplaces I’ve written about here require potential readers to apply to be accepted. However, to my knowledge Life Reader is the only site that requires its psychics to perform a live test reading for a qualified assessor before their application is considered. This gives an added degree of confidence that all the readers on the site have been thoroughly vetted.

Over and above that, every reader’s page shows how long they’ve been working on the site, how many readings they’ve done, their positive review percentage, and of course their actual reviews.

The fact you can choose a reader who has been quite literally tried and tested, and who has been working for years, makes it easy to avoid any ‘fly by night’ fakes.

Free Readings

Life Reader offers four free minutes with every one of their readers. That’s for a chat reading. They have an introductory rate for phone readings too if that’s what you prefer. This is the most generous free-reading package of all the sites I’ve looked at here. In the next section I’ll talk about how to get the most out of these free minutes.

What Others Are Saying

Life Reader has proved to be one of the more popular sites used by people I’ve cast for, based on my (admittedly not very scientific) counting of feedback. Janine said, “It was the best of all the psychic reading sites I tried. I found readers who have been working there for nearly ten years and who have done thousands upon thousands of readings and gotten great feedback. That gave me confidence to contact them. I’ve had about a dozen readings on Life Reader and I’ve never been disappointed.”

Roger said, “While I was waiting for you to cast my spell I got nervous that Sheila might not be my twin flame, even though I’d always been certain she was. I got a reading from a psychic who had done more than 12,000 readings, which kind of blew my mind. I used the free minutes and in that time the reader was able to put my mind at rest — Sheila was my twin flame. Then you cast my spell, and the rest was history.”

Adam told me, “Life Reader is amazing. I’m kind of addicted. There are two psychics there I use regularly. I’d say on average I get a reading every month. It started when you cast the spell and I wanted to know how it was working, and I was so impressed I kept going back. I always have something I want to know, and these days it’s usually about work. I’ve always been happy with the readings and would recommend it to anyone.”

— Visit Life Reader —

Site Review – PsychicCenter

It might be one of the lesser-known sites out there, but PsychicCenter has actually been around for more than twenty years, making it the oldest of the sites reviewed here. Such longevity shows that they are a serious marketplace and they know what they’re doing.

PsychicCenter does not have the largest selection of readers, but that is perhaps because their rigorous review system weeds out anyone who is not up to the job — more on that below.

PsychicCenter Desktop Site

There are all sorts of readers active on the site, including psychic mediums, tarot card readers, astrologers, and love and relationship specialists.

Filtering options are limited to just price and availability, although it is also possible to select a category such as love and relationships, which would be of most interest to anyone reading this.

Readings are done either over the telephone (to a US number), or by text chat. This is one area where the site is showing its age — there’s no video chat or web-based voice chat on offer.

Unique among the sites reviewed here, PsychicCenter has a loyalty program. This certainly isn’t going to be of interest to everyone, but for those few who want regular readings, the option of getting 10% cash back will be welcome. Speaking of price, overall the readers at PsychicCenter are priced towards the lower end, going as low as $2/minute.

The site design is clean, modern and responsive. Though there’s no dedicated app, everything works just fine on a phone as well as a regular computer.

As I alluded to above, PsychicCenter is rather US-centric, so if you are not in the United States, one of the other services would probably be a better option for you.

The Readers

PsychicCenter vets all their readers, though unlike Life Reader they don’t require live test readings before accepting new ‘advisors’. This is made up for with the comprehensive review system — more on that in a moment.

PsychicCenter Mobile Site

Every reader on the site has a very detailed profile page including their photo, introduction, pricing information, a summary of skills and languages spoken, and usually a schedule of availability. You can see how many readings they have performed, and their overall star rating (again, more on that below).

One of the very nice features PsychicCenter has is for their readers to offer a spoken introduction. Whilst these recordings don’t provide any more information than what’s already available in the written profile, the fact you can hear their voice is a huge bonus. As human beings we make better connections with certain people. Seeing a picture helps give us an idea of whether we will make a connection with someone, but hearing their voice gives us even more insight. It’s also a nice way to ‘break the ice’ — a number of people have told me that they felt like they had already ‘met’ their reader before they called them because they had heard them introduce themselves. Not all of the readers have recorded an introduction, and unfortunately there’s no way to filter only those who have.

Another feature of the profile pages is an interview section. This only applies to some of the more highly-rated readers who have been active for many years. The interviews, conducted by PsychicCenter, give a deeper insight into the reader, their skills, their way of working, and their personality. It’s a nice touch that, like the spoken introductions, helps you to get to know a reader before speaking to them.


PsychicCenter, having been around for more than two decades, is not a fly-by-night operation. Moreover, their review system is excellent — one of the best I’ve seen. It’s clearly based on Amazon’s reviews, which is a good thing; if it works for the world’s largest retailer, it makes sense to copy the idea, right?

For each reader you can see their overall score out of 5, their total number of reviews, the breakdown of how many reviews were 5 star, 4 star and so on, and of course you can read the reviews themselves and see when they were published.

Many of the readers have literally hundreds of reviews spanning many years, putting to rest any concerns about review manipulation.

Free Readings

PsychicCenter has no advertised free reading offer. However, if you sign up for a free account (you only need to give them an email address and set a password), they will send you coupons for free minutes. It’s an unusual way of doing things, but I guess they don’t want too many people taking advantage of their free readings.

What is widely advertised on the site is an introductory offer whereby you can get ten minutes with any psychic for $5. It’s not a bad deal, especially when you consider the overall quality of the readers and the excellent review system that makes it easier to select the right reader for you. They also don’t let the reading run past the ten minute mark without confirmation you want to continue, so you can be sure you won’t go over the $5 spend. Still, if you’re interested in using PsychicCenter, I’d recommend signing up for the free account to get some free minutes emailed to you.

What Others Are Saying

I added PsychicCenter to this guide after enough people I have cast for had got in touch to tell me their experience.

Gregory said, “At first I dismissed them because there was no free reading. Then they emailed me a coupon for free minutes, so I gave them a try. I was surprised by how good the advisor was. She listened patiently and answered all my questions. Actually I was so impressed I went back a couple weeks later and paid to get a reading about a problem at work.”

Mette said, “The voice intro is a brilliant feature. I’m naturally shy and have trouble talking to strangers. Being able to hear the voice of the psychic before I chatted with her put me more at ease. Why don’t all the sites do that? I got a good reading and the medium put my mind at rest that the spell was working (which was right, it was, as you know!)”

Gavin said, “You should add PsychicCenter to your guide. They have some really good people and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve had so many readings there that I’m in the loyalty program. Your readers deserve to know about this place.” Thanks Gavin — consider it added.

— Visit PsychicCenter —

Site Review: Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a relative newcomer to the world of psychic reading marketplaces. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — with no legacy holding them back, the team have built a clean, modern, easy to navigate site that works effortlessly on phones, tablets, and computers alike.

When you first visit you aren’t greeted with marketing shtick, just a simple list of readers — a selection of their most highly rated and best reviewed.

I should note up front that unlike the other services covered here, Purple Garden does not offer free minutes (at least not publicly — read on to find out more about that). If you are only after a free reading, you’re probably better off with Kasamba. If, on the other hand, you know you need more help than any free minutes are going to offer, then Purple Garden is very much worthy of your consideration. Read on to find out why.

The Readers

Readers are split into eight main categories, including — crucially — love readers. There is a dedicated section for dream analysis, which I know is something much in demand given the number of emails I get every week asking if I can interpret someone’s dream. There are tarot and astrology specialists, as well as palm readers, and generic psychic readers available.

Readings are available by three methods: live chat (text), voice calls, and video calls. Prices reflect the different means of communication, with text chat being the cheapest option, and video calls the most expensive.

Prices start at less than a dollar per minute, though highly rated and popular readers are more expensive — usually in the $4.49 and above range. Whether you want to pay that much is something only you can decide. I would say though, that a per-minute price doesn’t tell the whole story. Cheaper readers are incentivised to keep you ‘on the line’ for longer, whereas higher-rated and higher-priced psychics tend to get to the point more quickly. In other words don’t focus on going for the cheapest reader you can find — it can be a false economy.

Options for sorting and triaging are limited to rating, price, and number of readings, plus there are the aforementioned categories to choose from too. There are both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking readers active on the site.

Every reader is presented with a short bio, the number of readings they have performed on the site, how long they’ve been active, and their prices. Of course the all-important star rating is also shown, as is a photo of the reader.

Clicking (or tapping) on a reader takes you to their full profile page where you can read a much more in depth description of their abilities, experience, and services offered. You can also see the all-important reviews from past customers.

Most readers include an introductory video on their profile page (it’s not always obvious, but clicking on their photo will open the video). This is a great way to get a sense of a reader and gauge if they are ‘right’ for you before contacting them.


All the readers are carefully vetted and must have a proven track record before being accepted for work. Readers must also perform test readings for the site’s management before being let loose on paying customers. This means you can be assured that you are in safe hands, and is one of the reasons I think this marketplace is worthy of consideration, even if they don’t offer free minutes.

The top readers have thousands of readings under their belt, and hundreds of reviews and ratings. The highest rated can earn badges for accuracy.

To keep everyone safe and accountable, it is necessary to log into the site before contacting readers. You can use your existing Facebook or Google account to save time, or created a dedicated account on the website.

Free Readings

As I mentioned, Purple Garden does not offer free minutes — at least not publicly. Like Psychic Centre, they sometimes email out promotional codes that can be redeemed for free readings, so it’s worth creating an account or logging in with Facebook or Google, to be notified of such offers.

Given the quality of the site and the readers who work there, I reiterate that it is worthy of consideration despite the lack of free readings. If you are after a professional reading and insightful help, it’s worth paying for.

What Others Are Saying

As a relatively new marketplace, I held off adding Purple Garden to this review until I had enough feedback to go on. I’ve had more and more people contacting me with their experiences over the past year, and they have been overwhelmingly positive.

William said, “I really like the clean layout and the detailed profiles for the readers. And I really, really like the video profiles. It’s always a leap of faith contacting a new psychic, but when you can see them and hear them talk on video first, it gives you a proper idea of who they are. I saw one who really clicked with me, and he’s been an absolute gem. He helped me through this difficult time and gave me invaluable advice. He was worth ten times what it cost to talk to him.”

Antonia said, “With psychics I find the old adage of you get what you pay for is true. I’ve had free readings before (using the advice in your guide actually), and they were good for what I wanted at the time. But sometimes I need more than a free reading can give me. Purple Garden are transparent about their prices, and their review system makes it simple to choose a good reader. I happily paid for two deep readings and they both told me the exact same thing. It filled me with confidence and hope. Recommended.”

Diane said, “Weird name, good site. It looks basic compared to others you’ve reviewed, but personally I like that. I’ve used it twice so far. I started with text chat. The reading turned out to be very accurate, so I went back to the same woman and got on a video call with her. You know my situation, Joshua, and how complicated it was, and that video reading made such a difference to my state of mind. I think I might have self-sabotaged the spell you did if I hadn’t been able to do the video call. She gave me the confidence to carry on. Literally life saving.”

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Site Review: Soulight

Soulight is primarily a mobile-first advice marketplace, but they have a comprehensive website too. It has a rich variety of readers, encompassing not just psychic reading but tarot card reading, horoscopes and astrology, angel card reading, dream analysis, and relationship counselling and advice.

Soulight Website

One of the biggest things that makes this site different, and stand out from the crowd, is the possibility to pay for a fixed-price reading instead of paying by the minute. It’s such an obvious thing to offer that it makes you wonder why the other sites don’t do it.

Readings are available in all the usual mediums — text chat, audio call, video chat, as well as recorded audio or video readings for those people who prefer not to get on camera themselves.

The website and apps are easy to navigate, with all the usual features you would expect to find, including star ratings and reviews.

The Readers

Readers can be filtered by topic (including Love and Relationships), or by reading method (clairvoyant, tarot, dream analysis etc), but not both. It’s the bare minimum in terms of sorting and searching, but the site seems to put more emphasis on promoting readers with excellent reviews rather than letting you dig up highly niche advisors.

The main list of readers presents you with a photo, headline, and a one paragraph bio, as well as a star rating, number of readings completed, and an indication of price for each advisor. This is enough information to be able to quickly scan through the list and find someone you think you can work with.

Soulight Mobile App

Clicking through to a given advisor allows you to see their complete bio, and read through those all-important reviews. You can also see their full price list. Interestingly, you also get an accuracy rating, which is a very valuable metric that’s missing from other marketplaces.

As I mentioned above, this site is different in that as well as offering the usual per-minute fee structure, advisors here can perform fixed-price readings. Fees vary according to the type of reading you are after. For example, a text reading from a 5-star reader with a 98% accuracy rating may be around $12, while you could get an audio reading for $23, and a video reading for $25. When the same reader is charging upwards of $12 a minute for a live video chat, you can see that these fixed-price readings are excellent value.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and if you are after instant feedback, a regular live chat charged per-minute is the way to go. But if you can wait up to 24 hours for your answers, a fixed-price reading will save a lot of money.

If you do go the fixed-price route, be sure to be very clear in your instructions, laying out your situation clearly and accurately, and asking direct questions you want answers to. Take some time on this — I’d recommend writing out your instructions in a text editor or on paper first, to gather your thoughts and make sure you haven’t missed anything, rather than banging out a quick message directly on the site only to realise an hour later that you forgot to ask something critical.

Some Soulight advisors offer additional services are well as readings. For example, you can find aura cleansing, chakra healing, cord cutting, and so on. Prices for these tend to be much higher — typically $50 and upwards. As you probably know if you’ve read many of the articles on my website, I’m not very keen on these kind of things. But I know lots of people swear by them, and if you’re looking for such a service, you would certainly be advised to look here where you can see genuine reviews rather than using some other, less honest sites.


Readers must pass a selection process before being allowed to operate in this marketplace. They are screened, tested, and hand-picked by a recruitment team. Those who make it through that process also have to agree to abide by a strict code of ethics.

Soulight claims to keep in regular contact with all their advisors, to ensure they stick to the code and that they are proving to be effective.

No doubt it is this rigorous process that enables the site to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Free Readings

At the time of writing, there are no direct free reading offers on this marketplace. However, if you use the app you can ‘check in’ daily to accumulate rewards including free credits.

As well as the free credits, there are discounts of 50% on live readings and 30% on fixed-price readings (applicable both on the app and the website). That means you can pick up a text reading from a 5-star reader with more than a thousand readings and hundreds of reviews, for less than ten dollars, which is absolutely a bargain.

What Others Are Saying

Here are what some people I have cast for have said about Soulight.

Janine said: “I was desperate to know if my husband was coming back. I had faith in your process, but I was so desperate to know what was happening to him, I needed insight from a psychic to put my mind at rest. What I liked about this app was that I could decide exactly how much I was going to spend. I’ve used psychics before and some of them seem to want to keep you on the line longer, to earn more for every minute they’re talking. This way I could get exactly what I needed for a fixed price and know I wouldn’t spent a single cent more. I went for a text reading and it was exactly what I needed. It cost me about ten bucks, and although it said it could take 24 hours to get my reading, I actually got it back in about two hours. It was like the psychic had seen inside my soul. She told me exactly what was going on in my husband’s heart and his head, as well as when he would be back, and she was right! It meant I slept a little easier while waiting for your spell to do its magic, because I had that extra peace of mind.”

Wallace said: “For me, I chose Soulight because I’m very shy and couldn’t see myself talking to a tarot reader on the phone, let alone doing a Zoom call or something with one. I know I could do a text chat, but because I wanted a tarot card reading, I needed to see the reader pull the cards out and read them live, but without them seeing me. The video reading was perfect because she filmed herself doing the reading and sent me the video. I was really happy with the reading, and have been back a few more times to get my dreams analysed.”

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What About Fiverr?

I feel I should add a comment here about Fiverr because I get asked about it all the time. Unfortunately I don’t really have a very good opinion of. It has no filter for vetting service providers.

There are, I’m sure, some good genuine psychic readers somewhere on Fiverr, but the problem is that finding them can take a lot of time and money.

If you want to read more about this particular site, I wrote an article about finding love spells on Fiverr that goes into much more detail about its pitfalls and traps.

How To Get The Best From a Free Psychic Reading

If you’ve read through the site reviews above, you will have seen that all the marketplaces I’ve talked about offer some kind of free reading. This is usually in the form of a number of free minutes spent with a psychic reader or other advisor.

It may seem that three or four minutes of time is barely worthwhile, but actually in many cases it can be enough to get a good answer to a pressing question.

If you want to prove this to yourself, set a timer on your phone for three minutes, then try talking about something (anything) non-stop for that amount of time. You’ll almost certainly find it surprisingly difficult, because actually three minutes is ages.

That said, there are some tips to get the most out of any free reading time on any site.

1. Prepare your questions.

Indeed not just your questions, but everything you plan on saying to your psychic reader. If you want to cover everything in just the free amount of time, you’ll need to be prepared. So take a moment to put together a brief summary of your current situation.

I cast a spell for Gwen last year, and she got a good reading entirely free. Here’s what she told me about how she prepared: “I wrote out a bit about my case, about how my husband had been unfaithful and that you had cast a spell to make him come back and be faithful to me. I timed myself reading it and it was too long. I’d gone into too much detail. So I went back and trimmed it and cut it down until I could get everything important into one minute of talking. It’s quite surprising how much you can say in a minute if you have it prepared in advance! Then I wrote out the questions I wanted answers to: was the spell working, what was my husband feeling about me right now, and was he likely to come back? I had four minutes with the psychic, and by the time I’d read out what I’d prepared, that left nearly three minutes for her to answer my questions — it was more than enough time.”

2. Make sure everything is written down.

Being prepared doesn’t just mean knowing what you are going to say, you need to have it written down. Gwen talked over the phone to her psychic reader and she read from her prepared script. Andrew, who I also cast a spell for last year, wasn’t quite so prepared. “I thought I was being clever and worked out everything I was going to ask the psychic. I even timed myself saying it all, so I knew I had plenty of time. But when I got on the phone with him, my mind went blank! It was a nightmare. I knew it was in my head, but in the heat of the moment and with the pressure of the ticking clock, it just…went. I was like those entrepreneurs on Shark Tank who forget their presentation. Luckily Life Reader give you free minutes with all of their readers. So I wrote everything down, chose another reader, and started over.”

Having everything written down in advance takes the pressure off when you begin your reading. It’s even more important if you choose to do a text chat, because rather than using valuable time to type out your questions, you can copy and paste them into the chat screen.

3. Have a paper and pen at the ready.

It sounds obvious, but I know some people don’t take this simple step before calling a psychic. Rachel told me about her reading experience: “When I found who I thought was the perfect reader for me on Kasamba, I couldn’t wait to speak to her! I got the free credits and was ready for my reading. In my excitement I didn’t prepare anything properly. I started the video chat and got talking through my case. The reader was amazing and she gave me some really deep insights about Xavier. But after the call was over I could only remember about half of what she told me. It was better than nothing, and I was happy because I knew what she had told me was all good, but I would have given anything to have a proper record, some proper notes. In the end I paid for more credits and had another call. This time I had a notebook and pen in my hand. It was worth the few dollars to have that extra time to take notes, but I should have done that the first time round.”

4. Record the session if you can.

Most computers, phones and tablets have ways of recording the screen. Doing this gives you a permanent record of your reading if you use online chat. Phone readings are more difficult to record, but it can be done by calling from Skype, and there are some apps out there that let you record calls too.

Angela had this to say: “I wanted to speak to a guy on Kasamba. I didn’t want to do a phone call because, well, I guess I’m just not good on the phone. I chose text chat. On the iPhone you can swipe up to get to a button to record everything that happens on the screen. I used that and it made like a movie of the whole reading. It was great. Every time I was feeling down I watched that movie. It was like re-living the reading again and made me feel that the reader was always there for me, always ready to help.”

5. Use more than one site or reader.

If the free minutes are not enough time to get all the answers you need, use more than one marketplace site or reader. By splitting up your questions and asking them to two different psychics, you get twice the free time. Life Reader and Kasamba give you free minutes with all the readers on their sites, so you don’t even necessarily even need to sign up in different places.

Georgie told me about how she did exactly this: “I chatted with a psychic on Life Reader using the four free minutes. It was a good reading, but right at the end he said something that made me think of a new question. I was going to pay for some extra time, but then I thought, oh, hey, I could just talk to a different psychic. I looked around and found another premier reader who was online and available. I went ahead and asked her the new question. It took a couple minutes to explain the background again, but that was fine, I had four whole minutes.”

By splitting her questions, Georgie got double the amount of free time. If she had needed to, she could have got even more by talking to different people on Life Reader, or even by signing up to one of the other sites and using their free minutes as well.


Free minutes might not be sufficient for everyone’s psychic reading needs. Used properly though, and with a little bit of preparation, they are a valuable resource.

Choosing A Marketplace

If you’re thinking of getting a pyschic reading and don’t know where to start, I’d suggest you begin by visiting the sites I’ve talked about above. Again, I’m not making any recommendations here, but I have had good first-hand feedback about all of them.

The sites are all free to join, and they all offer some kind of free reading time, so there’s nothing to lose (except time, I guess) by giving them a try.

Update: Since first publishing this guide, I’ve had even more feedback from people I have cast for, telling me in detail about their experiences. I’ve been keeping a kind of scorecard recording this feedback. Based on that, I would say if you don’t know where to start, then go with Kasamba — you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Share Your Experience

It’s taken a long time to put this guide together, and I sincerely hope it has been useful. I’d especially like to thank all the people who kindly allowed me to share their experiences for the benefit of others.

I plan on adding to this page over time, and hope to review some more psychic reading services here. I would love your feedback. If you have had a psychic reading in the past, or if you are about to have one, and if you would like to share your story, I’d love to hear about it. If I’m casting for you then we’re already in contact, if not, drop me an email to As with all the feedback I post on this website, including the popular love spell stories, I always change names and remove any identifying information to ensure your privacy.