The Four Criteria You Must Meet if You Want a Free Love Spell

When I first started casting love spells for other people, I quickly became inundated with requests. As word of my spells spread, and as people heard how effective they were, the situation got worse. Worse? Surely getting the word out that I could help people get back with their ex or resolve a painful situation of unrequited love is a good thing? Yes and no. Certainly I wanted people to find me if they really needed me. But the situation was untenable for me because I was getting more requests than I could possibly accept.

A Question of Time

You see, casting a love spell takes time. Quite a lot of time. Up to twelve hours for a free spell, and twenty-four hours for a full (paid) one. I’m human, and like everyone else, I need to eat and sleep. I have a family that I like to spend time with, and I have interests outside of spell casting. In other words I have a regular life. Clearly then, there is a hard physical limit on how many love spells I can cast in a given week or month. The problem was I was getting more requests than it was physically possible to cast.

Something had to give. The answer was two-fold. First, I gave up my day job to concentrate on spell casting full time. This meant I needed a means to pay the rent, put food on the table, etc. That’s why the second part of my solution was to start charging money for my love spells.

Hang on a minute, you might be thinking. Aren’t Joshua’s spells free? After all, the clue is in the name of this very website! Rest assured, some of my spells are indeed free of charge, and we’ll get to that in a moment.

Back when I was starting out though, charging for my spells solved my biggest problem. It meant I could work full time as a spell caster, which meant I had more time to cast and could help more people fix their marriages, repair their relationships, and attract those they loved. And charging money also filtered out the time-wasters. Because believe it or not, there are a lot of time wasters who contact spell casters.

Stopping The Time-Wasters

Unfortunately there are people who think, that sounds like a laugh, I’ll give that a go. People who think something like, oh, I’ve always quite fancied so and so, maybe I’ll get this guy to cast a spell and see if he/she will sleep with me. Every time I cast a spell for someone like that, I was taking away an opportunity to cast a spell for somebody who really needed it. Somebody who was aching inside, burning up with desire and sadness. Somebody who feels perhaps like you do today.

As you’ll know if you’ve read the front page of this website (and I hope you have), I retired from spell casting for a while. I was burned out and exhausted. Retirement beckoned and I was glad of the rest. I don’t want to repeat myself here, so suffice it to say that after a break I came back out of retirement to help people again.

But I didn’t want to get burnt out again. I drastically cut the number of spells that I cast each week. And I made another change too: I resolved to cast one spell for free each week, because not everyone can afford a spell but everyone deserves to be happy. This left me with a problem though.

A New Problem

By offering some spells for free, I had no filter, no way to remove the time wasters. This is why I came up with my four criteria for being considered for a free love spell. My hope is that people will understand my time is limited, that there is a physical restriction on how many cases I can accept, and that I can, realistically, only take those I feel are the most worthy of consideration.

My four criteria are listed on the front page, and here I wanted to take a moment to expand a bit on each one and explain my reasoning. If you’ve already asked me for a spell and I’ve turned you down, this page will, I hope, help you better understand why.

1. You Must Believe This is Right

When I cast a love spell, I am working with energies that permeate every corner of the universe. In a way, I’m asking the universe to help me to help you. The universe naturally seeks to bring about positivity. It creates life. It breeds abundance. It builds with beauty. The universe wants us to be happy. Humans, unfortunately, have a history of doing the opposite. Too often we bring about destruction, suffering, and even death. If a spell is to work, it must cooperate with the desires of the universe, not conspire against them. It must work in harmony with the energies that are omnipresent.

That’s why the first of my criteria for accepting a spell case is that you must truly, honestly believe it is right for you to be with the person you are asking me to cast a spell on.

Most of the time this isn’t an issue or a consideration. If, for example, you’re trying to rekindle the love with your husband or wife, or bring back an ex-lover with whom you have been happy, then there is little to consider. The same is true if you are in love with someone who shows no particular interest in you.

Sometimes though, situations are more complex than that. This is particularly true when a third-party is involved. For example, getting back an ex-girlfriend is one thing, but if she is now happily involved with someone else, then it’s a different matter entirely. My spell will, indirectly, bring about the end of her new relationship, and will necessarily cause hurt and suffering to the new boyfriend. It’s impossible to please everyone in such a situation, so I have to know that your suffering is worse than the potential future suffering of the new boyfriend when his relationship ends.

So before you ask me for a spell, please first ask yourself, is this right? Do I truly believe I’m supposed to be with the person the spell is to be cast on? Will this bring more happiness to the world than sadness? Only you know the answer, and I ask you to be honest with yourself — and with me.

2. The Spell Should Be a Last Resort

As I said above, casting a love spell takes a lot of time and energy. About twelve hours for a free casting. and twenty-four hours for a full (paid) spell. That’s time I cannot be eating, sleeping, spending time with my family, or going out and doing something else. It’s a huge commitment, and I’m doing this for complete strangers and expecting nothing in return.

Sidenote: Given these constraints on my life, you may wonder why I do this work at all? It’s a fair question. The answer is that I believe I have been given a gift and it is my duty to use it to bring happiness into the world where I can.

I cannot accept all the cases I receive because I’m oversubscribed, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Therefore I only take on those which are the most urgent. That means I will not agree to work cases where the person asking for the spell has not already tried all other responsable means to resolve their situation.

For example, if someone is desperately in love with someone but not in a relationship with them, it would be logical that they tell this person how they feel. It would be the obvious first step. Yet some people ask me to cast a love spell because it’s easier than taking that step themselves. Clearly I will refuse this kind of request. It would be downright negligent of me to spend twelve or twenty-four hours of my time trying to help someone who hasn’t tried to help themselves in even the most basic way, when I could be using that time to help someone who is literally suicidal because they have tried every means possible to achieve happiness.

And so I ask you, before you fill in the love spell request form, have you done everything in your power to resolve your situation yourself? Have you told them how you feel? Have you shown them? Please consider the fact that if I take on your case, I am necessarily denying that time to someone else, someone who may need the spell more than you.

3. True Love Only

For the exact same reasons as the previous two criteria, I will only cast a spell on someone that you love truly, deeply, and to the exclusion of all others (in a romantic sense).

If you are thinking that the spell is worth a try, or that you will try another one on someone else if it doesn’t work, then you very clearly do not love this person deeply enough. If you are able to even entertain the thought of being with someone different if the spell doesn’t work out, then you don’t love this person enough. If you can imagine doing anything to cause hurt or discomfort to the person you want me to cast a spell on, you cannot possibly love them enough to warrant a day of my time and energy.

I hope this criteria is obvious really, but you’d be surprised. Some people actually come to me with a list of names and ask me to cast a spell on all of them!

4. Adults Only

Both you and the person you want me to cast the spell on must be at least eighteen years old. I realize this may seem unfair. I know it’s absolutely possible to meet all the above criteria before your eighteenth birthday. I’m in no way suggesting that you cannot be in love at a younger age. Sometimes young love is the strongest of all, and the most painful of all when it is unrequited. This restriction is simply down to the fact that the legal age of responsibility in most countries is eighteen, and I must comply with regulations.

Financial Consideration

There’s one extra consideration, and that is financial. My free spells are very, very limited. I only take on one a week. My waiting list is long. If you can afford to pay for my regular spell service, then you should absolutely do so. My free spells are for those who genuinely cannot afford to pay.

Obviously I have no way of knowing if you really can pay me or not, so I have to take this on trust. But I ask you to seriously consider this: if you request a free spell from me and I accept your case, me saying “yes” to you means me having to say “no” to someone else, at least for the time being. That other person could be as desperate as you, but genuinely unable to pay for a spell. So if you can pay, please don’t ask for a freebie.

Moreover, paid spells have some serious advantages. For one thing, they are more powerful. I put twice as much time (and therefore power)  into paid castings. I also perform them within 3 days. And I offer full support. In other words if you take a regular paid spell, you can email me with questions and I will reply personally – a level of support I just cannot offer for free spells.

Consider Carefully

It is my hope that these criteria are self-explanatory. Fortunately most people who come looking for love spells already meet them easily. It makes sense. Yet sadly I do still receive requests from time-wasters, people who want to try a spell for a laugh, or because they fancy sleeping with someone that they otherwise don’t care about, or (and this is maybe the worst of all), they want to cause hurt to someone else and are willing to use love as a way to do that.

If you are thinking of requesting a spell, I suspect you already know, deep down, if you meet these criteria.