How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You love someone, and you’re not in the relationship you want to be with them. When all else has failed, a love spell may be your best hope. As magical as the spell process is, it has limitations. It is not a magic button that can fix all your problems overnight, it’s the beginning of a process that takes time. How much time? Well, that depends…

Science vs. Art

My love spells are based in science, but in many ways casting a spell is more like art. Science is a rigorous discipline in which certain actions can be repeated and the same results garnered, time after time. It is generally possible perform a known scientific procedure and predict the outcome with some accuracy, including how long it will take to see that outcome.

Art on the other hand, is fluid and adaptable. It responds to its environment and situation. A painter might begin a portrait but have no idea when it will be completed.

I’m certainly no painter, and I don’t think of myself as an artist, but it is true that every love spell must also respond to its situation. The environment into which is is deployed is very complex and entirely unique, because that environment is a human mind, and every human is complex and unique. Every spell involves three human minds, making every case triply unique.

It is this uniqueness of every casting that makes it very difficult to predict how long it will take to see results. That is not to say a prediction is impossible, and indeed when I present my report following a casting I always give an estimation of when first results might be seen. But it can only ever be an estimation, and it may be completely wrong.

Any such estimation must be based on numerous factors. Some of those factors are known before the spell is cast, some become known during the casting, and some can never be known.

Factoring It In

To understand the limitations of timescale estimations, let’s look at those three categories of factors.

  1. Known information. Before I ever cast a spell, I already know that my process has a very high chance of success (better than 90%). This is based on more than four decades of experience specializing in love spells. I also know exactly how the spell works, and how it affects a person. You could think of this as being like a medical procedure. Before a surgeon opens up a patient to perform a heart transplant, they know that the procedure has a certain rate of success, and they know generally how it will affect the patient. They also know about the new heart that they will be implanting into that patient’s chest cavity. But some information will only become clear during the operation. Which brings us to…
  2. Information that becomes known during the casting. When a surgeon cuts open the patient, they will see for the first time the exact physiology they are dealing with (I know this isn’t strictly true with today’s imaging technology, but bear with me). Human bodies all have the same fundamental components, yet they are all unique. I’m not a medical man, but I imagine that a skilled heart surgeon does not blindly and robotically make identical cuts and joins in every transplant patient. I’m sure they tailor their work to what they find inside a given body, and based on the donor heart, even if it’s just a matter of making millimeter adjustments. Equally, when I cast a spell (and am therefore ‘connected’ to the subject I am working on) I tailor the process to what I find. Some subjects are very receptive to the love that I plant within them, others put up barriers (subconsciously). Every spell must be carefully massaged and worked in unique way to give it the best chance of success.
  3. Information that can never be known. Nobody can ever truly know the mind of another. There is far more going on in the head of anyone I cast on than I can ever detect. Just as a transplant patient may reject their new organ, so the subject of a spell may reject the love that I plant within them. There may also be external factors in play that I cannot possibly know about. These could be third-parties who are involved (romantically or otherwise), physical factors, geographical factors, the list goes on. And even if I could see all these unknowables, the fact is nobody knows the future. There are all sorts of events that could happen unexpectedly that may affect the outcome of the spell.


Given that some information can never be known in advance, it is impossible to give an accurate prediction of when a spell will show results. However, anyone requesting a spell will, quite reasonably, want some idea of when they will see a positive change. This is why I strive to give an estimate.

Again, I stress that my estimates are not predictions. They are based on the knowledge available. The moment I have the most knowledge is immediately after I have completed the casting, and this is when I make my estimate and report it back to the person I have cast for. My estimate is based on all my years of experience, and will take into account everything that has happened during the casting.

One thing I do know for sure is that a spell begins to work immediately. With a typical casting from twelve to twenty-four hours, I am able to ‘see’ the spell begin to work even before I have finished casting it.

Best and Worst Cases

I’m often asked what the longest and shortest times are that I’ve seen for a spell to work. The shortest time is under twenty-four hours. However, that is extreme and very, very rare, and therefore irrelevant.

The longest time is also irrelevant because it is an outlier. There is nothing to be gained by comparing one case to another.

Instead, I can give you a very general average time taken to begin to see external signs of change in the subject, and that is between four to eight weeks (for a free casting; paid castings are more powerful, with quicker results). Again, I reiterate that this is an average, which means some cases see results sooner, some take longer.

I also reiterate that this average timescale is to see external positive signs of change; the spell begins working from day one, but because it is all happening within the subject, there is nothing to ‘see’.

What’s Important

Ultimately the time taken to see a spell fully manifest is largely unimportant (though it feels anything but to the person I am casting for). What matters is that the process works, and that it starts doing so from day one.

Love is a delicate emotion and one that cannot be forced. It must be nurtured and allowed to grow. And I’m sure you’ll agree, it is worth the wait.