Can You Put a Love Spell on Someone From Overseas?

You might think that most people who want a love spell — a way of making somebody fall in love with them — are looking to have it cast on someone close by. A husband or wife who is drifting away perhas. A girlfriend or boyfriend who’s met someone else. A cheating lover. A friend that they would like to be more than just friends with. Indeed these are all common reasons that people turn to spells. Sometimes though, the situation is a little different. Sometimes the spell is for someone who is not close at hand, who isn’t seen every day, who isn’t living under the same roof. Sometimes the person to be obtained by the spell lives a very long way away. Another town or city; another county or state. Or even another country.

So can you put a love spell on someone who lives overseas? Or is there a distance factor that limits the effectiveness of these kinds of spells? To answer that question, let’s meet Madeline.


Madeline (not her real name) is a thirty-something woman from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a lively character, and her job in the zoo working with groups of over-excited school kids is perfectly suited to her personality. She loves her work, loves her friends, and loves life. But there was something missing from it. I’ll let her take up the story.

“I’d seen this guy at the zoo. He was there with his mates, a group of them were hanging out together. They were all Aussies except this one guy, Jason. He was from Wales, but he lived in London and he was visiting Australia. His mates were showing him the sights and they tagged along to listen to my talk when I was feeding the red pandas. Jason caught my eye straight away, which was odd because it’s not like I was looking for a boyfriend or anything! He didn’t pay me much attention, but one of his mates did. That’s why the group kept following me around the zoo, even after I’d finished my talk. In the end I had to tell them to pack it in, it was getting creepy.”

Madeline told me she was glad to be rid of the guys. But when closing time came, she caught up with Jason again.

“He was hanging around the entrance when I left work. He looked lost and confused, like a little boy. I wanted to pick him up and stroke him like one of my animals! I asked if he was okay and he said the other guys had gone, left him behind, and he had no idea how to get back to where he was staying. I offered to give him a lift, and that’s how we got to know each other a little bit. We drove around and because I thought the guy was cute, I suggested we grab something to eat. He was up for that, and I thought maybe this could be the start of something. We spent a few hours together, and I know this sounds crazy, but I could feel myself falling for him big time.”

Eventually the couple went their separate ways when Madeline dropped Jason back at his digs. But, she told me, she couldn’t get him out of her head.

“Every day I found myself keeping an eye out for him at the zoo. It was crazy I know, but I felt we had a connection and I really wanted to see him again.”

Missing Jason

A month later she was still missing him. The trouble was, Jason was back in London. The other group of friends did come back to the zoo though, and Madeline pressed them for his email, phone number, anything they could offer to let her get in touch.

“They gave me his facebook address and I added him as a friend there and then,” she told me. “We chatted online, and I was more sure than ever that I wanted to see him again.”

Although they got on well, Madeline didn’t feel as though Jason had any romantic feelings for her. Eventually she asked him outright.

“It was killing me! I had to know. Well, I got my answer. After I asked the question, he stopped replying to all my messages. I was gutted.”

Madeline’s Spell

It wasn’t long after that Madeline got in touch with me. She requested a spell and was very open about the fact that Jason didn’t just live in another country, he lived on the other side of the world. I asked her some more questions before I accepted her case, but not for the reason you might think.

“When I got your email,” Madeline says, “I thought, here we go, he’s going to tell me this is impossible. But you didn’t say that at all. You didn’t even mention the distance thing. What you wanted to know more about was my feelings for Jason!”

That’s because one of the four criteria I impose on spell requests is that the person asking for the spell must love the person they want me to cast it on truly, deeply, and to the exclusion of all others. Madeline and Jason had spent mere hours together, so I needed to know her love for him was true. When she told me more of her story, I had no further doubts. This was the real thing, she needed my help, and so I agreed to cast the spell for her.

Long Distance Love Spells

From my perspective, casting the spell to bring two people together from opposite sides of the world is no different to casting one on two people who live under the same roof. I work with universal energies — energies that permeate every tiny nook and cranny of the universe. These energies work on a sub-atomic quantum level. Quantum entanglement has no concept of distance. When particles become entangled they continue to communicate over any distance. It can be a bit of a mind-bending concept, but at the quantum level distance just doesn’t apply. At that sub-atomic level it’s like the entire universe is just one big gigantic soup of interconnected energy. So I had no concerns with the fact Jason and Madeline were on opposite sides of the planet, at least not from the point of view of casting the spell.

That’s not to say casting love spells on people overseas is entirely without difficulties though, as the next part of Madeline’s story illustrates.

Post-Manifestation Complications

“Your spell worked, that was clear. Within a few weeks of you doing it, Jason wasn’t just messaging me again, we were Facetiming each other. We’d have to call at weird times of the day or night because of the time difference, but we didn’t care about that. We were in love. He told me as much almost out of the blue. But there was a problem. The obvious problem that we lived on opposite sides of the world.”

You see, the spell worked as it was designed, but it could not magically transport Jason to Melbourne or Madeline to London. For that, regular old transportation was required.

“It came down to logistics,” Madeline says. “Jason lived and worked in one city, and I lived and worked in a different one. On a different continent! We were in love, we were living this weird Facetime relationship, but we couldn’t be physically close. I don’t know why I thought it would be any different,” she admits. “I got what I asked for. I got Jason to fall in love with me, but I hadn’t considered what to do next.”

In the end there was only one ethical solution.

“This was my problem, so I had to fix it,” Madeline says. “Jason didn’t ask to fall in love with me, that was my doing. I had to assume the consequences. I handed my resignation to the zoo and booked a one-way flight to London.”

That was more than a year ago. I got in touch with Madeline before I wrote this article, to ask if she would allow me to use her story, and to ask how things were going.

“Brilliant!” she told me, as bubbly as ever. “I love my life more than ever. Jason proposed last month and we’ve set a date.”

Distance Cannot Be Ignored

Madeline was lucky. She was young and had no particular ties other than her job. She was able to up sticks and move to England easily. It’s not always that way though. I’ve unfortunately seen cases where the love created by the spell has caused more heartache than it has solved. When one person is in love with another but cannot be with them, it’s painful. When two people love each other and are forced apart, the pain is doubled.

That’s why it is still important to consider the long term consequences of casting a love spell on someone who lives overseas. It’s easy to be blinded by the dream, to imagine how great it will be to hear that special person say “I love you.” But there is so much more to think about on a practical level. So should you cast a spell on someone in a foreign land? Only you know the answer.