Casting Love Spells By Phone

Every now and then, someone will get in touch to ask for one of my love spells, and they will send a message asking if they can call me. Or they might ask me to call them. Either way, the goal is the same — they want to speak with me on the telephone.

Usually these kinds of requests include a short explanation for why a personal call is necessary, and generally it comes down to the person requesting the spell thinking that their particular situation is very specific. They will say something like, “There’s a lot to unwrap and it would be easier to talk you through it.”

So is a phone call with me necessary if you want a spell cast for you?

No Phone Calls Required

The short answer is ‘no’. There’s no need to call me to arrange a casting. Not only that, I actively discourage it. There are a number of reasons why I won’t take personal calls from prospective ‘castees’ (people who are asking for a casting). There’s also one huge reason to be very wary of anyone offering love spells by phone (which we’ll see shortly). Here’s a quick run-down of why I don’t offer a phone service:

  • It’s not necessary. Seriously. However complicated, unusual, outlandish, bizarre, or weird you might think your situation is, I’ve seen worse. I’ve been casting love spells for more than forty years, so believe me when I say I’ve seen every combination of complex and bizarre you can imagine. And quite a few you can’t (or wouldn’t want to). In none of these cases has it been necessary to speak with the person asking for the spell, and that’s for one simple reason: whatever the situation, it always boils down to the same thing. Someone wants to be in a mutually loving and respectful relationship with someone else who does not feel the same way. How they got to that situation is irrelevant. The details don’t matter a jot. All that matters is that A loves B, but B doesn’t love A (or at least not enough). My job is to make B love A as much as A loves them — that’s it. No further explanation is necessary.
  • It uses up precious time. I receive far more requests than I can ever accept. There is a physical limit on the number of spells I can cast in any one week. The less time I have to spend on admin tasks like phone calls, the more time I have left to do the spells, and the more people I can help. If I spent hours on the phone, I’d have to turn down more cases.
  • It discourages brevity. Typing out an email or filling in a love spell request form takes a bit of effort. It encourages the person making the request to think about what they need to say and to say it in the most efficient and brief manner they can. If I took requests by phone, people would not be so economical in their communication. It’s much easier to talk than to type, so it’s unsurprising that people talk for longer than they write. This leads back to the above problem of taking up precious time.
  • It is impractical. I’m based in Europe. Perhaps you are too, perhaps not. The law of averages means that there are more people who are not in the same time zone as me than are. And that makes it hard to be available to take calls at reasonable hours. I cast my spells alone. When you ask for a spell from me, you deal with me and me alone. Nobody else is party to the information that passes between us. I don’t employ a team of people to take requests on my behalf — that would be a huge privacy problem. With the best will in the world, I cannot be available 24/7 to take phone calls from around the world for practical reasons alone.

But My Case Is Different!

Some people reading this will say, “But, Joshua, my situation is different. It really is unique!” It’s not. I don’t say that to belittle it in any way. Your situation is undoubtedly painful to you, and undoubtedly urgent. Everyone who gets to the stage where they think a love spell is the answer to their problems is in the same boat. Everyone’s situation is painful, difficult, and urgent. And it’s perfectly possible to provide enough information about any situation using the request form on this site.

Online Is Better

Most people, it must be said, prefer to communicate with me online. The advantages are clear: both parties can read and write messages at times that suit them rather than having to try to fit in a phone call in defined hours that will necessarily be unsociable in at least some locations. Keeping everything online also means information won’t get lost. And it means there are no errors from me mishearing a name or writing one down incorrectly. And also, let’s be honest, it’s generally easier to talk to a stranger about our most intimate problems via email that over the phone.


I said above that there’s a big reason to be wary of love spell casters who offer a telephone service. That reason is confidence trickery. Let me explain…

When someone is asking for a love spell they are in a fragile state of mind, they are vulnerable. Reaching out to somebody and asking for help can be a big step to take and a frightening one too. Sadly, there are lots of people in this world who seek to take advantage of those in these precarious situations. For these confidence tricksters (or ‘scammers’ to use more colloquial terminology), the telephone is the tool of choice. They lure in their prey with offers of magic, their objective being to get them on the phone.

Once they are in a one-to-one real-time conversation, it becomes easy to scam these poor people out of considerable sums of money. They use cold-reading techniques and manipulative language to make themselves look powerful. They convince their victims that they can help, but only for a fee, and one that only ever gets bigger.

Steer Clear of Phone Casters

For this reason alone, I would advise anyone seeking a love spell to steer clear of casters who request a phone call. For all the reasons we’ve seen above, a call isn’t necessary. The only reason a ‘caster’ would ask for one is so they can lure their victim into their trap.

Unfortunately, I see the after-effects of these scams every week when people come to me with stories of how they have been taken for all their savings (sometimes thousands of dollars). Not only are they penniless, but they are also no closer to being with the person they love. Lily kindly shared her story with me, and hers is just one of the hundreds of similar tales I’ve heard over the years.