Joshua, your free spell service was such a revelation and help to me I felt obliged to share my story here. It began about three months ago. My husband hadn’t left me, we weren’t living apart, he wasn’t even having an affair (that I know about anyway). It might sound like we had nothing to worry about, but that was far from the case. We were drifting apart. I guess it happens to most people at some point in their life, especially those who’ve been together for years. They call it the seven year itch, right, after the movie? For us it was nine years. We managed to hold out a little longer.

Nine Year Itch

Matt, my husband, didn’t pay me the same attention he used to. I guess I was somewhat guilty too. I know I didn’t make as much effort as I used to either. We’d go out all the time to restaurants, bars, the movies, even the zoo. But over the years that all stopped.

A complicating factor was that we wanted children but can’t have them. That’s my fault. I know I shouldn’t say that, and my shrink scolds me for blaming myself, but I can’t help it because it’s true. My body won’t let me conceive. I think this is a big part of the reason why Matt started to drift away.

The problem was I still loved my husband. And the more he drifted away the more I realized how much I loved him. By the time I saw the problem it was too late.

Trying To Win Back My Husband

I tried all sorts of things to win back Matt’s affections. I cooked for him, surprised him with sexy underwear, organized nights out. But he had changed. We had become friends, not lovers. My therapist suggested I write him a letter setting out my feelings. I tried it, but it didn’t change anything. I found the letter the next morning in the trash. Matt’s never been one to talk much about his feelings, and he was avoiding the subject at all costs.

My therapist also suggested bringing him along to our sessions. Obviously that was never going to happen. Matt would rather die than talk to a stranger about our relationship.

In desperation I turned to the idea of using a spell or some kind of magic or psychic ability to help us. I thought I had problems before then, but this is when my problems really started in earnest. Because this is when I started to get scammed out of all my savings and more besides.

The Witch Doctor

The first person I tried, well I guess it was my fault it went so wrong. I didn’t do any research, I just trusted everything I read on his website. The guy claimed to be a witch doctor, practiced in the art of voodoo and goodness knows what else. It all sounded great. I felt a little weird asking for his help, but I figured what did I have to lose?

In the end, quite a lot. $700 in fact. That’s how much this evil scammer prized out of me over the course of a few weeks.

It started after our initial phone consultation, where he kindly listened to everything I had to say. He told me he completely understood why I had come to him, and that he had already worked with lots of couples who’d had the same problem. They’d all seen fabulous results, so he said.

Forking Out For Voodoo

But then he said he’d need money for ingredients to cast a spell to bring us closer. When I asked how much, expecting him to say, I don’t know, $50 or $60, I was shocked when he said it would be $150.

I politely said thank you, and that I would think about it. I had no intention of paying him so much money, but he was persistent. He rang me back the next day and asked when I would be sending the money. I said I wasn’t sure I would.

Two days later he called again and said he’d been doing a psychic reading on me, that he could see there was an evil spirit between me and Matt, and that the spirit was what was keeping us apart. He said that he could banish this spirit, but the longer we left it the harder it would be.

Here’s the thing, normally I wouldn’t have paid him any attention, but that morning me and Matt had had a huge blazing argument, and it really felt like there was something evil between us. Out of desperation, and I guess some fear, I agreed to wire him the money. He told me it would take a couple days to carry out the full procedure.

Banishing The Evil Spirit

About three days later the witch doctor called me back. He said he’d tried to punish the spirit but that we’d already left it late and so it was going to take more work than he first thought. Of course, he needed more money to do the work. I was already $150 into this guy so I felt obliged to send him another hundred dollars to finish the job.

You can probably guess the rest, right? Two days later he called to say he needed more money. But it was only $50, taking the total to $300. I swallowed my pride and wired the money.

Finally the man who called himself a witch doctor (by now I was having my doubts) said everything was done and the evil spirit had been banished. He said I should start to see a difference in Matt straight away.

But nothing had changed.

Not Giving Up

To my shame, it’s me who contacted this guy again. I should have just cut my losses, but I felt I was owed an explanation. I called him and demanded to know why nothing had happened, why after having spent $300, nothing had changed? He told me he’d investigate immediately, but that it would be a complicated psychic reading and that he couldn’t be expected to do so much work free of charge.

At that point I did refuse to send him any more money, and eventually he agreed he would do the reading for free.

Guess what? He came back and said that the spirit was not completely gone and that there was more work to be done. So stupidly I sent him more money thinking that maybe he was telling the truth, since he had after all just done this extra reading for free.

This went on back-and-forth for a few more weeks, until I was $700 in the hole. I know what you’re thinking, I was dumb. And you’re right.

The Next Love Spell Specialist

What made it worse is that I sent good money after bad. The next spell caster I tried, I at least did some research on. It was a woman with a fancy website. There was a forum on it where people claimed to have used her services. It all looked like a very professional operation, so I felt like I was in good hands.

I had a consultation with her, and she said she understood my concerns. She sounded genuine, and she was not at all surprised by my story of the witch doctor. And so when she asked for some money to put right whatever he had or hadn’t started, I agreed and wired her the payment immediately.

I won’t bore you with the details, but this woman scammed me out of nearly $1000 in all. I feel so ashamed to admit it. She seemed so genuine, so caring. I even went into debt to pay her what she was asking.

After coming to my senses, I vowed I would never send another cent to any witch doctor, psychic reader, or anyone else who claimed they could help me and Matt.

Our Relationship Was Over

By this time things were worse than ever between me and Matt. The rows were getting more intense and more frequent, not helped by my stress at being scammed out of all my savings and my new debt that I’d have to work extra hours to pay off. All my efforts had been directed at these scammers rather than at trying to rebuild my relationship with Matt. I was at the end of my tether and was seriously considering moving out of our home, even though I had nowhere to go.

Then I found you, Joshua. There was something reassuring about your site. What really reassured me was that you said you cast spells for free. Obviously by now I was super skeptical, and I didn’t really believe you would to do a spell for free, I thought you’d ask me for money, or try to get money out of me somehow.

Trying To Catch You Out

In fact I actually asked for a spell from you almost to prove to myself that you were a charlatan. So you can imagine my surprise when you agreed to cast my spell for free, and then you actually did it.

Sure, you offered me a paid a priority spell, and at that point I thought I’d caught you out. But you made it very clear there was no obligation to use that option, and that you’d do my spell at no cost.

And the spell worked! It actually worked! I couldn’t believe it. A real love spell that actually got results.

Bringing Back The Love

About three weeks after you cast, everything was back to normal. No, it was better than before. There was a change the day you cast the spell. At first I thought things had gotten worse. Matt completely withdrew into himself. I wrote to you demanding to know what was going on, and I apologize if my tone was accusatory!

You patiently explained that this was a natural defensive reaction. You said that Matt was undergoing some very intense emotions and was trying to process them. You were absolutely right. He withdrew, took himself away from me, but slowly over those weeks, he came back.

And oh how he came back. It was like we had fallen for each other all over again. It was like the first months we had gotten together, those heady days with the first flushes of love, where everything in the world feels more alive!

I’m So Happy You Proved Me Wrong

In an almost perverse way I wanted to prove that you were like those other scammers, Joshua. I filled out that form to prove to myself that you were no better than them. But you proved me wrong. And in doing so you’ve restored my faith in humanity a little bit.

It’s so good to know that not everybody out there is trying to prey on vulnerable people. That you help people like me for free blows my mind. I know that it took you a whole day and a whole night to cast my spell. That’s time that you were not spending with your family or your friends. It’s time that you could not do anything else more fun or relaxing. It must be exhausting. I can’t imagine how you do it. That you would do that for a stranger and without asking for any recompense is, to me, a minor miracle.

I have already thanked you privately many times by email, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you publicly. You saved my marriage, and my sanity!