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Understanding Morphic Fields in Love Spells

Morphic fields are a powerful force, the force behind my powerful love spells. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what morphic fields are and how they work, then read on.

“Use the force Luke”. It’s a line everyone knows from the classic Star Wars films. But did you know that the ‘Force’ from Star Wars is actually based on scientific reality?

The reality behind the Force is a kind of energy called morphic energy. Morphic energy is still little understood by scientists, but we know it exists by the effects it produces. It’s a bit like microwaves — we can’t see them but we know they exist by the effects they have, i.e. cooking our dinner. Electricity is the same — we can’t see it but we use it every day so we know it’s there.

Morphic energy forms part of what scientists call dark energy, which actually accounts for around 74% of all energy in the known universe. It connects together every atom in existence into an energy field that we call a morphic field.

Morphic Energy & Love Spells

So what’s all this got to do with love spells? Well, if morphic fields connect atoms together, and everything in the universe is made of atoms, including people, then that means all people are connected by morphic fields. And if people are connected, that connection can be used to send messages — and emotions.

Unfortunately sending these messages isn’t quite as simple as just picking up the telephone and dialling the other person. Learning to interact with them and to manipulate them takes years of practice. I’ve dedicated the largest part of my life to working with these fields — so long in fact, that when I began, they hadn’t even been named by science!

Is the use of morphic fields a magic spell? Or is it science? Well the word magic has always been used to describe things that we don’t fully understand. Some tribal people for example, believe that thunderstorms are magical because they don’t understand the physics that makes them happen.

In the same way, most people don’t understand morphic fields (even scientists are still learning), so we think of their effects as magical. So I would say that morphic fields are both science and spell.