My boyfriend and I had only been together about six months. I was really in love with him, but he was less serious. When he chose to go on vacation to Thailand for three months, it looked like the end. When he sent me a postcard from Thailand four weeks later and told me about his new girlfriend, I knew it was the end.

I tried to let him go, but I just couldn't do it. I loved that man, and the idea he was with someone else was killing me. It wasn't only the jealousy. I truly loved him and wanted to have him with me all the time.

That's when I found out about your spell. I read about it on some other site (sorry, can't remember which), and thought yeah, why not try it? I have a pretty open mind about these sort of things, and it's not like it was expensive anyway, not for getting the man you love to come back to you. [Note from Joshua: This was when I was still charging for my love spells]

My only worry was would it work with him being so far away? As you know, Joshua, I asked you that question by email and you replied that it would be alright.

You did the spell a few days after I ordered it, and I waited, full of hope.

At first it looked like the spell was making things worse because he sent me a message on facebook saying not to contact him, that his new girlfriend didn't like it when he got messages from me, and that he didn't want to hear from me again. I was very upset, and that's when I emailed you again. I remember you replied that sometimes it looks like it's getting worse before it gets better, so I tried really hard to stay positive.

A few weeks after that, he sent me another message to say that he'd broken it off with the other girl. He said he had been thinking about me a lot, and it wasn't fair on her. He said he was confused, but it all sounded good to me!

Another week later and he called me on the phone to say he was coming home.

I went and met him at the airport, and as soon as I looked into his eyes I knew he was mine again. We hugged, and he told me how sorry he was for being such a jerk. He said he had not slept for a week because he was thinking so much about me.

I'm absolutely certain that the spell is what brought him back. He seemed happy with the other girl, and didn't want anything to do with me. The spell changed everything, and now we're happy together. Please don't use my real name, because he doesn't know I used a spell, and although I'm not ashamed, I would rather keep it private. Thanks, Joshua, for your spell and your advice. You were always there to answer my emails and questions, and you don't know how much that helped me in a difficult time.

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