Hi Joshua. I've been enjoying reading the stories you've been putting up. Some of them are really amazing, and mine seems quite a simple little story in comparison!

I met Barry through one of my friends, and we clicked instantly. We started dating, and I moved in with him very quickly after that. Everything was great, and we were happy together for about seven or eight years.

Then things started going down hill. It wasn't like some of your other stories where one of us did something really bad, we just started drifting apart. I guess really what I mean is Barry started drifting. He was showing less and less interest in me. He had met some new people after he changed jobs, younger people, and he was spending a lot of time going out with them. That was okay, I didn't have a problem with that. But their influence had a bad effect on him, I think he saw me as old and stuffy and he preferred the company of his new friends. Lots of them were young and attractive girls.

One evening when he came home very late he said we had to talk. That's always an ominous sign isn't it? And so it was. He said he didn't love me any more, and that is was pointless us living together. He wanted me to move out. He said that there was no hurry, I could take my time to find somewhere to live, he wasn't pressuring me.

Obviously I was upset (huge understatement!) I cried and cried and asked him if we couldn't work it out. But he wasn't interested. He looked a bit guilty, but maybe that was my imagination.

I stayed on for another few weeks while I was looking around at appartments. In many ways it was like not much had changed. We still slept in the same bed, and we even had sex a few times, but I knew he wasn't really making love to me, his mind was somewhere else, maybe with someone else? I didn't want to know, it hurt too much to think about. I just tried to enjoy the time we were together, and not think about being apart.

That's when I found your site. I was desperate, and normally wouldn't have thought of asking for a love spell because I never believed in that kind of thing. But I thought why the hell not? So I contacted you and you kind of know the rest.

I was pretty surprised when a couple weeks later Barry asked me if I wanted to go out to a restaurant with him. Of course I said yes. What I didn't know was that a lot of his new friends were there too, but it was actually quite a nice evening, and I got on well with them, they seemed cool.

He still hadn't said anything that made me think he had changed his mind about me moving out though, and after a couple days he actually asked if how I was getting on looking for somewhere to live. I started crying again, and he looked a bit guilty (again) and wandered off.

I guess it was a couple weeks later when I saw things really were changing. He cooked me dinner (he never cooked me dinner before!) He spent more time talking with me, and he was just generally a nicer guy to be around. He took an interest in me. It gave me a real boost, and I "bit the bullet" and brought up the subject of me moving out, saying something about how hard it was to find an appartment I could afford. He said maybe I should stay around, that it was silly us splitting up when we got on so well.

And that's kind of how it worked out. There wasn't any big emotional reunion or anything, we just sort of drifted back together like we had drifted apart! We never talked about the whole moving out thing again.

That was all a few years ago now, and we're still together and really happy. I think we're closer now than we were before. Barry still sees his new friends (well, they're not so new now!), and I see them too, they really are a nice bunch and we all get on well.

Some people might say Barry just went through a phase, and maybe he did, but I know in my heart that it was your spell that brought him out of it. I could feel it working somehow, in a way I can't really explain. So yeah, a good thing all round, and I really thank you Joshua for all the work you put into the spell.

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