I don’t rightly know why my baby left me. Even now I have no idea because since we got back together we don’t talk about it.
We wasn’t together long before we broke up. Like, three months. I knew I loved her. Three months was long enough for that. I’d chased her for an age before. I think I loved her before we was even together.

The way she left was she just went away. Obviously we wasn’t living together, not after three months. We was dating and we saw each other every day. So when I didn’t seen her for four days, I knew something was real wrong.

Friend or Foe?

One of her friends came to the door asking for some of her things she’d left at my place. That’s when I found out Laura was seeing some other guy. I was in shock. I let her friend take what she wanted, didn’t try and stop her or nothing.
I was down for a long time after. I heard all kind stories about Laura seeing other guys, up to all sorts, stuff that made my insides freeze. It was like, I thought I knew her, but did I really know her? It was like she was turning into someone else.

Turning Point

I found your site one night when I was drunk. I guess it was the liquor that made me think it was okay because I’ll be honest with you, I would not have asked for a spell if I was sober. Fact is, it’s a miracle you even said yes, because if you could have seen me that night, Joshua, you would have been right minded to put me out of my misery more than help me.
But help me you did, and for that I’ll be thankful to the end of my days.
The first sign I knew something was happening was Laura’s friend showing up at the door. Same one who took away her things. She seemed all nervous, and I didn’t rightly know for what reason she was there. She said it was to look for a book Laura had lost, but I never seen Laura read no books so I guessed that was not the real reason.
Turns out she was looking to see if I had me a new fancy woman in my place. That much Laura did tell me later, once we was back together. See she wanted to know if I was still free and single before she come to see me for herself.

A True Miracle

She came a few days later. She bought liquor, which was probably a bad idea, or maybe not I don’t know. We drunk the whole bottle between us, and next thing I know we was waking up next day in the same bed. I thought she would run away again, but she told me she wanted to stay. Said she’d been thinking a whole lot about me, that she thought she’d made a mistake when she walked out.
And that was that. We was back together, and we never talked about it again. I wanted to know why she went, course I did. Was it something I done? I didn’t want her to go again. But I’m so happy my baby’s back in my arms. All because of your spell. A true miracle.