Hey Joshua! I’m so grateful to be able to add my story to this amazing collection that you have on your site. Six months ago I would never have thought I would have been writing this. I was married, and have been happily so for 16 years. And before that, my husband and I had been dating for another four years, so we have been together for 20 years.

We didn’t have any children, we never felt that anything was missing from our marriage. We both felt completely happy with the way things were, we didn’t need children to validate us. I know that that’s something some people cannot understand or get their head around, but we both felt exactly the same way about kids. The problem in our marriage came from something completely different.

We never argued, never disagreed about anything important, we were totally on the same wavelength. That’s why it came at such a shock when Roger upped and left. In the middle of the week. At the end of autumn. He had given no indication anything was wrong.


The first I knew about it was when I came home from work and found a letter he had left on the kitchen counter. It didn’t give much in the way explanation. It said he no longer loved me and that it was better if we were apart.

It goes without saying I was devastated. At first I thought it must be comes some kind of sick joke. I called him but he didn’t answer his phone. Oh well, I thought, he’ll be back tomorrow.

The next day I called him at work, but his manager said he has not come in. In fact nobody saw him for the next three days. By now I was getting seriously worried. Roger has no surviving family, so all I could do was call around his friends. They hadn’s seen him, or were telling me that they had not seen him anyway. I have always gotten on well with of all of his friends, so who knows if they were lying for him or not? It didn’t matter, the fact was I had no idea where Roger was.

Out of Ideas

It is at that point that I seriously considered contacting the police. It was as if Roger had disappeared off the face of the Earth. But I looked at the letter he had left, and I knew that they would tell me they could do nothing if he had gone of his own free will. There was nothing to suggest anything untoward had happened to him.

For the whole of the next week I sent at home crying, and jumping at every slight sound, hoping that maybe it was Roger about to come back through the door. But he never did.

The Psychic

Out of desperation I got in touch with a psychic reader. I had had a few readings done many years ago, so I trusted this woman. When I told her of the urgency of the situation, she said she would see me the same day.

I will never forget that afternoon, sat in her front room, and the pitying look in her eye as she told me that Roger was with someone else. She said that this other woman had put a spell on Roger, a spell that was designed to break us apart.

As she worked and went deeper, she found another spell. This evil woman had to put a binding spell on Roger as well. The psychic told me that the only way to combat magic like this was to use more magic. I asked her if she could cast love spells. But she told me that she did readings not spells.

I went back home and thought about everything I had heard. Had someone really used magic to break us apart? It seemed such a ridiculous idea, so far-fetched, and yet there was still no sign of Roger.

Everything Changed

Two days later, everything changed. One of Rogers friends who I knew quite well, called me to see if I was okay. He could obviously hear over the phone that I want anything but okay, which is perhaps why he chose to tell me that Roger was fine.

“What do you mean fine?” I asked him. He hesitated, but when I pressed him he admitted to that Roger was fine because he was with someone else. He refused to give me her name, or tell me where they were. But he did admit that Roger was living with this woman.

I was devastated. The psychic had been right. Another woman had come and taken my man from me. Everything had been perfect, Roger had wanted for nothing, and yet this horrible human being had snatched away part of my life. How dare she do such a thing?

The Answer Was Magic

I knew that the answer was magic, as the psychic had told me. And so I began my search for someone who could cast a spell to bring my Roger back to me. Somebody who could break the spell this evil witch had cast on him.

Something about your website and spoke to me, Joshua. I felt very sure that I could trust you. I did some diligence anyway, checking reviews and looking at other people’s experiences. Everything I found confirmed what I already felt instinctively. You are the real deal.

I requested a spell, and at this point I should probably apologize for having inundated you with too much information. Your form made it clear that you did not require too many details over and above the few things you asked for, but I think it helped me to pour out my heart to you in that request.

Wave of Joy

When you accepted my case I felt a wave of joy. Finally, something positive was happening. Somebody was taking me seriously. And what’s more, you were offering to help for free, you did not want any kind of payment. That is not why I chose you, but it was a bonus I suppose you could say.

It was very hard waiting for you to cast the spell, and I know how busy you are because you told me so. Obviously I did not expect to jump the queue, but that did not make it any easier.

The Day of The Spell

Finally the day of my spell came. I could feel the spell happening. I cannot explain the sensation, except to say it was like a wave of pure energy and joy and love. My feelings for Roger only intensified over that day. I didn’t care about the witch who had taken him. I didn’t care that he had cheated on me, or that he has treated me so badly. All I cared about was getting him back.

It took a few weeks, but the signs were there from quite early on. Roger contacted me. He sent a text to ask if I was okay the day after you cast a spell. This was the first time I had heard from him since getting the letter the day he walked out. He might not have been back with me, but that text meant the world to me. It meant he was thinking of me, and it meant that things were moving.

Later, there were more texts. Then phone calls. Then we agreed to meet. The day I saw him again, was one of the happiest days of my life. He did not say he was coming home, he did not even say he was leaving the witch, but just seeing him again, knowing he was okay, being able to hug him, it was fantastic.

Not Quite Ready

In spite of all this progress he wasn’t quite ready to come back. After talking things through with you Joshua, you kindly agreed to add more power to the spell. That is when you explained to me that in a case like this, when dealing with powerful magic, it can sometimes require more than one spell. That second spell pushed Roger over the edge. It was as if he had been teetering on the point of coming back to me, but that the binding spell the witch had put on him was keeping him there. With your extra boost of magic, it was enough to break that binding spell, and then he came back to me. Like a spring sprinding back into position, he could not get back fast enough.

He seemed wilted, like he was coming out of a trance and did not understand what had happened to him. It took a lot of talking and crying and hugging, over many days, to come to terms with everything that had happened.


In some ways I think this experience has made us stronger as a couple. Roger was never one to believe in magic before. He found my visits to the psychic reader funny, which is one of the reasons I had stopped seeing her. But now he knows the power of a real spell.

Thank you again, Joshua, you saved our marriage, and you saved Roger from this horrible witch. I know that you cannot and would not cast a spell to deprive her of her powers, so I can only hope that she does not cause this kind of heartache to someone else. You are a true hero and a gentleman.