Hey Joshua, I’m so happy to finally share my story on your website. Reading other people’s stories helped me so much when I was going through the most horrible time of my life. I always said I would send mine in the hope it would help others like me, and now I get to do that, all thanks to your free love spell!

As you know, Joshua, my husband left me in the spring. We had a three month old baby together, so you can imagine how tough it was.

What made it worse was there was no warning. It’s not like I had an affair, or we were drifting apart, or that we hated each other. It was out of the blue. With our new daughter, who was planned, not an accident, we were a happy little family. It was hard with the sleepless nights and all, but I was the one getting up to breast feed and put the little one back down, not Mark. So any strain was on me not him. He works in construction and needs his sleep. I didn’t mind doing it. I still don’t. I’ve always wanted kids so it was a dream come true for me.

The Note

Mark left a note when he went. It said he needed time away alone. When I found that note the morning after he left, I didn’t understand. I literally did not understand that he had left me. I thought he was talking about going away for a day or something. Sure it was a weird way of saying you’d gone out for a day, but it never crossed my mind that he would leave us.

When he didn’t come home that night I texted him. He didn’t reply, so I sent another one. He still didn’t reply so I called him, but his phone was off. I was getting worried something had happened to him, so I called his mother. Mark’s always been close to her so I figured that she might know where he had gone. She was very cold with me when she answered the phone. I asked her if she knew where he had spent the day and she said he was with her. I asked to speak to him and she refused.

I guess that was when it started to dawn on me that something was wrong. She asked if I had read the note he left. I said I had, and she said well there you go then. Please respect my son’s wishes and leave him in peace. I asked would he be home tomorrow? The next day? Could she give me some idea of how much space he needed, seeing as I was at home alone with a three month old baby to look after? She turned quite nasty then, and said if anything happened to her granddaughter she would have her taken away from me.

A Dark Turn

I was so shook up I hung up and went to have a drink. I hadn’t drunk liquor since falling pregnant, and one drink made me feel light headed. Joshua I don’t feel good admitting this, but I put the baby to bed and had another drink, and another. I woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding head and a screaming baby. I don’t know how long she’d been crying, and that haunts me to this day.

I changed the kid, gave her some formula milk, then fixed myself some coffee and tried to work out what the hell was going on. I drew a blank, but it was clear that Mark wouldn’t be home any time soon.

In the morning I called my dad. He’s always there for me, my rock. He came straight round when he heard the tone of my voice. My dad never judges me, he just wants me to be happy, so I knew I could count on him. When I told him what had happened he went right round to Mark’s parents’ house and insisted on seeing him. Mark and my dad have always got on okay, but my dad can be pretty imposing when he wants to be and I think Mark has always been, not scared of him, but has always had a healthy respect for him. So it wasn’t surprising when dad came back and said he’d gotten to speak with him.

The Devastating News

He told me as gently as he could that Mark said he had fallen out of love with me and didn’t want to be with me anymore. I said it was the baby, the change in circumstances, that the stress of everything was messing with his head. But my dad very calmly told me that no, Mark said he had been feeling this was for a long time. More than a year. He said he had stayed with me because he didn’t think it was right to walk out on me during my pregnancy. And then when the kid was born (I hope you understand that I don’t want to tell you our daughter’s name — I know you change the names in these stories but it just doesn’t feel right bringing her into this more than necessary), that he had to stay with me out of a sense of duty.

Joshua, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. If it hadn’t been my dad telling me this then I would have said it was wrong, that there was a misunderstanding. But he looked at me with pity in his eyes and shook his head and said no, this is what Mark had told him, and that he believed him.

It was a dark time after that. My dad moved in with me for a month to help me through the worst of it, but that only made me feel worse in some ways because he has his own life and it wasn’t fair that he should give it all up to help me look after a kid. In the end I told him he had to leave. I wanted him there, of course I did, but I had to stand on my own two feet. He said he would go on the condition that he could come by every day to see how I was doing.


The next month, coping on my own was hard, but it meant I had little time to dwell on Mark’s leaving. I thought, naively, that he would come back when he was ready. I convinced myself of it. Every morning I got up and said to myself, today might be the day he walks back through the door. And in the meantime I have a ton of things to do. Work (I work from home, thank God), feed, change and clothe the baby, feed myself, clean, shop, and just get through life. In some ways it was a blessing.

But the thing about changing circumstances is that you learn to cope. With the workload, I mean. I got into a routine, and day to day life got easier. Which meant I had more time to think about Mark. More time to notice his absence. He had not come back. He had not so much as called or texted. It was like he was dead.

That’s when I decided I had to become proactive in getting him back. Because I was sure of one thing: I was going to get him back.

Taking The Lead

I texted, I called, but he’d changed his number. I went round to his mother’s house, but she told me he had moved out. Got himself a flat. And no, she wasn’t going to give me his address. She thought I was after alimony. I just wanted Mark, I didn’t care about his money. I said our daughter should see her father, that it wasn’t normal for a little girl not to know her dad. She said plenty of kids grew up without a dad, that the baby would never miss what she had never known.

It was a few weeks after that I started looking on line at ways to get back with an ex. Joshua, I can tell you there is a lot of snake oil out there. Lots of people say they can do it. Most of them are obvious BS. Some sound convincing. They are scoundrels and scammers, as I found to my cost.

It was my dad who showed me your site. He knew what I was trying to do, and he had taken it on himself to do some research too. He said listen, I found this guy and he seems legit, but I don’t know what you think about magic. It could be BS, but on the plus side he doesn’t ask for any money, so at least you only have hope to lose.

Why Not?

I thought why the hell not? I’d tried other things, and to be honest I had had no hope of them working so wasn’t disappointed when they didn’t. I filled out your request form and had zero hope you would accept my case. When you did, I had no hope that your spell would work. That way there was no hope to be dashed.

It was about two weeks later that Mark texted. It took me a second to realize it was him because he’d changed his number. He said he was sorry for not being in touch, that it was thoughtless of him.

Okay. A text. It wasn’t much, but it was the most I’d had in about three months. Was this a sign the spell was working? I tried not to get my hopes up, but it was hard.

We texted back and forth over a few days. I sent him pictures of our daughter. I wasn’t using her to try to entice him back, I genuinely thought he should see her. He made encouraging sounds, texting to say how beautiful she was, how he regretted having missed three months of her life. I asked if he wanted to see her. He agreed.

Seeing Mark

We met in a park. It didn’t feel right having him come to the appartement. It might only have been three months but it didn’t feel like our home anymore. It was my and my daughter’s home, and however much I wanted Mark back, it would have felt like an intrusion him coming straight round. It’s hard to explain. Anyway we met in the park, and we spent the afternoon together.

When we went our separate ways, he asked when he could see me again. Me. He didn’t ask when he could see the baby, but when he could see me. That’s when I was sure that the spell was doing something.

We met up three times in a week, and each time he seemed more relaxed around me. On the third time I plucked up the courage and asked him why he left. Was it true he had fallen out of love with me more than a year ago? He said it was…but…that he was confused. He said that lately he’d been feeling like he’d made a terrible mistake. Maybe it was the pregnancy playing on his mind that had confused him. I reminded him he had told my dad he had fallen out of love with me before I was pregnant. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t really understand it. It was a muddle in his mind now, but that what he did know was he enjoyed being with me, and that these afternoons we had spent together had been the best thing to happen to him in ages. I asked if he’d seen anyone else since leaving, and he said no, he had stayed on his own. It was a huge relief, Joshua, knowing that.

Taking It Slow

We took things slow after that. We saw each other most days, and I guess you could say we fell in love all over again. It was the spell that had done it. It had changed something, pushed him onto the right path. It’s incredible really, to think it could do that.

Mark moved back in last month. We are finally a proper family again. We’ll always have that dark period in our history, that time we were apart, that our baby had no dad, that my life felt like it was falling apart. I guess everyone has times like that, and they make us stronger. We both know what it is to be alone, and neither of us want that again. I’m not saying we’re only together because we are afraid of being alone, we are completely and utterly in love. But sometimes love isn’t enough, and it’s good to have that reminder of what could happen.

Thank you for the spell, Joshua. We wouldn’t be where we are now without it. You fixed our family.