I’ve always loved to dance. My mom said I should concentrate more on my college work and that there was no way to make a living from dancing. She was wrong. I’ve been a professional dancer since I left college. I’ve danced every day since I can remember. I was dancing when I met Mike.


Mike was different to other guys. Believe me, Joshua, I’ve seen a lot of guys. A lot. My first job was in a dance crew for [Joshua’s note: Cassandra named a well known singer; I’ve removed that name to ensure Cassandra’s identity remains private]. I spent two years touring with her. Between the roadies, groupies and fans, there were men everywhere. I had my pick, and I picked out more than a handful. It was a wild time and we all made the most of it.

After [the singer] I got a job working in a dance school in my home town. At first I was assisting, then I was teaching. Teaching dance doesn’t pay great. My dream is to have my own school one day, that’s where the big bucks are. Until then I have to make up my wages with some extra work where I can find it, which mostly means dancing in a club. You know (or perhaps you don’t), on a podium. I don’t mean pole dancing, I wouldn’t do that. I mean up on a podium in a packed dance floor. There are four podiums, and eight dancers. We take shifts, dancing for half an hour then a break for half an hour. It’s totally different from teaching little kids street dance, and I’ll be honest, the attention is kinda cool.


Mike gave me a lot of attention. I noticed him because he just stood and stared at me. Most guys, when you catch them looking, they turn away or pretend they weren’t looking. Not Mike. He just kept on staring at me even when I looked him in the eye. It was a bit unnerving. When you’re up there on that podium you’re not wearing much, so to have someone just stare at you like that was, I dunno, just weird.

Mike looked a lot like Peter Parker in the Spiderman movies — the first ones. Geeky and harmless, but there was something about him as well. A cute charm. So even though it was weird when he stared at me, he didn’t make me feel threatened. Maybe that’s what was so intriguing about him.

He came to the club every weekend with a group of friends. I watched them from up on my podium, and most of them would get with a girl, but not Mike. He just kept watching me. It took him about four weeks before he plucked up the courage to talk to me. Again, most guys aren’t like that. I can count on getting at least a dozen perverted propositions a night. You learn to ignore them real quick. Guys are such jerks. Mike wasn’t a jerk. He didn’t make a pervy proposition when I got down from the podium. It was obvious he was nervous about talking to me. He said something stupid like, “You’re a really good dancer.” I remember I laughed and said thanks.

The First Date

It took about another two weeks before he got to asking me out. He worked up to it. Talking a bit more each time he saw me. It was actually a relief — there was something about him that made me want to be with him, and I was wondering if he was ever gonna do it!

We went out on a few dates, then a few more. I liked him. He was as geeky as he looked, but kinda cool too. He had a gentle sense of humor and he made me feel special, but without ever saying it. It was the way he treated me — with respect but also just a little bit like he didn’t care. It made me want to get closer to him.

That’s why I started pushing him to see him more often. And I think that’s what frightened him off. He stopped returning my messages, stopped calling me. When he blocked me from his Instagram I knew something was up.

I was still working in the club, and Mike’s friends were still coming in every week. When I was on a break I grabbed one of them and asked what was going on with him. The guy turned round and looked at me, and he hesitated before he said, “Yeah, I really thought bringing him here to meet girls would help him, but I guess he’s still not over his ex. He’s moping around and won’t stop talking about her.”

A Knife In The Heart

It was like a knife in the heart, Joshua. When the guy said that, I saw for the first time how much I liked Mike. No, it wasn’t like, it was love. I’d fallen in love with him so easily, and he obviously felt nothing for me. He was using me on the rebound, and I hadn’t been enough for him.

I couldn’t dance anymore that night, so I told my supervisor I was sick and left. It was true, I was sick. I was lovesick. Like a stupid kid I was lovesick. I wanted to hate Mike for making me feel like this, but I couldn’t do it. Every time I thought about him it made my heart flutter.

Going Downhill

I got drunk and texted him. The next day I got drunk again and sexted him. That was stupid, and I don’t blame him for ignoring me. The next day I got drunk again and sent him a massive long rambling mess of a message where I said how great he was and how I wanted to hate him but couldn’t, and that his ex was a stupid bitch for not being with him and that she didn’t deserve him. Yeah, I really made things worse.

I found your website when I was drunk. I was drunk a lot. It helped. No, it didn’t. But I thought it did at the time. I read all the stories from people you helped, and decided I was going to be on that page, that my story with Mike would be posted and give hope to other people. The only thing was I hadn’t asked you for a spell yet. I thought, crap, if I’m really going to do this I need to sort myself out. I couldn’t risk you turning me down because I was such a mess.

I spent 48 hours on detox, only drinking water, not eating anything. Then I went to the gym and worked out for 4 hours straight. It was like I was punishing myself to make myself worthy of asking for your help. Another day later I filled out the form and waited.

When you said you’d cast a free spell for me I could hardly believe it. I was so grateful I went straight back to the gym and worked out another 4 hours, then went and bought a huge cake and a bottle of whiskey for the owner of the dance school and went to apologize for having gone sick without notice the last week.

The Spell

The day of the spell came and I was working back at the club! It was hard to keep dancing while thinking about what you were doing. Was Mike thinking about me? How long would it take? I had so many questions. When I got done in the early hours of the morning I looked for a message from you, but of course you were still working on my spell.

You did write me the next day though, and I must have read your email twenty times. It made me so happy when you said that it had gone well.

The waiting was the hardest part. You told me to keep positive, and that was easy because I had faith that your spell would work — your reputation precedes you! Between working at the school, the club, and going to the gym, the time went quickly, but not quickly enough.

Then out of the blue, Mike texted me. He asked if I wanted to meet up. Now please don’t judge me for this, but for a second I thought about making him wait. I thought playing hard to get might make him want me more. But that was a stupid thing to think and anyway I couldn’t have waited. I texted back and asked where and when.

Dating Mike

He took me out to a swanky restaurant. It wouldn’t have been my choice, I’m not comfortable in places like that, but seeing Mike made it all worth it. He’d made an effort, dressed up, brought flowers. I’m afraid I can’t remember everything that was said word for word, but the main thing is that he said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. Since the spell had been cast (he didn’t say that, but it was obvious that was when it had all changed for him), he hadn’t been able to get me out of his mind.

Mike said he was sorry for not mentioning his ex before. He said it had been a painful breakup and he had thought he was over it. The best thing was that he said now he really was over it. I remember this bit clearly. Mike said, “I thought I’d lost the woman of my dreams, but it turned out she had stepped aside so I could find the real woman of my dreams.” Yeah, he meant me. Get in!

An Item

Now Mike and I are officially an item. We see each other every day. He’s told me he loves me, and obviously I’ve told him I love him. He hasn’t mentioned his ex anymore, and I can tell he’s not thinking about her. He gives me all his attention and it’s great.

I’ve already thanked you for the spell, Joshua, and I’d like to thank you again publicly. I knew I’d get to share my story here, and it makes me so happy to do it.