My name’s Billy. My spell was on a woman called Liz. Liz started out as a friend, but very soon I wanted her to be more than that. Two problems were stopping me and Liz from being together. The first was that she was married. The second was so was I.

I met Liz on vacation. My wife and I had gone away to try to rekindle some of the romance because our marriage was going stale. We thought a change of scene might help, but honestly, we were already too far gone for that. I already wanted a divorce, but my wife was holding out on me. Anyhow that’s why we were on vacation, and it’s how I met Liz.

We met in the hotel bar. My wife was up in the room, sulking I guess, I don’t know. I’d come down to the bar to get away from her — I couldn’t stand it anymore. I swear to you, Joshua, I wasn’t looking to hook up or nothing. I had enough problems without falling in love with a total stranger. But that’s what happened.

Meeting Liz

Liz was in the bar with her husband. I noticed her straight away. Everybody was looking at her because she and her husband were arguing real loud. It looked like he might hit her and the hotel staff stepped in and threw them out.

I had a drink on my own, sitting at the bar, watching the other vacationers. With a couple drinks inside me I was starting to feel guilty and decided it was best time I went back up to the room. You see, Joshua, I was making an effort, even though I knew it was probably a waste of time.

Liz was sitting by herself on a wall outside in the dark. She was crying. Course I didn’t know this was her name then, but she told me when I went and sat next to her and offered her a Kleenex to dry her eyes.

I figured she’d be embarrassed, but not a bit of it. She told me her story right there and then. I guess she needed to unload on someone. I won’t tell you all she said because that’s not my story to tell. Anyhow, she asked if I’d walk with her a while. She said walking cleared her head and helped her get herself back together. I said, sure why not?

Beautiful Stranger

We walked down to the beach and kept on going, listening to the waves crashing. I ended up telling Liz about my own problems. We had quite a lot in common. I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful she was, and that scared me, Joshua.

I made my excuses, said we had to get back to the hotel, or at least I had to get back to the hotel, Liz could do what she wanted. She seemed a bit taken aback, and I left her on her own and got back quickly. I hadn’t come here to go walking on the beach with a beautiful stranger, I was here to save my marriage.

The Seeds of Love

I saw Liz again a couple days later. She was swimming in the hotel pool. My wife and I were there too, except my wife got out and went back to the room. That left me an opportunity to talk to Liz again, but I thought that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

Liz came and talked to me anyhow. Her husband was nowhere to be seen. She asked how things were going with me and my wife, and I told her the truth. Badly. Out of politeness I asked how she was. She shrugged and looked away.

Chatting with Liz again I felt we had something, there was definitely something there. It scared me, this temptation, so I left her alone and went back to the room again, back to my wife.


Maybe everything would have been okay, I maybe would have avoided Liz for the rest of the vacation, but something happened that sealed our fate. My wife’s sister was taken into hospital, so my wife had to rush home alone. I said I’d go with her, offer support, whatever she needed, but she said there was nothing I could do to help. Said she’d be spending all her time with her sister, and besides, we’d paid for the vacation and it would be stupid to waste it. And anyway, she said, it wasn’t as if we were spending much time together while she was there, so it wouldn’t make much difference.

So there I was, at a beach resort, on my own, with the beautiful Liz approaching me at every opportunity.

Well, Joshua, one thing led to another. She was an attractive woman, and I was a lonely man. We spent a lot of time together — her husband was never around. We went walking together, ended up miles from anywhere, totally alone. We made love on the beach. It was exquisite. Everything that had been missing from my marriage I’d found in Liz. It was exhilarating. I fell in love with her on that vacation. On a vacation I’d gone on to save my marriage, I fell in love with another woman.

The Problem

Liz felt the same way, I could tell. It looked like the solution was simple. She could leave her husband, I could leave my wife, we could be together. But when I suggested that, Liz looked sad and said it was a lovely dream but it could only ever be a dream.

“Why?” I asked her. She told me her husband would never let her go. “It’s not his choice to make,” I said. She raised her eyebrows at me and said, “Didn’t you tell me you couldn’t leave your wife for the very same reason?”

She was right.

We didn’t talk about the future again after that, we just spent as much time as possible together, making the most of it. But her husband was getting suspicious about why she kept disappearing. They had another blazing row and this time he really did hit her. She ended up in the emergency room.

I felt terrible. Not only had I been cheating on my wife, I’d indirectly put another woman in hospital. I wanted to go see her but it was impossible. Her husband was there all the time. How would it look if I turned up?

Back To Reality

The vacation came to an end and I had to go home. Things with my wife were no better, and she still didn’t want a divorce. She said I’d have to divorce her, and that she’d make it as hard and expensive as possible. So I told her about Liz. I thought she’d be so disgusted, so shocked, that she’d leave me and get it done with. It was only then I understood she’d already worked out what was going on. She still she didn’t want to divorce me. I’ve never understood that, Joshua.

I tried contacting Liz after I got home, but I got an angry reply from her husband. He basically said if I ever tried to call her again he’d drive over and pull my head off my shoulders.

I didn’t know what to do, Joshua, everything had got worse since the vacation. I decided some kind of intervention was necessary. When I found you, I thought maybe you were the answer. I was so happy when you said you’d help me.

Taking Action

I asked you to break Liz and her husband apart because I knew she was unhappy and I figured that would be the first step. You said you wouldn’t do that, and that it wasn’t important anyway. You said you’d cast a spell on Liz to increase the love she already felt for me, and it would be so overwhelming she’d leave her husband by herself.

I wasn’t convinced. She’d already said us running away together was a beautiful dream but would have to stay a dream. If she already felt like that, why hadn’t she already left her husband? You told me this was the best way.

After The Spell

I gotta say you were right. After the spell Liz messaged me. She said she was going out of her mind and didn’t know what to do. I said leave him. She said she couldn’t. I said I’d protect her. She said that was sweet, but that he’d always find us. I thought I was right and the spell wasn’t working, but I was wrong. The spell only needed more time to make the love stronger.

A few days later the tone of Liz’s messages changed. She said I wouldn’t hear from her for a few days, but not to worry. Now I was worried! What was happening? Had her husband done something to her? I needn’t have been concerned, the next message a few days later included the address of a motel.

“Come now,” she said. “I’ve done it. I’ve left him.”

I found her at the motel and she told me she loved me. “I know it’s crazy,” she said. “I know we only had a holiday romance, but it’s true. It’s like I only just noticed how much you mean to me. Suddenly everything’s become clear. As long as we’re together it doesn’t matter what he does.”

The Best of Times

Liz was right. I gotta tell you, Joshua, there were some difficult times. Liz’s husband tried to get her back. We had to get the cops involved. My wife is making our divorce as difficult, painful, and expensive as she threatened. We’re almost through that though — there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

And the thing is, it’s all worth it. Because now Liz and I are together, and it was all possible because of your spell.

I guess most people you cast spells for want someone who doesn’t love them. Liz already wanted to be with me, but not enough to have the courage to leave her husband. You got her over the line, Joshua. You made the difference that changed both our lives for the better. Thank you.