It was actually me who split up from my wife. That is to say it was my idea. I think most people who use love spells are the “splitee” not the “splitter”. What I mean is that I imagine most people have been the victim of the split, not the initiator. So I suppose that makes my case different right from the start.

The reason I split from my wife was I didn’t think things were going well. In fact I thought they were going very badly. We argued all the time, and in the end it got too much to bear. I thought I would be better off without her than being with her and being unhappy.

Stupid really. I should have tried to work things out from the start. But there were have it, I split from her. And after just a few weeks I realized I’d made a huge mistake. I wanted us to be together again.

She had other ideas. Because she was so upset at having been unceremoniously dumped, she decided she was better off without me. Hence the need for a love spell. Specifically your love spell. Actually it wasn’t yours I used first, I did try a couple of other free ones. True to say, you usually get what you pay for. I paid nothing for the first few spells, and I got precisely nothing from them.

So I didn’t have much hope for your spell, being free. But right from the start I knew it was going to work. The day you cast it I got this really strong feeling that everything was going to be alright. Actually it was such a great feeling I wanted you to cast it again and again to get more of that feeling, but I know you are a busy man with a lot of other people to help.

It took about three or four weeks to see the first signs that the spell was working. She started calling me instead of the other way around. Then she started coming round. I could tell she wanted to be with me, but she had a certain pride to overcome, after having said she was better off without me.

We finally got back together properly about six weeks after you did the spell. Actually our marriage is stronger than before now.

I’m delighted with the results, and I don’t mind admitting I’m surprised too. After those first couple of free spells failed I assumed nothing would work. I don’t even know why I contacted you to ask you to do a spell for me after that because I was so sure it wouldn’t work. Maybe there’s a higher power that pushed me. Or maybe I was just desperate. At the end of the day the main thing is that I did request your spell, and it worked.

I have no hesitation in recommending your spell to anyone who’s in a similar situation. Life’s too short to spend it alone.