Mason and I have been together for eight years. We’ve had our ups and downs like anybody, but we always got through the rough patches. Things started to change for us when Mason lost his job. His company went bankrupt. That’s to say the company he worked for, it wasn’t Mason’s own company. It might as well have been though, because he was there right from the start.

Right from day one he helped the founders get it going and helped them build it up. Then it came out that one of the founders had been embezzling company money, and that’s why it all went wrong.

Anyway, none of that’s important. The thing is, when Mason lost his job because the company went under, he took it real bad. He went into a depressive state. I suggested he talk to a professional — a shrink — but you know what men are like with their fragile egos. He took to drinking and eventually to smoking weed every day.

Making Things Worse

Up until then I wasn’t working. Mason always wanted me to stay at home. We have a son, and he and I agreed it was best for me to be a stay at home mom. With no money coming in, and Mason not doing anything serious about finding more work, something had to change. So I went looking for work.

It wasn’t that hard. Before we met I’d worked as an accountant. I found a new job real fast. That upset Mason real bad. I said about men and their egos, and I ain’t joking. The fact I was now the one earning, and Mason was staying at home looking after our kid, well that put a real big strain on our relationship.

He took it real bad. It was a challenge to his masculinity. We argued about it every day, and he didn’t want me to take the job. I said no, Mason, I have to take the job. We need the money. I didn’t want us to risk losing our home, that would just make things ten times worse. The job was there for the taking, and I was going to damn well take it.


I hate to tell you, Joshua, things they went from bad to worse. Mason said fine, for the last eight years you been spending my money, now I’m going to spend some of yours. He started going out to a bar every night, spending money on beer and weed. I know it hurt him real bad to have to ask me for cash, and it hurt me real bad to see him spending it this way.

After about three months of this, that’s when the abuse started. I was lucky, Mason never laid a finger on me. There’s other kinds of abuse though. Verbal abuse. Mental abuse. Some nights he wouldn’t come home at all. He’d roll in in the morning, I’d be out of work, our kid would be at school, and Mason would fall asleep on the couch.

I’d pick up my son from school and come home to find him there, sometimes with vomit down his front. I’d cover him up, but he’d wake up and start shouting and hollering. He made my kid cry. I had to try and stay strong for our boy, but it was hard, Joshua. He was mean. He wasn’t the man I fell in love with.

Change is Needed

If Mason wasn’t going to change himself, I figured I had to change him. They say you can’t change a man, and they’re probably right. Except I had an idea. Mason needed to be reminded of how much we loved each other. I told him, I told him every day I loved him, but he just shouted and hollered and his stupid pride wouldn’t let him tell me he loved me too.

I asked you for a love spell, Joshua. I told you all about Mason. I was kind of scared you would say no. Mason hadn’t left me. He was still living in the house, even if some nights he never came home. I don’t think he was seeing anyone else, but I was so unhappy. I was scared he’d fallen out of love with me. It was the only way I could understand how he could treat me like this. And treat our boy so bad too.

You made me real happy when you said you would do a spell for us.

After The Spell

That day you cast the spell, Mason didn’t come home. He didn’t come home the next day either. I wasn’t worried. I’d read the stories you posted, Joshua. I figured this was good, he was feeling bad about hurting me, the love was coming back, and it was only a matter of time.

I was right. It took a bit more time for him to come around completely. It started real slow. He came home one night, but instead of going to sleep on the couch, he got himself properly cleaned up. He took a shower, changed his clothes, even put on some hair gel. He was taking an interest in his appearance. It was the first time he’s done anything like that since losing his job.

He wasn’t ready to apologize, he hadn’t changed completely, but it was a start.

Things got better from there. One night he cooked dinner for me and our boy. He’d never cooked us dinner before. Slowly he gave up drinking, though we never talked about that. He stopped going to the bar and spent his evenings with us, a proper family.

Love Acknowledged

Finally he told me what I have been so desperate to hear. He told me he loved me. He said he was real sorry for how he had hurt me. For how he had hurt the family. I still wanted him to see someone, a professional, but I guess I can’t have everything. The important thing was he was back to his old self, more or less. And I didn’t feel frightened in my own house anymore.

Since the spell, Mason has really pulled himself together and has been looking for a new job. He’s met with some interviewers and one place looks real promising. I don’t suppose you cast spells for getting jobs do you, Joshua? LOL, only joking. I know you’re real busy with your love spells. I gotta say you pulled this one out of the hat and saved me and Mason and our little family. Thank you, Joshua.