Hi, Josh! You know my story already but I can summarize it for anyone out there who is thinking of trying your love spell (my advice: do it! it works!)

When my boyfriend and I broke up it was totally my fault. I kind of got together with one of his friends behind his back. I know, it was dumb and stupid and I regret it. But you know how it goes, sometimes you do dumb things and just don’t think about the consequences of what you are doing. Anyhow, I slept with his friend Jason a couple of times, and my boyfriend (Mark) found out when Jason started bragging about his conquest (me!) in some bar.

Mark called me up and just started calling me all the names under the sun. It really hurt me, I didn’t know he could be like that, he’s such a sweet and gentle man normally. But I could hardly complain at what he was saying because he was right, I had been a total bitch to him. He told me he never wanted to see me again. I was sad and upset, and so I tried to run away from the problem by spending more time with Jason. Yeah, stupid again! If I had shown remorse and tried straight away, maybe I could have gotten Mark back right then, but going crying into Jason’s arms just made things worse.

Fast forward about a year and by now Jason had dumped me and moved on to some other bit of skirt. Really it was just sex between us, and I didn’t care about losing him. But I did care a lot about Mark, and I was missing him so much. Being on my own made me think about Mark more and more, and I made the choice that I was going to make him fall in love with me all over again.

I found out from his facebook where he was going to be one evening, and I dressed up real sexy and went out to try and seduce him! What a stupid plan that was. When he saw me (for the first time since the whole Jason incident), and saw how I was dressed basically like a whore, the look on his face said it all. He looked almost sorry for me, and that hurt more than anything. He never even spoke to me, he just walked away.

Now I was feeling really low! Seeing Mark again really made me realize more than ever just how much I loved him. But I had really screwed things up, and now it was going to be even harder to get him to fall in love with me all over again.

That’s when I started researching on line about how to get a boyfriend back. Man are there some whackos out there! All kinds of books and potions and lotions and systems, and loads of scammers. I didn’t have much hope until I read about someone who had used your spell. It was on some blog if I remember right. It sounded a bit mad, but kinda like it might work. So I went ahead and asked for a spell.

When you told me you were taking on my case, I felt in my heart that this was going to work. Some of the things you talked about are things I’d really experienced in my life already (you know the bits I mean!)

About three or four weeks after you cast the spell, I ran into Mark. It wasn’t planned like last time, it was literally a case of bumping into him in the street. It was good that it happened like that because I wasn’t expecting it so it meant I wasn’t nervous or anything. He saw me as I really am, not like when I was dressed to try and seduce him! He seemed really pleased to see me and suggested we go for a coffee. Obviously I accepted!

We spent about a half hour or so just chatting about how we were, what we’d been doing etc. I didn’t push him, just went with the flow. I felt really calm. I’m sure the spell was inside me helping me! So when it came time for him to go, he asked if we could meet up on the weekend. I felt full of butterflies! I tried to act cool and said that would be nice.

That weekend we went out for the day, then to a restaurant for dinner in the evening. I wanted to go back to Mark’s place after, if you know what I mean, but I didn’t want to press him or act like a whore again, so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. We hadn’t arranged to meet up again (even though we’d had a really nice day together), and I was a bit worried.

About a week after the restaurant, Mark turned up at my apartment with a bunch of red roses! He said he’d not stopped thinking about me all week. He said he’d never stopped loving me and that he wanted us to be a proper couple again. How amazing is that? Obviously I said yes! Well, there was a lot of kissing first, then I said yes!

We’ve been together since then, and everything is great. We’ve not really talked about what happened with Jason (Mark doesn’t see him any more, they stopped speaking after all that happened). I feel such a strong bond with Mark, and so lucky to have him, especially after I was such a bitch to him.

There’s no doubt the spell brought us together. I could feel it working after you cast it, and it felt amazing. Actually I wanted you do to it again even after Mark and me were back together because of the amazing feeling it gives me inside, but I know you have, like, loads of other people who need your time!

There you go Josh, that’s my story. I love telling it because it’s got such a happy ending. To anyone out there who reads this and who is thinking of asking for a spell, do it! You’ll feel amazing and you’re life will be so much happier.