Voodoo Spell to Bring Back a Lover

Most of the free love spells I cast are for people who want me to bring back a lost lover. I also get a lot of questions about the kind of magic I do. This confluence of factors means a lot of people write to me to ask if I can cast a voodoo spell to bring back a lover for them. Read on to find out the answer!

Voodoo is, strictly speaking, a religion. That often comes as a surprise when I tell people. In fact it’s a whole set of religions. There’s Brazilian Vodum, Cuban Vodú, Dominican Vodú, Haitian Vodou, and of course West African Vodun, which is what I suspect most people think of when they conjure up images of voodoo.

West African Vodun, which is also spelled voodoo, is practiced in Ghana, Benin, and Togo. It’s based around the concept of the vodun spirits. These range in power from huge all-powerful deities or gods, right down to the smallest spirits inhabiting rivers, trees, lakes and so on. Indeed all elements of the natural world are said to be inhabited by these powerful spirits. They are worshipped in the same way many worship gods in the western world.

Given the combined populations of the areas that practice voodoo worship, the religion has many millions of followers. It’s not some ‘out there’ freakish cult or hidden away secret society. Voodoo is mainstream.

Voodoo vs Witch Doctors

What voodoo is not, is a form of magic. That fallacy comes about probably from movies and books — works of fiction. Of course most fiction has roots in reality if you dig deep enough. It seems likely that the idea of voodoo as a way of performing magic has come about from the popular image of the African witch doctor.

Witch doctors are not witches. They are people who use the power of gods, goddesses, and spirits to heal others. They are a channel, a conduit through which these higher powers can act. Though their healing work is medicinal, witch doctors do nonetheless believe that certain body parts are associated with success in different areas in life. These include the accumulation of wealth and the attraction of love.

So convinced are the witch doctors of the power of body parts, they actually harvest body parts to use in their rituals. Unfortunately the donors of these organs, limbs, and other bits of flesh and bone are not always willing donors. Albinos are particularly sought after, and the fact witch doctors pay good money for them (in the tens of thousands of dollars), there have been many murders and abductions of albinos in Africa.

It’s not just human flesh that is used. African witch doctors make use of natural materials in their rituals, and this can and does include animal sacrifice.

Combined Confusion

When we combine these elements, it’s easy to see why in the west we associate voodoo with magic. We see or hear of these strange and mysterious witch doctors who are cutting up or otherwise mutilating wildlife, and sometimes people. They are apparently curing the incurable, and bringing about manifestations of love or wealth with their strange powers.

But actually if we step back and look at it, they are just medical men using unfamiliar tools to do a familiar job. They are not witches. They are not wizards. They do not cast spells or perform any other kind of magic in the way we think of it. They heal the sick. They fix broken bones, cut out infections, and treat sickness. We in the West have put too much emphasis on the “witch” and not enough on the “doctor”, which is what they really are.

Voodoo then, is not magic.

Voodoo Spells To Bring Back Lovers

That’s why I don’t cast voodoo spells to bring lovers back, or indeed for any other reason. Because voodoo isn’t about casting spells.

So where does that leave the person who finds themself without the one they love? When a relationship ends, when one desires with all their heart to get back with their ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or lover, where can they turn? If voodoo is out of the question, what is left? Is there an answer? Is there a way of summoning a higher power to work as our envoy in the way that voodoo promises in popular culture?

Yes, there is.

Real Love Spells

My love spells bring back lovers. They bring back husbands and wives. They bring back girlfriends and boyfriends. They reunite those who have broken up, sometimes in the most hurtful and difficult of circumstances.

My love spells fix broken relationships.

I’ve been casting these spells for more than forty years, which while I don’t like saying it because it makes me feel old, is longer than a lot of witch doctors have been practicing their unusual form of medicine. (A lot but not all; some of them are really really old!)

In those four decades, I have seen most forms of breakup. Most commonly, sadly, these breakups occur when one party is unfaithful to the other. It happens all the time. It’s also, I am happy to say, the easiest situation in which to return a lover. Unfaithfulness is shocking and it’s no surprise that it causes a breakdown of a relationship. But fundamentally, both parties are still in love with each other. There is hurt and distrust of course, but the love does not simply evaporate because a partner was cheated on. In these cases I simply work with that existing love and enhance it, gently bringing it to the fore where it smothers the negativity, the hate, the mistrust.

Love is a powerful emotion and any time there is any pre-existing, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Love is almost unstoppable.

There are plenty of other reasons couples split, and I’ve seen most of them. My love spells get back lovers whatever the situation. Voodoo won’t, because it can’t. Asking to use a voodoo spell to bring back a lover is like asking a priest to fix a car, or asking a butcher to repair a broken phone. It’s not their job, and though through a sense of duty (in the case of the priest at least) they might give it a go, with the best will in the world they are not going to succeed. A spell needs a spell caster, not a voodoo worshipper.