The Surprising Truth About Love Spells That Work Instantly

So you’re in love with someone, but they don’t feel the same way. Maybe your relationship has gone sour, maybe they’ve left you for someone else. Or maybe you’ve not yet experienced the ecstasy of being in a mutually loving relationship with them. Whatever the case, you’ve tried everything to attract them, to make them love you like you love them, and so far nothing has worked. You decide that a love spell is the answer. You’re impatient to get going, of course you are, who wouldn’t be? So you look for a spell that can work instantly, one that can give you results today, or at the very least overnight or within twenty-four hours.

It’s a common scenario, one I see every single day. There’s just one small problem: there are no love spells that work instantly. They are a myth, a legend born more out of hope than reality. Sure, there are people out there who claim to deliver overnight results, but in the real world that’s simply not possible. To understand why, we first need to examine that strangest of emotions — love.

Dealing With Love

Love is an outlier in the family of emotions. It can bring about both great pleasure and great pain, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it creeps up on us slowly. We see it coming, we feel ourselves falling for someone, we notice the first telltale flushes of excitement when we see that special person, or even just think about them. Other times love can appear to come quickly, surprising us with its sudden arrival, seemingly out of the blue.

Unlike some other emotions like fear or excitement, love is difficult — virtually impossible maybe — to suppress. Being afraid is something we can overcome. It takes a great deal of effort of course, but it’s possible, with work, to beat our fears. We can tone down our excitement, too, when necessary. With a little bit of mental gymnastics we can bury it by putting our focus elsewhere.

Love is different. It cannot simply be buried, we can’t hide it or work to overcome it like a simple fear. Once it’s there, it’s likely to stay. It grows, consuming ever more of our consciousness, gradually taking over until it’s literally all we can think about. The harder we try to suppress it, the stronger it seems to become. It’s almost as if love is a separate personality, an independent entity that lives within us.

A Complex Emotion

It’s unique nature means love is a difficult emotion to work with. If we have a tough time dealing with our own love for someone — something that is, theoretically at least, completely within our own control — how can we hope to manage the emotion within a third party? When we cast a love spell the task is even more difficult, because we’re not just trying to manage love, we are trying to create it.

Every love spell requires the creation of love within the individual it is being cast on. Even if that person already has amorous feelings towards the person the spell is being cast for, those feelings are clearly not strong enough otherwise there would be no need for the spell in the first place. Either this existing nugget of love must be augmented, or completely new love must be created from scratch. Whichever the case, a love spell attempts to forge new love. And the creation of love is not something that can be rushed.

Nurturing The Love

It helps to think of love as being like a bed of flowers. When they are in full bloom they are magnificent and beautiful. Their colors and form delight us, their perfume intoxicates us. Their dazzling assault on our senses is virtually impossible to ignore.

But the flowers did not grow overnight. They started as tiny seeds buried deep in the dirt. With a little water and some warmth they sprang roots and shoots. The first of those popped out of the ground and, nourished daily by sunlight and some more water, they slowly grew. As they did so they had to compete with weeds and wildlife and maybe the odd storm. If they were cared for and looked after, if the the weeds around them were cleared and the pests removed, they grew big and strong until one day their buds opened and their stunning display was shown to the world.

Love begins the same way. It starts as a seed, a tiny grain of attraction or desire. If it’s not already there, then a love spell will plant it. The seed alone is not enough. It requires nutrients to make it sprout and grow. These come from the love and desire of the person requesting or casting the spell. The love spell channels them into the nugget of love and nurtures it.

As the love grows it will, like the flowers, encounter challenges along the way. If the person who requested the spell falters in their belief or if their desire wanes, it is like a drought, starving the seed of vital nutrition. If they are impatient and unable to wait for the love to grow, they risk smothering the seed and causing it to wither under the sheer weight of their expectations.

But if the person requesting the spell holds firm and true, if their love is pure and their intentions genuine, then their desire will nourish the seed and nurture the nascent flower of love as it grows. It will see off any attacks from predators, it will overcome the storms that may arise along the way. And then, one day, the love will blossom, bursting open in a dazzling blaze of glory that is impossible to ignore.

Time is of The Essence

We can no more create a beautiful loving relationship overnight than we can plant a bed of roses and expect to see them flower the next morning. Some less-than-honest ‘spell casters’ (I use quotes because in reality they are anything but), will tell you otherwise. They boast of instant results, of overnight love or love within twenty-four hours. By all means try these services if you can afford to. Don’t take my word for it, discover the truth for yourself.

When you do discover the truth, that there is no such thing as a love spell that works instantly, I will be happy to review your case and see if I can help with a proper spell — one that takes the time to plant the seed of love, nurture it, care for it, and see it through to real, beautiful results.