The Secret To Positivity (And How To Ensure Your Spell Manifests Fast)

So your spell has been cast, everything went great, and now you have to wait. Because love is a delicate emotion that cannot be forced. It must be nurtured like a young seedling, encouraged to grow big and strong. That process takes a little time (sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks).

The waiting can be a difficult and frustrating time, especially when the initial euphoria at having had the spell cast starts to wear off. This fragile period is one in which it is important to keep a positive frame of mind. Once the spell has been cast there is a connection between you and the person I have cast the spell on. Any negativity can and will traverse that connection. It will be felt by the one you love. At best it may slow down the progress of the spell. At worst, it could stop it from manifesting altogether.

How then, can you keep the positive frame of mind that is so important to the success of the spell casting during this critical and sometimes difficult time?

The answer is both simple and surprising. At least it is surprising to most people I tell it to. Throughout more than forty years of doing this, the single best way I have found of keeping the correct frame of mind for spell success is meditation.

Before you go thinking that I’m talking about “woo-woo stuff”, hear me out.

Meditation get mislabeled and misrepresented all the time. The media loves to portray it as some kind of new age nonsense. They often tangle it up with mindfulness (which is actually just a very basic form of meditation).

Yet if we strip everything back to basics, meditation is just the process of clearing the mind and entering a peaceful state. The chances are you already enter a kind of meditative state from time to time without realizing it. If you’ve ever found yourself washing the dishes, or mowing the yard, or doing some other repetitive task where time seems to pass without you noticing, then you were in a meditative state.

Silver Bullet

Meditation is thousands of years old. It’s funny that a practice almost as old as the human race is still so little understood. Even more so when we consider that studies have shown people who meditate regularly are healthier, happier, less stressed, perform better in most tasks, and live longer. The list of benefits is almost endless, and there are no side effects or downsides whatsoever. If there was a silver bullet of happiness and wellness, it would be meditation.

In a moment we’ll look at some easy ways to get started with meditation even if you’ve never tried it in your life. But first, let’s look at how this ancient practice can help you during the critical waiting period after your love spell has been cast. There are two ways you can use meditation to maintain a positive outlook and therefore give your spell the best chance of success.

1. Calming The Storm

Our minds are an microclimate of emotions. When the conditions are right we can whip up a storm in our heads in no time at all. If we take the stress of a situation that warranted the casting of a love spell, add in the potential frustration at having to wait for that spell to manifest, plus a dose of worry that not keeping the right mindset will hurt rather than help, and it’s easy to end up with a raging hurricane of negative emotion. Calming that storm is critical, otherwise it will spiral out of control into a tornado of negativity that can have calamitous consequences.

The good news is that just ten to fifteen minutes of meditation each day can calm the storm and bring still waters to your mind. Ten to fifteen minutes spent clearing your mind of all thought is like removing the air from a storm. Without air, the storm cannot survive. Without thought, your mind cannot create stress.

Incidentally, like many, I believe the mental and physical health benefits of regular meditation are so important that I recommend continuing with it even after the spell has manifested. Meditation is a life skill as important as breathing.

2. Generating Positivity

When you’ve got the hang of basic meditation (and it’s really easy, especially with the tips I’m about to share with you), you can take things further. Clearing your mind is like clearing your desk. It not only reduces the stress caused by seeing everything that was piled up there before, but it creates a foundation to get some work done. Your calm, empty mind is an incredible tool. It has unrivaled power and potential, and meditation is the conduit through which that power can be put to use. You can use meditation techniques to create a tsunami of positivity. You can use it to channel your love and desire for the person I have cast a spell on and use those powerful emotions to stoke the energy of the spell and to reinforce your own wellbeing.

Easy Ways To Get Started

I was fortunate enough to have been taught how to meditate by an authority on the subject. But not everyone has a coach on hand to show them the ropes. Luckily these days we have the internet, smartphones, and all sorts of technology to help. Getting started in meditation is easier than it’s ever been. If you’ve never tried meditating and are ready to give it a go, here are my recommendations for a couple of easy ways to get started.

  1. Brain Evolution System. This is a paid product but you don’t need to pay anything to use it. That’s because you can get level 1 for free. You can download it to your phone, tablet, computer, or whatever. The Brain Evolution System is a series of CDs (well, these days they are downloads) that have been designed to take you into deeper and deeper levels of mediation. Here’t the thing: Level 1 is plenty good enough to get you through the waiting period between the spell being cast and full manifestation. Just using the free level 1 meditation recording each day will calm the storm of emotions, clear your mind, and ensure there are no bumps of negativity along the road to full manifestation of your spell. To download the free level 1, click here to go to the Brain Evolution system website then scroll down about halfway down that page. You’ll find the download instructions there.
  2. Calm. This is the app that I wish existed when I first learned to meditate. I have over forty years experience of meditating, but I use this app because it still manages to teach me new things and take me to new places. If you’ve never meditated in your life, Calm will teach you how easier than anything else I’ve found. I highly recommend it. You can get the iPhone / iPad version here, and the Android version here.

The Biggest Tip Of All…

…is to start now. Right this minute. Take action without delay. If you say to yourself I’ll get onto that a bit later, you won’t. You’ll forget, or you’ll keep putting it off. The stress levels will rise, the storm will build, the negativity will be transferred to the person you love, the spell will slow down, and the whole thing will feed on itself creating a vicious circle. But if you do something now — whether it be downloading the app, or the free level 1 meditation track, or just having a go unaided — then you will be stepping onto the path to success. You will be on your way to creating a habit that will banish the storm of negativity, that will bring a calm and positivity which will be transferred to the person you love, creating a virtuous circle that will help your spell manifest as fast as the love can build.

Your future is in your hands. All you have to do is take the first step.