The Folly Of Self Casting

I’ve been casting love spells for about four decades. As you can imagine, over all that time I have talked to a lot of people who are interested in using magic to get back with an ex-lover, or to make someone they desire fall in love with them. A certain proportion of those people tell me that they have tried casting a love spell of their own. Is self-casting something that can really work, or were all those people wasting their time?

There are no shortage of blogs and websites out there claiming to tell you how to cast your own love spell. I’ve seen a lot of them, and my clients have told me about many more. Every week I get messages from people who are keen to recount a spell they cast. Almost always, they then want to know why it didn’t work for them. They ask for my professional opinion as someone who has been doing this for many, many years.

Usually the websites prescribe fairly harmless activities. Incense is often involved, sometimes crystals. Some sites talk about using moon cycles and declare that only a spell cast under a full moon can truly work. These spells often include some form of ritual, perhaps an incantation that must be uttered and probably repeated. It is not uncommon for a spell recipe to specify that an item of clothing or a personal belonging of the person the spell is being cast on must be used in the casting. These simple rituals — whilst worthless — are at least harmless.

From Bad To Worse

Moving further up the scale, I hear about some slightly darker cermonies. A recent correspondant told me of a ‘spell’ which was based around the use of her own menstrual blood (how such a spell is supposed to be cast by a man I dread to think). Additional ingredients included flower petals and goodness knows what else. Bizarre, and again, utterly worthless. More worryingly, this so-called spell required some hygienically questionable practices. Still, at least the only person likely to come to any immediate harm is the person carrying out the ritual.

The same cannot be said for the third category of self-cast spell: that which requires some bodily secretion not of the person casting, but of the person being cast on. This can range from the fairly banal (a lock of hair) to the downright worrying — usually a vial of blood or other bodily fluid. How these are to be obtained is generally not a subject the websites and blogs delve into, leaving it to the (probably overactive) imagination of the person casting. Obviously the scope for harm or some other undesirable outcome is large.

The thing is, none of these spells work. They are a folly. Sticking a sanitary towel and some roses into a bowl and walking round a house chanting a person’s name is as insane as it sounds. As are all the other so-called spells you are ever likely to find on a blog or in a forum.

What’s The Point?

Why do people publish these things if they are worthless? There are a few reasons I can think of. If I am to be charitable, perhaps some people think they are helping others by offering false hope. Of course, that is the most harmful aspect of all. Raising hope in someone who is already suffering may be well intentioned, but as anyone who’s been the one to have their hopes raised needlessly knows, it is worse than doing nothing.

I suspect though that the most likely reason for the existence of these endless pages of pointless rituals comes down to money. I’ve yet to see a site peddling these bogus ‘spells’ that wasn’t crammed full of crappy advertising. Every time one of those pages is read, it clocks up a view that an advertiser pays for. It can be financially rewarding then, to fill a site with dozens or even hundreds of made-up rituals in order to milk that advertising revenue, with no thought for the emotional harm that the false hope pages create.

Not All Bad

So are all self-cast love spells a waste of time? Not quite. The free ones — the ones that sound like they were made up by a love sick adolescent or a drunk — are not worth the virtual paper they are written on. But there are a small set of genuine self-cast spells out there. Spells that are based on science, like the spells I cast. Spells that are backed by people who know what they are talking about and who carry some kind of proof. They are not easy to find, and they are certainly not for everyone. With some basic searching and a modicum of due diligence though, they can be found.