Spells To Fix a Broken Marriage

It may come as a surprise to know that more than ten percent of the love spells that I cast are for people who are married. It might seem at first glance that people in a marital relationship are the last folks who would need magical intervention in their love life. After all, they have presumably found their soulmate, the person of their dreams, and have been through a legally binding ceremony in which they have publicly pledged their love to one another until the end of their days.

Sadly that’s not always how it ends up. Indeed the divorce statistics, though different from one country to the next, suggest that marriage has a shockingly high chance of failure.

So it’s perhaps not a surprise after all that I am so often asked to help fix a broken marriage by magical means.


When Janice contacted me, her story was all too familiar.

“I was lonely,” she said. That wasn’t unusual. As you can imagine, I talk to a lot of lonely people. But Janice had the same surname as the person she was asking me to cast a spell on, so I could already guess the rest.

“Yes, I am married,” she confirmed at the time. “You probably think I’m very strange. My husband still lives at home. We still do things together. But I’ve never been more lonely in all my life.”

I didn’t think Janice was strange at all. It’s a common situation. People change, and years into a marriage it would be more unusual if Janice and her husband were exactly the same as they had been on their wedding day.

Sometimes a couple are lucky and they change in a similar way. They continue to share interests, a sense of humour, have the same friends, and so on. But it’s more often that a couple grows apart than together.

“Yes, we had grown apart,” Janice agreed, when I contacted her recently. “I didn’t dislike my husband. I loved him very much. And he didn’t dislike me. But he didn’t love me any more. Oh he never said it. He’s too kind for that. He knows he would have broken my heart. I’m not sure he even noticed that he didn’t love me any more, to be honest. No, he kept up appearances. When our children, both now grown up, came to visit, he’d make a particularly grand effort to show a united front. But it was a front. A facade. The man I had married was no longer there.”

Separate Lives Together

This was what made her situation so hard. Janice saw the man she loved every day, but he didn’t see her. He was there without being there. They shared a house, a bed even, but they weren’t sharing a life.

“No, you put your finger on it there,” Janice says. “We were living separate lives together. He had been my best friend for most of my life, but I’d lost him. I had other friends but it’s not the same. I loved my kids but they’d long gone and I hardly saw them. I was like, what now? What is there to look forward to? I was lonely. So lonely.”

Janice wanted to stress that her husband wasn’t playing away from home. He remained faithful, there was no hint of an affair. “I think he’d lost interest in sex anyway. We shared a bed, but that was for sleeping in. There was none of the other going on anymore.”

Did she consider having an affair? “Funny you should ask,” she tells me. “A friend suggested it. She said I should find myself a young man and enjoy myself. But I never even considered it. I told you, I still loved my husband very deeply and would never do anything to hurt him. Even if I had been tempted to have an affair, and even if he never found out, I’d know. No, that was never an option.”

Fix My Marriage

Instead, Janice found a much better option. She got in touch with me and asked if I could cast a love spell to fix her marriage.

“That was my friend’s second suggestion,” she said. “You’d cast a spell for her and she was in a great relationship with a younger woman.”

When I read through Janice’s spell request and she told me of her loneliness, I knew I could help. She was convinced her marriage was dead, but I was certain I could reignite the flame of passion and put back the love. I accepted her case and booked a casting for her.

More Extreme

The reason for my confidence was that Janice’s case, whilst obviously very upsetting to her, was one of the milder ones I have dealt with. Some marriages I’ve seen have been not so much broken as obliterated. Decimated. Shattered.

Affairs are shockingly common. Violence (both mental and physical) is, sadly, also not unusual, and not always in the direction we might imagine.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways a marriage can fall apart, and I think I’ve seen most of them over the four decades I’ve been casting love spells professionally.

Yet every broken marriage case that comes my way has one thing in common: one half of the couple wants things fixed. They still love their partner and want things to get back to how they were.

No doubt there are broken marriages where both parties want out, but I never see those. I see fractured relationships where there is a desire to heal, a yearning to recover those early days when the future looked so bright. Just like Janice’s marriage.

Fixing A Marriage With Magic

When it comes to the mechanics of casting a love spell with the aim of repairing a marriage, it’s actually just like any other love spell. The objective is fundamentally the same: I’m aiming to make somebody fall deeply in love with someone that they don’t love, or don’t love enough.

And so when Janet’s case came up, I cast a standard love spell on her husband. I took her love for him and shaped and molded and directed it, adding some energy of my own. My spells take quite some time to cast, but by the end of the process, far from being exhausted I was buzzing with energy. This is a sure-fire sign that the spell has ‘taken’ well, which is to say that I had succeeded in forging a very powerful connection between Janice and her husband.

Janice felt it too. “Something felt different that day,” she said. “I went to sleep thinking about the coming day and wondering if I hadn’t made a mistake asking asking you to get involved. I’m not one to ask for help, it doesn’t come naturally, and I felt guilty about sharing our problems with a stranger. I don’t need my husband’s permission to live my life, but it did feel like I was going behind his back. But when I woke up in the morning, I felt energized and excited and passionate and my love for him was bubbling over.”

In fact Janice felt so alive with love she contacted me to ask if I hadn’t done the spell the wrong way round. “Yes I remember that,” she says. “I sent you a message and said, Joshua, I think you cast the spell wrong. You made me love him even more!”

I assured Janice that I had indeed cast the spell correctly. The positive emotion she was feeling was a result of a strong connection and it was a good sign.

Growing Together

Over the coming weeks Janice’s mood stayed buoyant as she noticed a marked change in her husband. “At first it was tiny things,” she says. “Like, and this sounds stupid, but he’d look at me when talking to me. He’d hold my eye when we spoke. It had been years since he did that and I don’t think I’d even noticed that we didn’t make eye contact anymore. Well I sure as heck noticed when he started again. It was a tiny detail that made a huge difference. It was like I was present in his life again. Just that acknowledgement that he noticed me felt wonderful. If nothing else had changed, I would have been delighted with the outcome.”

It was just the beginning though.

“We started doing more things together, at his suggestion. When I came home after seeing my friends, he said he’d missed me. He helped out more around the house, made me dinner, offered to take me out to a restaurant, held my hand across the table. It was like we’d gone back thirty years and were dating again. It made me feel young and alive. But most of all it made me feel loved. My husband loved me again.”

I didn’t ask Janice about the physical side of their relationship, but she shared news there and was happy for me to include her words in this piece. “That too,” she said. “The bedroom side of things. Yeah, he made me very happy there too. As I said, he made me feel young again.”

Happy Marriage

It’s always a pleasure to hear how a spell has helped someone. It can be extra special to hear that a marriage has been fixed. So many people let theirs fall apart. They accept the decline as inevitable and thus make no effort to keep their partnership alive. Those vows from years ago are forgotten, and it’s expected that everyone will move on.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Fixing a broken marriage is relatively easy with a spell. The love is already proven, it was enough to get two people to the alter (or registry office). All I have to do is uncover that bond and recharge it.

A broken marriage doesn’t have to be the end, it can be the start of a whole new happy chapter.