Should You Tell About Your Love Spell?

So you’ve requested a love spell from me, I’ve accepted your case, cast your spell, and now the person that you’ve been longing to be with has duly fallen in love with you. Life is wonderful. The two of you are very happy together, and the future is looking bright. There’s just one question that won’t go away, hanging around at the back of your mind like a bad smell…“Should I tell them I used a spell?”

The dilemma is understandable. You have no idea how your lover is going to react if you reveal to them that you used a love spell to make them fall in love with you. Maybe they won’t care. After all, they are in love with you and happy to be with you. On the other hand, maybe they will feel like they’ve been used and manipulated.

The easy thing to do would be to keep quiet. Why rock the boat? But for some people that’s impossible as they feel guilty at using uncommon means to have attracted their partner. For Alan, that was the case.

“With each day that passed, I felt like I was being more and more dishonest by not telling my girlfriend that I used a love spell on her.” Alan explains. “I felt like I had used underhand means to make her fall in love with me. We were desperately happy together, and she kept telling me that she thought I was a gift sent to her by a higher authority. How could I let her keep thinking that?”

Alan’s guilt eventually became overpowering, and he decided to tell his girlfriend the truth. “I was a bit sneaky in the way I went about it,” he says. “I took her to a lovely restaurant that I knew would be busy, in the hope that if she reacted badly, she wouldn’t make a scene in public.

“As it happens, I had nothing to worry about. I told her about the spell, and she was almost relieved. She told me that she had never really understood why she had fallen for me so suddenly, but now she knew about the spell it all made sense. She wasn’t unhappy about the spell itself, she said she didn’t care what brought us together, she was just happy we were. I was so relieved I cried at the table!”

Alan’s story is not unusual. In fact, in almost all the cases I’ve taken on (and over four decades I have taken on a great many), the fact a love spell has been used has rarely been a problem to the other party.

You see, a spell is just one of many methods people can use to attract a mate. Some people prefer fancy clothes and makeup. Others like to drive around in expensive cars and flash their cash. Others go as far as to use plastic surgery to alter their appearance. To some extent, we all go out of our way to attract someone we are interested in. A love spell is just another force of attraction.

There’s never any shame in admitting to your partner the methods you used to attract them to you. Of course, the decision of whether you tell them or not is a personal one, and for many people they wouldn’t consider it and they’re happy with that. But if you’ve had a spell cast and you feel you need to tell, then my advice is to go for it. You’ll probably be surprised by the positive reaction you get.