Revenge Spells (And Why You Can Do So Much Better)

Over the decades my research and work in love spells has made me something of an authority on the subject. It’s not something I set out to achieve, it just kind of happened. I suppose that’s what occurs when you spend your life immersed in and dedicated to a single subject.

Being an authority means people tend to ask you a lot of questions about your area of expertise. So as you can imagine, I get an awful lot of questions about spells. Mostly these are along the lines of “What spell should can you do for me to get back with my ex?” But sometimes I get asked a more worrying question — “Can you cast a revenge spell?”

Questions about revenge spells are concerning because they betray a destructive nature in the person doing the asking. Most people consider the use of a spell when they are in a time of need. Desperate times call for desperate measures as they say. And there are no times as desperate as when the love of your life, for whatever reason, does not want to be with you. In such a situation, there are two common reactions:

  1. What can I do to get the person I love to love me back?
  2. How can I hurt this person I love but who doesn’t feel the same way about me? How can I get revenge on them for not reciprocating my feelings?

The first of these reactions is, happily, the more common. When something we want is taken away from us, it is quite normal to want it back. In the case of a lover leaving us, a love spell is a good way to get them back. The same applies in a case of unrequited love — a spell can move things along and bring together two people who otherwise would not be together.

Lashing Out

The second reaction is less common but more extreme. It usually occurs in the case of a breakup. When something or someone we love and care about is taken away from us, it causes us pain. It can be an instinctual reaction to lash out, to hit back and try to cause pain to the person who hurt us. We want them to feel our discomfort. If it’s a lover who left us of their own will, we want to make them share our pain (this may not occur to us on a conscious level, but it’s what we are thinking deep down when we react like this). A revenge spell sounds like a good way to do that, doesn’t it?

Or maybe our lover left us for someone else, and it’s that other person we want to target our revenge attack at. After all, if the third party didn’t exist then we wouldn’t be in this situation, so it’s easy to see them as the root cause of our dilemma. They are a natural target. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Actually, no, not really. Sure, revenge can provide short term relief. There is undoubtedly a dopamine hit to be had from hitting out at whoever we think is making us feel this way and seeing them suffer. But if we truly love the person who left, do we really want to hurt them? Isn’t causing them pain going to be counter productive? What happens after the short-term satisfaction of revenge has worn off? What happens if we decide that in fact we want them back? Having carried out any act of revenge is surely only going to sour relations further and make it even harder to get them back.

Beware The Dark Side

Revenge is like the dark side of the force. It’s an easy outlet for the negative energy we are feeling in a time of distress. But that negative energy is powerful, it’s easy to stir up more and more of it by dwelling on our situation. If we were to channel all that energy into something more positive, such as a love spell, it could be used for good rather than proliferating yet more pain in others.

All spells require energy, and the more energy that is put in, the more powerful the spell. This is one reason why love spells can work more quickly when they are cast soon after a breakup. The rawness of the split causes a deep pain, which is packed full of energy.

Using such negative energy for revenge is easy. It’s like opening a valve and letting off steam in an uncontrolled manner. It might temporarily relieve the pressure, but ultimately the action could be destructive, burning those we love the most.

If, instead, that energy were channelled into a targeted love spell, we would have a great chance of bringing about a positive result — the return of your lover.

It’s harder to be patient and use the energy in a controlled way, but isn’t the result worth that little extra effort?

So when people ask me where they can get a revenge spell, I always answer by trying to persuade them to think differently. Don’t get mad, don’t try to get even. Try to get them back. Use the pain to your advantage.

It’s Not That Hard

You may be wondering how you can use the negative emotions created by an unfulfilling situation in a good way, when you are not the person casting the spell. The good news is that actually it’s really easy. In fact you don’t have to do very much at all. If you apply for one of my free love spells and I accept your case, I will furnish you with a date on which your spell is scheduled to be cast. When that date rolls around, you can channel all your pent up emotional energy, both good feelings and bad, into the spell by spending a few minutes a couple of times a day doing nothing other than thinking about the spell I am casting and the result you are hoping for.

This should be done without distraction. No television playing in the background, no people talking to you. The perfect scenario would be that you are in a room alone. Though that’s not always possible, most people can usually find a few minutes alone in a bathroom. Just picturing a life where you are with the person you love for a couple of minutes, a couple of times on your casting day, will channel your emotional energy into the spell. Your raw emotion will add an explosive power to the procedure. It’s a far better use of your energy than thinking of negative outcomes like revenge.