Love Spell Chants — Can a Love Spell be Cast Using Just Words?

Love spells come in many forms. Potions, rituels, and incantations can all play a part. The latter is the focus of the question I want to address here. Can a spell be cast using only words? Could you get back an ex, or attract a partner if only you know the right utterance? Is it really possible to chant your way to love?

Hundreds of Years of Chanting

Think of chanting and your mind could go to a few different places. One might be a scene of monks in a monastery, singing Gregorian chant. Given that the word chant comes from the French verb chanter, meaning to sing, this would be a reasonable interpretation.

Another might be to think of a magician, witch, or other magical practitioner reciting a lengthy and mystical piece of text in a monotone voice. Not quite singing, not quite speaking either. This is what most people think of when they talk about love spell chants. So is there any truth to this Hollywood-inspired image of the wise man or woman using just words to bring about healing, or wealth, or love?

The answer, as is so often the case with the esoteric, is not as simple as just a yes or a no.

Chanting is a centuries-old form of music. It dates back to ninth-century Europe, where plainchant was a central tenet of the Roman Catholic Church. Sung unaccompanied and in Latin, its sparseness and purity was considered a most holy form of worship.

The Catholics have never had a monopoly on chanting though. Buddhists have also long used it as a way of preparing their minds for meditation. In their case that same sparseness and purity worked to clear the mind of extraneous thought. If you’ve never tried it, I’d recommend listening to some Gregorian or Tibetan chant — you can find it on streaming services like Spotify, and there’s plenty on YouTube too. If you struggle with meditation or mindfulness, just listening to this kind of thing can be a great substitute. It’s possible to reach a deep meditative state simply by closing your eyes and focusing on a simple chant.

Mystic Chanting

With all this mind-altering chanting going on, it’s perhaps no surprise that an association grew between the monochromatic style of recitation and the world of the mystical and magical.

It isn’t hard to imagine how healers and hedge witches would use chants to add an air of mystery and authenticity to their work. A hedge witch might use just a few simple, natural ingredients to cure an ailment, but what’s to stop the patient (or whoever accompanied them on their journey beyond the hedge) from using the same easily sourced ingredients themselves?

Combine those ingredients with a chant though — add in some obscure words delivered in an unusual and mystifying manner — and the whole procedure becomes more arcane and enigmatic. Who would dare try to invoke apparently mystical spirits without knowing exactly what they were doing? Chanting made the healer’s work seem impenetrable and unrepeatable. It helped maintain their image as sages.

You may be familiar with same kind of thing today if you’ve ever seen a consultant use buzzwords or complex-looking spreadsheets to make their job seem beyond the reach of the lay person at best, or to add a veneer of legitimacy to their work at worst.

Does this mean that the chanting is completely unnecessary? Are we to conclude that there can be no such thing as a love spell chant? Not quite. As I said, it’s not so simple.


Chanting, as we’ve seen, can be an effective way of altering the state of ones mind. It just so happens that casting a genuine love spell also requires a change in the state of mind. For some people, chanting is their chosen route to getting into the casting headspace. It’s not the only way, but it’s one that works reliably.

This is why practitioners going back centuries have used chanting in their work. They may have been fully aware of role the practice was playing in their craft, or they may have held mistaken beliefs that its power was more fundamental to their results. It doesn’t matter either way, the end result is the same.

Love Spell Chants

I’m sometimes asked if I can provide a love spell chant, one that can be performed at home by a layperson. By now it should be clear why this isn’t possible. The content of a chant, the actual words that are recited, are of very little importance. It’s the effect they have on the mind that counts, and that effect must be combined with an actual magical procedure.

By the way, words that are not in the native tongue tend to work better for these purposes because words that are understood can sidetrack the brain. The ear latches on to them, listens to them in an active manner, and interprets them. Words in a foreign tongue wash over the ear like instrumental music, leaving the brain free of the work of trying to elicit meaning.


Chanting can be, and sometimes is, used in the casting of love spells. But it is only ever a component of the process, never the whole. As much as it is a nice idea to imagine that any problem can be resolved by chanting just the right words in the right way, that’s a pipe dream. Magic can certainly resolve many problems, but it takes more skill, practice, and work than simply reciting an incantation.