Do You Really Need A Love Spell?

If you request a free love spell from me, I ask that you meet four simple criteria. One of those is that before trying a spell, you must have tried everything else you can to resolve your relationship situation. Here’s why…

Casting a love spell is a long and energy-intensive process. It takes me between twelve and twenty-four hours of work to complete a single casting. That means I’m not sleeping and barely eating during that time because I’m maintaining the energy of the spell. Obviously there are only so many days each week that I can go without sleep and hardly any nourishment. I have to have some days where I can rest, and some days when I can spend time with my family.

As you can see, there are physical limits on how many free love spells I can cast each week and each month. It’s why I only take on one free casting each week. But there is almost no limit to the number of people who ask for my help. I get far more people asking for a spell than I can ever say yes to. This is why I have to put restrictions on how many cases I accept. And it’s why one of the main restrictions is that you must have tried all other means to get back together with (or together with) the person you are in love with.

If you truly love someone, but you tell me you have done nothing to try to be with them, the chances are high that I will turn down your request. After all, if you — the person who is in this situation of unrequited love and who stands to benefit from it being resolved favorably — cannot make any effort to sort out your predicament, why would I — a compete stranger with nothing to gain — give up more than an entire day of my time to do it for you? Why would I choose to go without sleep and sustenance to help you if you aren’t willing to help yourself?

Fortunately those cases are few and far between, but believe it or not I do get requests like that.


Aside from my need to manage my time, there is another reason I ask that anyone requesting a spell ensures they have exhausted all other avenues first. It is that actually, many — maybe even most — situations can be resolved without recourse to a spell.

A love spell is an extremely powerful thing. It can create love where before there was none. It can even turn hate into love. Yet sometimes all it takes to be with the person you love is to tell them you love them. I know this sounds obvious, and that’s because it is. But I often get requests from people who say they are in love with someone but are too shy or scared to tell them how they feel. There is a very good chance that asking this person out on a date, or expressing your feelings, can be the start of something wonderful. There may be no need to use the might of a love spell. A spell is like the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut. Sometimes you just need a nutcracker.

Please Be Considerate

I suspect many people come to me and ask for a spell without ever thinking through just what it is I am offering to do for them. Part of that is probably my fault because since I came out of retirement I began offering to do some spells for free. That makes it too easy for people to put in a request without first giving it due thought. It can lead people to be lazy, and to think why bother trying to fix things themselves if someone is willing to do it for them at no charge. I understand that sentiment, even if I disagree with it.

I hope that anyone reading this will think twice before filling out the request form though. I am more than happy to help people who genuinely need it, and it gives me pleasure to see the happiness my spells bring. I enjoy nothing more than reading the emails from people who were once wallowing in the depths of desperation and are now riding high on the joys of mutual love. Knowing I have brought the ultimate happiness is my reward. So all I ask is that you ask yourself first, have I done all I can myself? Do I really need a spell? If the answer is yes, then fill out the form and I will happily see if I can help.