Do Love Spells Have Repercussions?

I received an email from someone who I cast a love spell for quite a few years ago. The spell worked and this person got the man of her dreams to fall in love with her. However, my correspondent is now worried that the love spell I cast for her is coming back to haunt her.

Without going into detailed specifics (the person writing to me didn’t want to be identified), she has lost her job, been burgled, and crashed her car all within the last three months.

Her email asks “Is this the spell coming back to bite? Is this how I have to pay for the spell having worked?”

My answer is simple: No!

Love spells use positive energy, and only positive energy. As I’ve mentioned before, real love spells work in harmony with the universe. Love itself is the most positive of energies and emotions. There is never any need to ‘pay’ for it. There is no ‘karmic debt’ or obligation required by the universe, these are terms bandied around by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

So what’s going on with my correspondent’s recent run of bad luck? It’s often tempting to look for reasons behind negative experiences. When we have tampered with forces we deem beyond our everyday control, such as when we use spells, then it’s even more tempting to lay the blame there.

The simple truth though is that bad things do happen in life. Occasionally a run of bad things happen together. Sometimes that’s co-incidence, sometimes it’s because when someone feels down on their luck, they attract more bad things. The law of attraction is powerful and works both ways. If you believe bad things are going to happen, you will likely attract them into your life.

But it is just luck. I’m sure most people can think of a time in their life when they experienced a run of bad luck like that. And most people haven’t used a love spell! Perhaps these people try to attribute their misfortune to some other recent event in their life. To do so is a folly.

So my message to anyone thinking of using a love spell, or indeed any kind of spell, but are being put off by the thought of payback, is please don’t be. Love spells are a wonderful and positive thing that bring happiness. The use of overwhelmingly positive energy can only bring about positive results.