Do Love Spells Actually Work?

It may seem like a strange question for me to address on this site. After all, I cast love spells. The name of the website is free love spells by Joshua. But you’d be surprised how many times I get asked the question, do love spells actually work?

The short answer is yes, of course. But if such a simple answer was sufficient, the question would never be asked. And asked it is, with almost alarming frequency. So here’s a more detailed look at why the answer is yes, love spells do work.

Skepticism is Healthy

Usually when I get asked if my spells work, the person asking the question is very apologetic. They fill their email with preamble, trying to soften the blow. They recognize that asking a spell caster if their work is genuine might be seen as disrespectful, so they often go out of their way to be polite.

The thing is I take no offense at this question because I believe that skepticism is a good thing. Imagine where we would be if everyone took everything they read or heard at face value. If anything, I think people aren’t skeptical enough. It’s why the world is having such a problem with fake news — folks are too quick to believe a story that pops up in their social media timeline, probably from an unknown source. Even journalists get it wrong, re-writing and regurgitating false news as if it was real. Skepticism is a necessary element of a proper functioning society. It’s something I encourage, not shy away from.

Magic is a Special Case

Being skeptical about a fake news story is one thing, but when it comes to magic it’s a whole other ball game. The fields of magic, the esoteric, and the paranormal have divided societies for generations. As the human race has advanced and the scientific method has provided us with a better understanding of how the world works on a physical level, the number of people believing in magic has, understandably, fallen. People expect proof. They want to be shown evidence.

The trouble with proving that something like a love spell actually works is that unless you’ve had one cast, or you know someone who’s had one cast, how do you prove it?

Here’s the problem: for a genuine love spell to work, either the person casting it, or the person it is being cast for, must have a very deep and genuine love for the person the spell is being cast on. That love and desire is a key element in the spell. Trying to cast a spell without it would be like trying to bake a cake without flour. It’s the raw material that makes the spell work.

When I cast a spell for someone, I take their love and desire and I channel it to the person I am casting on. I shape it, mold it, and use it to create a profound love within that person. If the person I was casting for did not truly love the other person, the spell would be virtually impossible to cast, and certainly would not work.

Not only is love and desire a vital ingredient, the intention for the spell must be pure as well. The universe knows why a spell is being cast. Universal harmony is necessary for success. The universe will not make someone fall in love with someone else just to prove a point. It will do so only because those two people being together with add more happiness to the world.

All of this means we can’t just go and cast a love spell willy nilly to prove it works; it has to be cast with true intention, love and desire.

The Proof is in The Results

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to be personally acquainted with someone who has used a love spell in order to see proof. Some of those people have openly shared their experiences for others to see. They have willingly told their story, knowing it will help people in similar situations see for themselves how a love spell might be the answer.

Most of the people I cast spells for would never share their story, and I always respect the privacy of those I work for above all else. Indeed most people don’t even tell the person they are in love with that they had a spell cast on them. It’s a deep secret, something they will never tell. Often that’s because they fear that their partner will no longer feel the same way about them if they find out they were the subject of magical intervention. Using magic feels, to some people, like cheating or manipulation, and nobody wants to feel like they have been manipulated.

Some people though, a tiny minority, are so overjoyed with the results of the spell that they feel they want to shout about it from the rooftops. They want to tell everyone how well it worked. They want others to share the elation that they are feeling, and spread the word about how love spells can bring joy where once there was desperation, happiness where before there was despair. Those people have very kindly allowed me to share their stories right here on this website. You can find them here.

The Next Best Thing

Reading these accounts from people I have cast spells for is the next best thing to meeting them in person. When I interview them to include their story on this site, I ask for some background about their situation. I ask them to tell me how they were feeling at the time they first requested a spell, how they got into the situation, and what they had already tried to resolve it. I want anyone reading these accounts to properly understand what they were going through, because the chances are they are going through something very similar.

I am always very grateful when someone offers to share their story publicly, because I know it will help others. These stories help to answer the question of whether love spells really work.