Can You Tell If Someone Cast A Love Spell On You?

Have you ever suddenly been overcome with feelings of love or passion for someone? Feelings that came out of the blue? Have you ever suddenly, and without warning, felt the urge to get back together with your ex? If so, maybe you’ve had a love spell cast on you.

I talk all the time about using love spells on other people, but what’s it like if you’re the person that the spell is being cast on? Will you know about it? Will it be obvious? Or will you have absolutely no idea?

Angela is 26 years old and lives in Boston. She split up with her boyfriend after about a year together. She initiated the split, she felt their relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and she no longer had strong feelings for David.

Six months after the split though, something changed. Angela takes up the story.

“It was weird, I hadn’t thought about Dave for about two months. I’d been casually dating a couple of other guys, and was having a good time,” she told me. “Life was good, I wasn’t in a hurry to get serious, I was just enjoying myself.

“But then it all changed. I remember it quite clearly, because it started suddenly and didn’t stop. I kept waking up in the night. It was always around the same time, about one in the morning. I would have vivid dreams of Dave, and then wake up thinking about him. And then I’d have trouble sleeping, so would get up, make some hot chocolate, and read a book or something. Well, I would try to anyway, but I’d never get very far because I would still be thinking about him.”

“I Couldn’t Get David Out Of My Head”

This went on for a week, then stopped. “At the end of that week I was so tired!” Angela continues. “I hadn’t slept properly all that week. On the Friday night though, I slept right through. I woke up Saturday feeling refreshed, but I still couldn’t get David out of my head. It wasn’t like I was just thinking idly of him, it was becoming like an obsession. With some shock, I realised that the feeling I had was love! I was in love with him and needed to see him.

“This took me by surprise, as you can imagine, so to start with I tried to ignore it. I managed a few days, but the feeling wouldn’t go away. If anything, it was getting stronger. In the end, I couldn’t help myself, I called him up to ask if he would go for a drink with me. I expected him to sound surprised when I called, as we hadn’t seen each other in months, but he wasn’t. He sounded quite calm, and almost like he was expecting my call.”

Angela’s story ends happily. She went for that drink with David, went home with him, and they’ve been together ever since. That was two years ago, and they are still together.

As you can probably guess, David used a love spell on Angela. She had no idea, until he told her about a year later.

Far From Unique

Angela’s case is by no means unique. Most people who are the targets of love spells have no idea that magic has been used. But that’s not because there aren’t any symptoms — clearly there are — it’s because most people would have no idea that such spells exist and that they work.

When one was used on her, Angela just assumed that the time she had spent apart from David had made her grow to miss him. But of course, that’s not true, and doesn’t explain why her love and strong desire for him happened almost overnight.

So if you suddenly, and unexpectedly start feeling love and desire for someone without explanation, maybe you’re under a love spell?