Can You Cast a Love Spell on a Celebrity?

A question I am asked on a regular basis is “Can you cast a love spell on a celebrity for me, and will it work?” The answer to this is not a simple yes or no. I could cast a spell on a celebrity, and indeed have done so on a small number of occasions. Would it work? Yes, but not in any manner that would produce the kind of result being sought.

Falling in love with a famous face from TV or cinema is something that’s been happening since, well, since there have been celebrities to fall in love with. Many people assume that the celebrity crush is the sort of thing only lovesick teenagers suffer from. But in fact it happens to people of all ages, all the time. Celebrity love sickness is a much more common problem than you might imagine.

Celebrity Culture

It’s easy to see why. We live in a celebrity culture the likes of which the world has never known. There are more famous people than ever before. Not only that, but people in the public eye are more accessible than they have ever been. Not that long ago fame was the preserve of actors on the silver screen. Television bestowed celebrity status on many more people than the cinema could ever manage, and magazines and tabloid newspapers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, harnessing celebrity power to sell more publications.

Today, with sites like YouTube and Instagram making it possible for literally anyone to broadcast their face to the world and thus to ascend to celebrity status, it sometimes feels like half the population is at least a little bit famous. There are more celebrities than ever, and they are more famous than ever.

Add to this the fact that famous people are, rightly or wrongly, generally more aesthetically pleasing than the regular Joe or Josephine off the street, and it’s easy to see why the celebrity crush is more common than ever.

So what about using a love spell on, say, a movie star? Is it possible to make Hollywood’s finest fall in love with us using a magic incantation?

Yes and no. Certainly a good, professionally prepared and cast love spell will work on a celebrity as well as it will work on the girl or boy next door. Despite the gloss, the expensive clothes, and the plastic surgery, they are still human and are still subject to human emotions. Emotions that can be tweaked and tampered with through spell casting.

The Catch

There's a catch though, and it's a big one. If I cast a spell on a celebrity for you, it will make the person it’s being cast on have strong feelings of love and desire for you, but they won’t know who you are. Without knowing who the object of their newfound affection is, they won’t have any way to act on that affection.

From their point of view, they will be falling in love with someone who exists only in their imagination. They’ve never met you, so they have no way of knowing that the love they have is for someone very real. They will, in all likelihood, believe they have constructed a perfect partner in their mind, but a totally imaginary one.

Without a definite face or name to ascribe their feelings of love to, they will feel as though something is missing from their life. It will cause them discomfort, emotional pain, even anguish. It would make them unhappy, and I doubt that is the result anyone thinking of casting a love spell on a celebrity is seeking.

Should You Cast a Love Spell On Someone Famous?

Given this limitation, should you request a love spell on a celebrity? It depends. If you know them already, are in regular contact with them, and if you truly believe there is a good chance that they understand that it is you they are suddenly and inexplicably in love with, then there is no reason not to put in a request.

When I say that you know them already, I mean that you are on first name terms with them, not simply that you have crossed paths at a signing or something like that. I know they may have been charming and delightful and made you feel like you were special and had a twinkle in their eye, but that's part of their job — they make everyone feel that way. If they don't know your name and how to find you, then the spell is only going to make them unhappy.

The vast majority of people don't have that pre-existing personal connection with the celebrity though. If I were to take on the casting of such a spell, it would not only fill you with false hope that could never be realized, it would also create a longing and desire in an innocent person (the celebrity) that could never be fulfilled. The spell would not bring about a happy union, but instead would end up making two people unhappy through an unrequited love.

It is for this reason that I almost always turn down requests to cast my powerful love spells on someone who is in the public eye. The only exceptions are when the person requesting the spell can satisfy me that they have a reasonable expectation of meeting with the target of their affections in person, and therefore the spell having a good chance of being able to manifest rather than bringing about negative emotions in two people.

Olivia's Story

I know it can be upsetting to hear that casting on a celebrity is unrealistic. I hope that Olivia's story can bring some comfort, because she was in this exact position when she first contacted me about casting on a well-known singer. Olivia kindly agreed to let me share her emails here. I've changed her name, and I won't name the celebrity involved — we'll just call him Bill.

I turned down Olivia's request because of Bill's status as a public figure. Let's just say that you've definitely heard of the band he's in. She wasn't ready to take no for an answer, and wrote me a follow up message.

"I love this man with all my heart. You have to believe me, Joshua, this isn't some teenage crush, I really need him. I can't function without him. He's the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I sleep. I dream about him. I spend my day imagining we are together. I can't carry on like this, it's like my life is on hold without him. And I've met him, too. More than just met him, actually. After a concert my friends and I hung around the stage door. We waited for hours in the cold and the rain, just to get a glimpse. When he finally came out he didn't just run for his limo like the other band members, he stopped and looked right at me. He took the time to talk to me, ask my name, ask what I thought of the show. I asked him to sign my program and he said he'd be happy to, and why didn't I come back to his hotel with him and he could sign it there. My friends couldn't believe it when I followed him into the back of the car. We went through a back entrance of the fancy hotel the band were staying in to avoid the fans out front, and he took me up to his suite. It was like a fantasy. We went to bed and he was everything I hoped for — a considerate and practiced lover. Very early the next morning a manager or fixer or someone woke me up and told me it was time to leave. Bill was nowhere to be seen. I left him a note and told him I'd wait to hear from him. I guess the manager hid the note or something because he never got in touch. But we had a connection, Joshua. He just needs a little push and I know your spell can do it. Please cast this for me, and make my life complete."

I felt very sorry for Olivia, not because I couldn't accept her case, but because I knew that Bill had a reputation for sleeping with groupies and fans. A different girl every night, they say. Certainly her case of meeting a person in the public eye was extreme — most people just tell me they've shared a look or said hello, not slept with the person in question. But the end result is the same. I had no doubt that Bill had long since forgotten about Olivia. He had undoubtedly slept with countless other women since that night.

I had to tell Olivia I still could not accept her case. Casting a spell would not only give her false hope, it would cause emotional pain to Bill. He might treat women poorly, but I can't agree to cause deep emotional wounds like that.

Fortunately Olivia's story had a good outcome. I suggested she talk to a psychic to get an independent opinion on Bill and any feelings he had for Olivia. After all, she was still convinced he knew who she was and was ready to drop everything to be with her.

Olivia continues the story. "Yeah, that psychic reading, that really opened my eyes. Not the first one, the second one. I didn't want to believe the first one when they told me Bill had long ago forgotten about that night. But when I got the second reading, I thought, that's three people telling me to let this go. You'd told me, and now these two psychics said the same thing. Even so, you can't just let feelings like that go."

She dwelled on the situation some more, but the seed of doubt planted by the psychics took root. "I kept thinking, what if they're right? It was enough to make me go and do more research into Bill. Instead of looking at the fan sites written by young girls fawning over him, I cast a wider net and read more stuff from places I wouldn't ordinarily go. I started to see a different side to him. I read things from other women he'd slept with, just like me. I guess you could say that's when I woke up. It's when I figured out that he wasn't who I thought he was. I was projecting all my hopes and desires onto this man. Because I didn't know him, like really know him, I could make him be anything I wanted…in my head. The reality did't match up."

After Olivia's revelation, she got more help. "Once I'd figured all this out, I went back to the last psychic I'd used — I found her real easy to talk to. She did a proper reading and helped me figure out the kind of guy I was really looking for. Long story short, five months later I was in a steady relationship with a lovely man. He's nothing like Bill, and that's a good thing!"

Not Being Cruel

Sadly not everyone who falls for a public figure ends up with the 'happily ever after' kind of ending Olivia got. Some people refuse to see the truth, or cannot overcome the love they feel even if they understand they are only in love with an idea of a person, not the actual person. I'm not being cruel when I say no to these cases, it would only make matters worse for them if I gave them false hope and agreed to cast. Some less scrupulous spell casters (the kind who charge money and do nothing) agree to take on these kinds of cases, adding a financial burden to the emotional one.

They’re Not All That

One final word on this subject. Speaking as someone who has previously worked in the world of television and has met more than my fair share of famous people, I can tell you that most of them are a big disappointment in real life. It’s easy to fall in love with an on-screen persona, but no matter how well we think we might know someone in the public eye, the reality is, in my experience at least, often very different.

In other words you might think you’re in love with a celebrity, but in fact you’re in love with their public image, not the real them. Or it may be that, like Olivia, you are projecting an ideal onto a celebrity because they are unknowable. I suspect that this holds true for all levels of fame, from Oscar-winning actors down to the most modest of YouTube stars.