How To Tell If a Love Spell Is Working

Requesting a love spell is a big step. Placing faith in a spell caster to fix your problem takes courage. Once the spell has been cast, there is a level of commitment that must be maintained. Real spells take time to manifest because love cannot be rushed, it must be nurtured.

That waiting period can be a testing time. Throughout it there is likely to be one question at the forefront of your mind: how can I tell if the spell is working? There are a few ways, some of which are easier than others.

No Signposts

Is your love spell working? It’s a fair question. Whether or not you’ve paid money to your spell caster, you’ve put significant trust in them. You’ve shared information that quite possibly even your closest friends and family don’t know about you. You’ve bared your soul in the hope that this stranger can fix your relationship and restore happiness to your life.

You are emotionally, and maybe financially, invested in the outcome. Of course it is right and natural that you will want to see some kind of sign that progress is being made.

The trouble is that love spells don’t come with signposts. There’s no set of illuminated signals to indicate what stage the spell has reached or what it is currently doing. It can be hard to know if the whole thing has hit the buffers, or if everything is proceeding according to plan. That’s because of the nature of love spells and the process of creating love.

Love, like all emotions, develops internally. As you walk down the street, most people can’t tell by looking at you if you are in love or not (unless, perhaps, the person you love is walking with you). Most people can’t see your affection any more than they can see your thoughts, fears, or your hopes or dreams. It’s all inside you, locked away for only you to know about.

So when a love spell is cast and love begins to blossom, there are no signposts to show the way. There’s no scoreboard counting up ‘love points’ that you can refer to in the hope of gauging progress. The process is opaque, and that only adds to the stress of the situation.

However, all is not lost, as we shall see.

The Sun Also Rises

There’s a famous quote from Ernest Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises:

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.

“Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

The same thing could be said about how we fall in love — in most cases it’s gradually, and then suddenly. Love at first sight may happen, but it’s a rarity. Most love happens slowly.

We gradually get to know someone and discover things we like about them. Similarities, shared interests, physical attraction, a common sense of humor, that sort of thing. We may not even know that we are falling for them until one day we wake up and discover that we are in love. It seems to have happened suddenly, but it’s been building for a while.

When love is created by a spell, the process is the same. It’s rare for a spell to create a sudden and true love out of the blue like a bolt of lightning. Indeed it would be dangerous to even try; if someone experienced such a sudden and shocking shot of emotion without warning they would be quite likely to fear it, and seek to distance themself from it. It’s why when I cast my spells I work them in such a way as to build slowly so that the person has time to get used to the idea and accept it.

With the love occurring gradually, and not exhibiting external signs, how do we know if a love spell is working?

The Bad News

The bad news is that we don’t. At least, most people cannot be sure without help. There are only two people who know that love is starting to happen: the person who is falling in love, and the person who cast the spell on them. Actually that’s not entirely true, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

When I am casting a spell on someone, I have a strong connection to them. During the casting process I get a feeling for how the spell is taking. It’s something that’s very difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t done it, because there’s no directly equivalent experience I can liken it to.

The closest I can come to explaining it is like this. When a skilled medical practitioner resets a broken bone, they don’t fix the bone there and then. All they can do is reset it and secure it in place. The bone is still broken when they have finished their work. It’s down to the patient’s body to grow new bone between the two fractured sections.

But the doctor knows when they have successfully reset the bone. I’ve no idea what senses they are using to tell (sight and touch I imagine), but that doesn’t matter. The point is that they can tell when they have made a successful repair. Then it’s a matter of waiting.

That’s what it’s like when I cast a love spell. I’m not using sight or touch, those senses don’t work during a casting. I’m using what many call a ‘sixth’ sense, though it’s not really that either.

I can tell when a love spell has taken. I can ‘feel’ it take. If there’s anything stopping it, any resistance, then like the doctor who would feel that the bone isn’t aligned properly, I can tell.

That’s why when I cast my spells, I report back and let the person I cast for know how things went. I will have a good sense for how well the spell took. After that, it’s a matter of trust. That said, there can sometimes be some indications that the spell is beginning to have an effect.


I’ve been fortunate enough never to have suffered any broken bones, but those who have tell me that as they start to heal, they can become very itchy and even sore. Funnily enough this metaphor holds up when it comes to the manifestation of a love spell.

Allow me to explain. When someone thinks they know how they feel about somebody, and then that emotion changes unexpectedly, it can be a surprising and disorienting experience. It can feel at first like an itch that can’t be scratched — exactly like itchy skin covered in plaster. As the emotion grows, so it can feel more like a sore wound. That’s because at this point the person doesn’t fully understand the love, so they feel it like a hole in their world — a hole they don’t know how to fill.

At some point the feeling clicks into place. They understand it as love and they understand who the love is for. It becomes clear that the hole in their life can only be filled by a person, and it’s the person they probably weren’t expecting.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to show it though. It’s often the case that their feeling of love is contradictory (sometimes directly) to the emotions they have been feeling for this person until then. In other words, up until this love bloomed, they may previously have felt dislike or even abject hate for the person who requested the spell casting.

To have that emotion turn around 180 degrees without warning is, again, a deeply unsettling feeling. Human beings, like most animals, have a built-in defensive mechanism against things that make us feel bad: we withdraw from them. If you put your hand on something hot, you pull away instinctively. The same happens if you touch a nettle or if a hornet stings you — you pull away. This natural reaction provides us with a way to see if a spell is working.

A Contradictory Signpost

The human tendency to distance ourselves from sources of discomfort means that we have a single signpost to indicate that a love spell is working. Unfortunately it is, as you have probably guessed by now, an apparently contradictory sign. Because the signal is that the person the spell has been cast on distances themself from you.

Here’s an example from a recent case that will illustrate the point. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to both the person who requested the spell from me, and the person I cast it on. Both agreed to allow me to quote them for this piece (though of course I changed their names to protect their identity).

Maurice first contacted me to cast a spell on Amber late last winter. “Amber and I were together for years,” he says. “It was good. We went well together. But I was dumb and I cheated on her. She never found out, but I felt so guilty that in the end I told her. I couldn’t live with the guilt.”

Unsurprisingly Amber didn’t take the news well. “No, sir, she did not!” Maurice said. “She packed her bags and walked out on me. I figured she needed some time so I’d feel punished, and then she’d be back.”

But Amber didn’t come back. And the more Maurice tried to persuade her, the more insistent she became that it was over. “I think I might actually have made it worse what with all my calling and the like. She says to me, Maurice, I ain’t ever coming back, so get that through your thick head.”

I agreed to take on Maurice’s case, and I cast a spell for him. Like most people, Maurice was curious to know if it was working.

“For sure I wanted to know what Amber was thinking. When I couldn’t wait no more I tried calling her again. This time she darn well screamed down the telephone and told me where to go.”

Amber remembers that call well. “Oh for sure. I screamed at him real good. It did the trick, too. He didn’t call no more after that.”

What made Amber so angry? “I was falling in love with him all over again,” she tells me. “One evening I’m sitting there on my sister’s couch minding my own business, when I start thinking about Maurice. I’m thinking about all the good times we had together, and before I know it my sister, she’s put her arm around me and’s asking why it is I’m crying.”

If Amber was falling back in love with Maurice, shouldn’t that have been a good thing? “No!” she says. “I mean, yes, but no. I wanted him to hurt for what he’d done to me. I said I wouldn’t see him again and I meant it. Only now I’m thinking about him all the time, loving him, all ’cause of that spell of yours. Only I didn’t know about the spell then, so I’m thinking he’s got some kind of hold over me or I don’t know what, and it’s making me mad because I’m all confused about how it is I’m feeling. When he calls me up on the telephone, I’m in such a turmoil I shouted at him good and proper! I wanted him to go away and die so I didn’t have to think these thoughts no more.”

That was the signpost, the signal that the spell was working. Of course, to Maurice it seemed like the opposite. Indeed he emailed me to tell me exactly what he thought of me and my spell.

“I thought you gone and done made it worse!” Maurice says. “I’m wanting Amber back and here she is shouting and hollering at me. So I shouted an’ hollered at you in an email. Then you explained to me what it was Amber was feeling and I felt real bad.”

Then Suddenly

The good news is that the feeling of disorientation is only temporary. Eventually the love becomes so strong it overcomes any initial shock. At that point, the person the spell has been cast on gives another sign the spell is working — they reach out.

Amber recalls, “Eventually I was like, why am I being like this to Maurice? I love him so dearly, I should be telling him not staying away from him! I picked up the telephone and I called him up and told him I loved him.”

“That came out of the blue,” Maurice says. “First I hear nothing, then she shouts at me, then nothing again, then out of the blue she tells me she loves me! Course ain’t nothing wrong with that! I told her I was sorry and we’ve been together since that day.”

A Change is Good

It’s never really possible to tell how someone will react to having a love spell cast on them. Some people never go through the anger or denial, they openly accept the love and act on it without a second thought. Some people go through all sorts of contortions first, trying any way they can to explain away their emotions before finally giving in.

So if you’re hoping for a sign a love spell is working, the thing to be on the lookout for is any kind of change. Even if that change appears to be negative, a change for the worst, that’s a good thing. It means the spell is having a profound emotional impact, and that means it’s only a matter of time before the person you love comes round to accepting they love you too.

And then you’ll get the best sign of all that the spell is working — they will act on that love and tell you about it.

Another Way

There is another way to know if a love spell is working, and it’s something I alluded to above. It’s not something I go out of my way to recommend because I don’t believe it’s suitable for everybody, but it is an option. That way is to get a psychic reading.

I said before that it wasn’t entirely true that only the spell caster and the subject of the spell know that they are falling in love. It’s mostly true, because most of the time that is the case. But it’s also possible for a clairvoyant or other psychically gifted person to ‘look in’ from the outside and see what is happening.

For some people, a psychic reading can bring validation and confidence during that difficult period between a love spell being cast and it fully manifesting. When I cast a spell for Sharon (not her real name), she got nervous and wanted to know it was definitely working. She told me she got a psychic reading.

“It really helped,” she said when I contacted her to tell her I was writing this article. “It’s not like I didn’t believe in you, I totally did. But I knew that my husband, Harvey, was going to be a difficult case. He’d been sleeping with a woman from work and she’d totally got her claws into him. I needed to know that your spell was going to be enough. It didn’t take long to get an answer. The psychic lady was very friendly and professional. She told me she could see your spell working and that Harvey was being pulled back to me. If I hadn’t had a reading, I don’t know that I could have coped not knowing. It was a great thing, and I didn’t even have to pay for it.”

Sharon’s reading was free. It may surprise you to know that it’s actually quite easy to get a free reading. I wrote a whole guide on getting psychic readings (including free ones), you can read it here.

Psychic readings aren’t for everyone. In most cases they are unnecessary. But for those who really need to have an insight into how their spell is progressing, they are a useful and valid option.


Due to the nature of love it’s never easy to know for sure if a love spell is working. After a spell has been cast, only the person who did the casting, and the person they cast on are sure of what’s happening. There is a period when it’s necessary to be patient. Sooner or later there will be a sign, and it might at first look like a bad one, but actually any sign of change is good.

For anyone who can’t wait for that sign and needs to know right now that a spell is working, it’s always possible to get outside validation from a psychic.

The best sign of all though, comes when full manifestation is reached and the person the spell was cast on reaches out and declares their newfound love.