How To Reverse A Love Spell

Sometimes a love spell is cast, and the the person who wanted the spell changes their mind. This can happen for all sorts of reasons. A change of heart, a realisation that they don’t really want the person the spell was cast on, or a fear that the spell could have unexpected repercussions. What happens in this kind of situation? Is it possible to reverse a love spell?

First of all we need to decide what we mean by reversing a love spell. There are two possible definitions:

  1. A spell has been started but not yet been completed, and we don’t want it to complete.
  2. The spell has been fully cast, it worked, someone has fallen in love as a result of it, and now the requirement is to end that love somehow.


The first of these two scenarios is much easier to deal with. A genuine love spell requires a very high degree of desire and commitment from the person either casting the spell (in the case of self-casting) or requesting the spell if they are having it cast by a professional. The simple fact that the person no longer desires the outcome is usually enough to break the spell. If the spell is being cast in person, then stopping the casting and thinking no more of it should be enough.

If the spell is being cast by a professional spell caster, it is necessary to instruct them to stop the casting at the earliest opportunity — the earlier they are in the casting process the better. Remember, most professional spell casters and providers of reputable self-casting spells, will not cover you under their money back guarantees if you decide not to see the spell through to fruition.


The second scenario, reversing a spell that has already manifested, is more difficult to deal with. A good, powerful love spell will create a deep and genuine love within the person it has been cast on. Simply no longer desiring that love will not be enough to break it. If you are in this situation you have two main options. The first is to tell the person the love spell was cast on, that you do not want to be with them. In other words, end the relationship in a conventional manner, exactly as you would if no spell had ever been cast.

The second option is to cast a reversal spell. Reversal spells, or reverse love spells, are much harder to find than regular love spells. They are also much less predictable. When they manifest, they can often bring about a painful split, which is one reason most reputable practitioners will not cast this kind of procedure. Those of us who study the art of magic believe in using our skills for good, and it is debatable whether directly bringing about the end of a loving relationship through the use of magic or universal energy is ‘good’ in the traditional sense.

Think About It

Before considering using or ordering a reversal spell, you should be very sure that you will have no future desire to be with the person who is in love with you. Once a reversal spell has been used it is, generally speaking, no longer possible to get them to fall in love with you again, even with a very powerful spell. A reversal spell, unlike a love spell, is a one-way ticket. There’s no going back, no changing your mind at the last minute.

In conclusion then, I always recommend that before using any kind of love spell, that you have searched your feelings deeply and have concluded that you are totally one hundred percent sure of your desire and love for the target of the spell. If you have the slightest doubt, you should not use a spell. Onece cast, breaking a spell can be a messy and painful business. Carefully considering the use of one beforehand is not just highly advisable, it is a moral obligation.