How Long Does A Love Spell Last?

Just how long does a love spell last? Is it going to wear out? Will it lose power before it reaches fruition? These are questions that come up from time to time, so let’s dive into the subject and get to the bottom of it once and for all.

A Flawed Premise

There’s a rather large problem with asking about how long a spell lasts: there is no concept of a love spell lasting. To understand why, we need to take a step back and look at how the spell works, what its objective is, and how it achieves that.

The simplest way to understand a love spell is to think of love as being like fire. To the person asking for the spell, they already have a raging inferno of love within them for the target. I expect if you are reading this you know what I mean. You can almost literally feel your love burning within you, eating away at you as it goes unfulfilled. All you want is for your intended — the target of the spell — to reciprocate that emotion. For whatever reason, they’re not doing so, which is why you came here in the first place.

The objective of a love spell then, is to light the fire of love within the target.

Starting A Fire

To do that, I take some of your burning love and use it to start a fire within the person you are in love with. You can think of this as me taking a matchstick and setting it alight with the fire of your love. I take that lit match and use it to start a fire within the target.

It sounds simple, right? In a way it is, although the actual process is lengthy and exhausting and takes years of practice.

What’s all this got to do with the idea of a love spell lasting, or wearing off? Simple: the spell is the matchstick. It has one job: to ignite the fire within the target. Once that fire is burning, the spell has effectively done its job. Of course, the process is far from complete — the new fire may only be a tiny one and it will need time and fuel to grow into the same raging inferno that you already feel. But the spell has done its bit by then. It doesn’t need to ‘last’; it won’t ‘wear off’, because it’s already done its work.

Adding Fuel

Fire requires three elements: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source. When it comes to love, the love spell itself is the matchstick — the source of heat that starts the process of combustion (and that match is lit from your fire; your own love is an essential ingredient in the spell).

If you’ve ever lit a bonfire or a woodburning stove, you’ll know that just putting a match to the kindling is not enough to get it burning properly. You must fan the flames and encourage the fire to spread. So it is with the spell. Ignition is only the beginning.

A large part of the spell casting process is taken up with the adding of ‘oxygen’ and stoking the fire. Once my casting is complete, I leave the target with a burning fire of love inside them, but the process is still not over. The fire must grow, it must become all-consuming so that the target cannot ignore it but must seek to satisfy those flames in the only way that makes sense — by reaching out to combine them with your own fire of love.

Okay, this analogy is getting stretched a little here, but hopefully it still serves a useful purpose. The point is that just getting the fire started isn’t enough. It needs time to burn strong and hot to the point whereby it cannot be ignored.

No More Fuel

When someone asks me about a love spell lasting, it’s sometimes because they have seen great results from the spell but that subsequently they feel the love fading. The phrase ‘binding spell’ may be uttered, in the hope that there is a way to cast a love spell that can never be broken.

Binding spells don’t exist. Fires sometimes go out. They may lack fuel, they may be starved of oxygen, they may be quenched by outside influences. Sometimes they just burn themselves out. The same goes for love.

If this happens, it’s not because the love spell didn’t ‘last’; the spell did its job when it lit the fire.

A fire that is created by a matchstick is no different to a fire that is started by a bolt of lightning, or an electrical spark, or an explosion, or an overheating fuel source, or any other means. Fire is fire, regardless of how it begins. And so it is with love. Love is love whether it is ignited by overwhelming attraction, or a deep connection, or a shared experience, or by a love spell. If the conditions are not right, or if either party (or indeed both) fail to maintain it, the fire of love will smolder and die out. Any relationship, however it begins, is the responsibility of both parties to maintain.

Shared Responsibility

Hopefully this page has given you a better understanding of the role of a love spell in starting, or restarting, a loving relationship. A spell can do great things, but it’s only ever the beginning of a process. There is a shared responsibility when a spell is cast; I can ignite that flame, but the relationship must be maintained afterwards. Anyone hoping that they can force someone to love them without putting in any effort on their own is destined for disappointment. But those willing to make the effort will reap the rewards of a long, happy, loving and fulfilling relationship.