Can You Cast a Love Spell on a Celebrity?

A question I am asked on a regular basis is “Can you cast a love spell on a celebrity for me, and will it work?” The answer is yes, but it’s more complicated than that.

Falling in love with a famous face from TV or cinema is something that’s been happening since, well, since there have been celebrities to fall in love with. Many people assume that the celebrity crush is the sort of thing only lovesick teenagers suffer from. But in fact it happens to people of all ages, all the time. Celebrity love sickness is a much more common problem than you might imagine.

Celebrity Culture

It’s easy to see why. We live in a celebrity culture the likes of which the world has never known. There are more famous people than ever before. Not only that, but people in the public eye are more accessible than they have ever been. Not that long ago fame was the preserve of actors on the silver screen. Television bestowed celebrity status on many more people than the cinema could ever manage, and magazines and tabloid newspapers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, harnessing celebrity power to sell more publications.

Today, with sites like YouTube and Instagram making it possible for literally anyone to broadcast their face to the world and thus to ascend to celebrity status, it seems like half the population is at least a little bit famous. There are more celebrities than ever, and they are more famous than ever. Add to this the fact that famous people are, rightly or wrongly, generally more aesthetically pleasing than the regular Joe or Josephine off the street and it’s easy to see why the celebrity crush is more common than ever.

So what about using a love spell on, say, a movie star? Is it possible to make Hollywood’s finest fall in love with us using a magic incantation?Certainly a good, professionally prepared and cast love spell will work on a celebrity as well as it will work on the girl or boy next door. Despite the gloss, the expensive clothes, and the plastic surgery, they are still human and are still subject to human emotions. Emotions that can be tweaked and tampered with through spell casting.

The Catch

Here’s the catch though. If I cast a spell on a celebrity for you, it will make the person it’s being cast on have strong feelings of love and desire for you, but they won’t know who you are. Without knowing who the object of their newfound affection is, they won’t have any way to act upon that affection.

From their point of view, they will be falling in love with someone who exists only in their imagination. They’ve never met you, so have no way of knowing that the love they have is for someone very real. They will, in all likelihood, believe they have constructed a perfect partner in their mind, but a totally imaginary one.

Given this limitation, should you use a love spell on a celebrity? If you think there is a reasonable chance that they will cross paths with you and therefore realise that it is you they are suddenly and inexplicably in love with, then there is no reason not to. For most people though, that’s not going to happen. Casting such a spell will not only fill you with false hope that can never be realised, it will also create a longing and desire in an innocent person (the celebrity) that can never be fulfilled. The spell will not bring about a happy union, but instead will end up making two people unhappy through an unrequited love.

It is for this reason that I almost always turn down requests to cast my powerful love spell on someone who is in the public eye. The only exceptions are when the person requesting the spell can satisfy me that they have a reasonable expectation of meeting with the target of their affections in person, and therefore the spell having a good chance of being able to manifest rather than bringing about negative emotions in two people.

They’re Not All That

One final word on this subject. Speaking as someone who has previously worked in the world of television and has met more than my fair share of famous people, I can tell you that most of them are a big disappointment in real life. It’s easy to fall in love with an on-screen persona, but no matter how well we think we might know someone in the public eye, the reality is, in my experience at least, often very different. In other words, you might think you’re in love with a celebrity, but in fact you’re in love with their public image, not the real them. I suspect that this holds true for all levels of fame, from Oscar-winning actor down to the most modest of YouTube stars.