Can Love Spells Cause Harm and Pain?

We think of love spells as being good and wonderful and fragrant, bringing joy and happiness, and of course love. But is there any chance that using a love spell can cause harm and pain? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons you might immediately think

Some people believe in the three-fold law, or in bad karma. They think that if you use a love spell, somehow you have to pay later with bad luck.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But there is another way that casting a spell can bring about pain or suffering, and it’s well worth considering. It’s when there is a third party involved. In other words, when the person you want to get together with through the use of a spell, is already in another relationship.

In these cases, although the person will end up in a happy place (with you), and you yourself will be happy, the ex-lover of your newly obtained partner will, most likely, be in a very unhappy state.

Of course, there is nothing you can do to circumvent this. If you are set on being with someone who is already in a relationship, that pre-existing relationship is going to have to end somehow, and that existing partner is likely to be hurt in the process.

So does that make the use of love spells in these situations unethical? It depends on your point of view. You could argue that if you weren’t using a spell, you would use other more traditional means to woo this new partner. A spell is, after all, just a tool. If you desire the person in question, you would likely find some means to break them out of their current relationship.

Love spells then, are not directly involved in causing anyone pain. It’s the decision to use one when there is a third party involved that is at the heart of any upset. Should you request a love spell if you’re in this kind of situation? Only you can decide.