All You Need To Know About Break Up Spells

One of the most painful kinds of unrequited love is the sort where the object of your affections is in a relationship with someone else. It’s bad enough if you’ve never had the pleasure of being in a relationship with that person, but arguably even worse if it’s your ex who has taken up with someone new. Wanting to break up that relationship is an obvious and understandable desire.

Knowing that somebody else is able to make the person of your dreams happy is like a “knife through the heart”, to borrow the words of India. She had originally got in touch because her boyfriend of ten years had got up and walked out one day. To add insult to injury, within a week he was seeing someone else.

“I was devastated when he left me,” India told me. “I thought I’d reached a low point in my life. But actually that came a week later when I heard from a friend that he was seeing someone new. That’s when I discovered a whole new level of emotional pain.”

India, like so many others in this situation, came to me to ask for one thing: a break up spell.

This Relationship Must End

“I needed to split them up, and fast,” she says. “I had to put an end to this new relationship. How could I hope to get him back if he was with someone else? Presumably she was making him happy, so how could I compete? She was new and exciting. I remember what it was like when we were still in the first flushes of love, the beginnings of our relationship. Nothing can compare to the intensity of that. He would have no reason to think about coming back to me. So that’s why I had to break them up, and it’s why I came to you asking for a break up spell.”

India was adamant when she filled in the spell request form: break them up, then get him to come back to me.

Her request was, on the surface, reasonable. Certainly I understood her motivation. There was just one problem: there is no such thing as a break up spell.

That wasn’t a problem, as you’ll see shortly. First though, it’s important to understand why there’s no such thing as a spell to split up a relationship.


There are many forms of so-called magic, but it all comes down to the same thing at the end of the day: it’s all about working with universal energy to shape an outcome. I work directly with this energy. Other spell casters work through a proxy — they use objects, implements, potions or lotions or other weird concoctions as a form of interface. If that works for them, so much the better.

But as I say, I prefer to work directly with the energy because it’s simply more efficient. You can think of it as like drawing onto a tablet computer compared to using a mouse to draw on an traditional computer. Both achieve the same thing, but the tablet is more efficient because you can draw directly on the screen. A mouse is a proxy, an interface, a layer between the intention of drawing and the actual result. The mouse is like the potions or materials that some spell casters use — it gets the job done, but it adds an unnecessary layer.

Regardless of how universal energy is manipulated — directly or through a proxy — it is the same energy and has the same properties. Principle among these is that universal energy is positive.

I don’t mean in an electrical sense, like the positive terminal on a battery. I mean that its goal is to bring about outcomes that would be seen as positive from the point of view of sentient life (i.e. us). That’s because this energy works in conjunction with the universe to improve it, to bring happiness and harmony wherever possible.

Bringing The Love In

In the case of a love spell, the positive outcome we are aiming for is obvious: two people will be united in beautiful love. The universe will be a happier place. Love breeds more energy, which improves the world and makes it a better place. Casting a love spell is an action that is in harmony with the wishes of the world. When I cast a love spell I am going with the flow, like swimming with the current of a river.

By now it should be obvious why a break up spell is effectively impossible. Breaking apart a relationship is a negative goal. To take two people who are happy and to separate them will not only not add positivity to the universe, it would actively remove it. It would create unhappiness, destroying harmony and making the world a sadder place.

To try to cast a break up spell would be like trying to swim against the current of a river. With huge amounts of energy and consistent effort it might, just, be possible, but it would be unsustainable. As soon as the effort was relaxed, then just as a swimmer who stopped swimming against the river would be immediately swept back downstream, so the relationship would fall back into place.

Buyer, Beware

I explained to India, as I do to anyone who asks for a breakup spell, why it wasn’t possible. And I also explained to her, as I do to everyone else, why it was also completely unnecessary.

“I was angry,” India says, recalling the back-and-forth we had by email. “He had to leave her. He had to. It was a prerequisite to us getting back together. It’s not like I wanted us to co-exist in some kind of love triangle! And here you were telling me that break up spells didn’t exist. I thought, that can’t be right. I’ve seen them.”

Was this true? Had India seen break up spells? Turns out, not quite.

“Well, I mean I hadn’t seen them in action. I’d seen them on the internet. People who said they could cast a breakup spell.”

The great thing about the internet is that anyone can say anything they want. The great downside of the internet is that anyone can say anything they want. It’s easy to claim you can cast a breakup spell, and as these are frequently sought out by people desperate for a result, such claims are inevitably employed by the sort of person who will say they can do anything for the right price.

India decided she wanted to try some of these spells regardless of my warnings. She cancelled the love spell I had booked her in for and went her own way.

“That was a big mistake,” she tells me. “I knew what you were saying made sense, but a lot of these people soundnd really convincing. I paid one to cast a breakup spell, and when it didn’t work I paid another woman. She said that the first spell had done more harm than good and that she’d need more money to undo it because it would be a complicated ritual with a lot of materials and even an animal sacrifice. I was wary and I didn’t want to think about the fate of the animal, but I paid her anyway because I was desperate. You can guess the rest. I never heard from her again, and obviously her break up spell didn’t work — if she even did one. At least she probably didn’t actually sacrifice an innocent animal.”

The Paradox of The Break Up Spell

By now India was more desperate than ever, and in debt, too. She came back to me and begged for another love spell slot. “By now I had had time to think about everything you had told me,” she says. “I realized — too late — that what you’d said made sense, that the love spell was the way to go.”

And she was right. Because here is the crux of the matter, the heart of it: a breakup spell isn’t just impossible, it’s completely unnecessary.

India wanted her boyfriend back; she wanted the relationship he had with the new woman to end. There was no need for a break up spell to make that happen. A good old regular love spell would do the trick.

Wait a minute, isn’t breaking apart a relationship a negative effect? Isn’t it something that’s impossible to induce with universal energy? Yes and no. Yes, breaking apart a happy relationship is a negative. But it can happen when it is a side effect of something positive.

Stronger Foundations

Imagine, for a moment, a hastily and poorly built house. There aren’t any proper foundations, not all the windows have been fitted yet, and the roof leaks. Still, the building provides shelter of sorts, and is definitely better for its occupants than no house at all.

To demolish this building would be a negative effect. It would leave those who live there homeless. They would be unsafe and unhappy. This would make the universe a worse place, not a better one. If this building were, in fact, a relationship, then it would be wrong to try to tear it apart, and universal energy would not help do so.

But what if we were to construct a new house, a better one? What if we were to dig deep and secure footings, build solid walls, install quality windows and top it with a nicely sealed roof? That would be a positive outcome — something that would be in harmony with the universe. It would be natural for the occupants of the shoddy building to want to leave it to live in the new one. They would be safer and happier, making the universe a better place overall.

This is how we fix things when we use a love spell on someone already in a relationship; we make them a better relationship. It’s how I fixed India’s problem, and how I have fixed hundreds, probably even thousands, of similar cases.

Love Spells To The Rescue

In India’s case, like all the others, I simply cast a powerful love spell on her ex-boyfriend. It made him fall in love with her all over again. And because his love for her was so much stronger than any feelings he had for the new woman in his life, he chose India over her. The other relationship came to an end. Not because I used an impossible break up spell, but because the relationship with India was better.

Now to be clear, the other woman — the one India’s ex-boyfriend had taken up with — was left on her own and was, as I understand it, upset by this. This introduced unhappiness into the universe. But that was more than negated by the happiness created from the union of India and her ex. The net benefit to the universe was greater.

It is this net benefit that makes the whole process possible. India’s suffering, pre-reconciliation, was worse than the other woman’s sadness post breakup. In the universal account, the universe was already winning. Add in the intense happiness of India and her now no-longer ex, and it was a huge win. Overall there was more happiness in the universe than there had been before. The love spell had been in harmony with the universe.

No Break Up Spells Necessary

As you can see then, the fact that break up spells cannot exist does not prevent love spells from resolving situations of unrequited love. A regular, powerful love spell, correctly cast with the best of intentions, will bring about the desired end result. There’s no need to knock down the old house before building the new one, as long as the new one is better. Break up spells simply aren’t necessary.