Genuine Free Spell Casters

If you hadn’t already noticed by the name of this website, I cast love spells, and I do so free of charge. I am by no means unique in performing this service without asking for money, but the casting of love spells for free is very rare.

The reason for this is simple: the act of casting a genuine spell that actually works, is both time consuming and costly. It takes a significant amount of time and energy, neither of which can be had at zero cost.

Brain Power

Speaking personally, most of my spell casting energy requirement comes from my brain. Did you know that the brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body? It accounts for 20% of the body’s energy needs. Spell casting is extremely taxing mentally, and physically too. My body, like yours, requires fuel to function.

All this fuel does not come freely; when I am casting a spell my body requires more calories than if I am sitting at my computer replying to emails, or if I am out walking my dogs, or in fact doing almost any other activity.

It’s not just calories. Casting a spell requires certain materials too, and again, these are not available freely.

The True Cost of a Love Spell

All of these factors combined mean that casting a love spell costs the person doing the work money, not to mention time (it takes me about twenty four hours to properly cast a spell).

As I said, I work for free. But not passing on my costs to the person I am working for means I am paying out of my own pocket.

This is why there are so few spell casters who work for free. The simple fact of the matter is that there just aren’t many genuine practitioners out there who are able to cover the time, materials, and energy costs out of their own pocket.

A Retired Love Spell Practitioner

I’m fortunate. I previously cast spells professionally (a word which literally means for money) for decades. The job did not make me rich in financial terms, though it definitely made me rich in satisfaction. I helped thousands of people over the years, bringing happiness where before there was only pain.

I was able to cover my costs and make just enough to raise a family though, and I was able to put enough aside enough to ensure I had a pension plan.

When I retired I thought my spell casting days were behind me. I was exhausted and drained. It was hard saying no to people who continued to approach me, desperate for my help, but I had no choice.

Taking On Spell Work

After a long period of rest and recuperation, the constant stream of requests got to me. I had shut down my website years previously, so for people to still be able to find me meant they were making a serious effort to get in touch.

That’s why I caved in and took on a few cases. I did them as a favor, so I didn’t charge.

Casting spells again was rewarding beyond belief. It made me realize how much I had missed helping people. It re-ignighted something within me — it reawakened me to the fact that helping people desperate to be loved is both my calling and my duty.

I talked things through with my family and concluded that if I limited the number of cases I took on, I would be able to cast a number of spells each week, and do so for no charge.

My pension just about covers the costs of this work. We live a frugal life, which enables me to continue casting for free.

A Rare Position

Not many spell casters are in such a position. Most are not of an age whereby their pension covers their living costs. They need an income, so it is normal and quite right that they charge for their services.

I know a lot of people have trouble understanding this. People say to me, “Casting love spells is a gift and such a gift should be shared freely.” I understand the sentiment, but the reality of the way the world works is somewhat different.

Being able to plaster a wall is a gift (I know, because I’ve tried, and I definitely do not have the gift!) Does this mean a plasterer should be expected to work for free? How can they feed themselves and their family without any income?

The argument might be that nobody needs a plasterer in the way some people need a love spell, but is that really true?

It’s probably true that nobody has a right to expect a wall to be perfectly plastered, but do they have an inherent right to be loved? That’s a philosophical argument that I’m not qualified to try to answer, I present it merely as a thought experiment.

I do know that there are plenty of people in the world living in squalid conditions, for whom the services of a plasterer, or a plumber, or an electrician might be considered critical. And I know that there are tradespeople who volunteer their time to help some people in those kinds of situations. But I don’t know of any tradespeople who work exclusively for free.

So it comes as no surprise to me that finding a genuine love spell caster who works entirely for free is difficult. We are rare beasts for a reason. We have costs. We have families. We have lives. We help as much as we can.

The Last Word

As my final word on this, I’d simply like to say that I wrote this piece not because I’m seeking charity or donations or anything like that — I refuse such offers anyway. I wrote it because I am frequently asked why there aren’t more people out there doing real love spells, genuine ones that actually work, for free. I wanted to explain why I can volunteer my time and energy but most cannot.