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Stories from people Joshua has helped in the past.

Love Spell Story: Melody

I was really sceptical about asking you for a spell. You see I had already been scammed out of my entire life’s savings by a witch. My savings weren’t much, a couple thousand dollars, but I work hard to earn a living, and it took a long time putting aside a little each month to save that money.

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Love Spell Story: Amanda

I found your site after being scammed out of nearly £2000. That was by a so-called witch who said she could make anyone I wanted fall in love with me. Actually, her only power was the power to take my money…

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Love Spell Story — Carey

I’m continuing my series of interviews with people who have used love spells with the remarkable story of Carey. That’s not her real name by the way, she wanted to retain a little anonymity. In fact our interview was conducted via email, with questions and replies going back and forth over the course of a couple of weeks.

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Love Spell Story: Rita

Hey Joshua, I wanted to tell you about my experience with your love spell.

My boyfriend James broke up with me a little over a year ago now. I don't really know why, all I know is that it almost killed me. I was so depressed, I didn't want to carry on with my life.

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Love Spell Story: David

Being gay I wasn't sure if a love spell would work for me. When I read your site, most of the feedback seemed to be from people in straight relationships. You kindly replied to my original questions, and that gave me the confidence to go ahead and request the spell.

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Love Spell Story: Tracy

My boyfriend and I had only been together about six months. I was really in love with him, but he was less serious. When he chose to go on vacation to Thailand for three months, it looked like the end. When he sent me a postcard from Thailand four weeks later and told me about his new girlfriend, I knew it was the end.

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